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She's all like

"Fite me bitch"

I've always associated BW with bright neon colors (but I guess that'd make sense given how industrialized it is in the cities)
[Image: Lucina_4.jpg]

This one was tough.
Looks good to me! Maybe text could be a little better (a lighter weight font, smaller size arranged close to the render), but the coloring and effects are nice!
[Image: QhdP6y5.png]

A single death can change everything.
☆ Graphics requests: OPEN 
[Image: 30u698n.jpg]

5 minutes :/
[Image: swve4y.jpg]
Nice colors! Though I feel like the font from the first Goku sig you posted would look good on the second one too. :p
Loving the DBZ signatures! 5 minutes of awesome, if you ask me. I especially like Dragon Fist since it's one of my favorite moves in the DBZ series. Nice work and keep it up!
[Image: nGspS4j.png]

What is it, big boy? You wouldn't hit a girl, would you?!

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