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Rate The Last Movie You Saw
Parasite, apparently it was not a live action of Parasyte the anime/manga xD

Anyways, very good movie! I give it a 8 or a 9 outta 10.
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IP Man with Shine. Great Kung Fu movie! 8/10!
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Finally got to watch Weathering with You! Makoto Shinkai did it again! Gorgeous movie with a great cast! 8,5/10
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Ni no Kuni... it has the honor of being the WORST movie ive ever seen.. what even???? I cant even give it a rating because it was that bad xD
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Watched Hot Fuzz for the first time today, really good movie. It had perfect shot changes which is hard to find these days... course its like 13 years old now so...
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Teen Titans Go vs Teen Titans. 2/5 

Nothing great, but isn't totally bad either. Just, well, average.
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The Hunt, I definitely wasnt expecting I would love this movie so much when I read the summary but here we are xD I give it a 8.5.
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