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Has Music Downgraded?
I believe music has taken a small dip but not as much as people make it out to be. Despite personal preference of music (I personally don't like modern rap) music has taken a very wide turn for the best. It is much easier to find and listen to music as it is to make it. It's not exactly the quality of music that's gotten bad but our taste of music has gotten better. Music today has a very wide variety to fit everyone's taste unlike music a hundred years ago.
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I can't agree that the quality of music has decreased compared to other eras.

You can argue all you want about mainstream music, but that doesn't change that there's so much more than what's on the radio that's available to listen to. Modern music in general doesn't change the availability of older sounds as long as there is a recording in existence so I don't get what the issue here is.

You've got Bandcamp, you have YouTube channels, you have Soundcloud, there's so much variety from underground artists if you know how to look and hell, there's been genres that have started right on the Internet (witch house, seapunk, vaporwave, etc.).

I personally have problems resonating with acoustic sounds, and considering all the digital music-producing software and equipment there is available now that's common in usage for today's mainstream music, I'm happy with the mainstream and even happier with the underground.
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