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Your Favorite Piece of Art
Those who are artistic might have a favorite artist or even a specific painting or drawing that they love the most by all means. Even those who aren't familiar with art can relate to something they saw that really caught their attention. Those pieces of art should be told here! Tell us what piece of art do you like best and why? The way it was drawn? The colors? Meaning? Simplicity? Or does it remind you of something good/bad? Go ahead and show us what piece of art means a lot to you. It can be paintings, drawings, sculptures, graffiti art, or anything that YOU consider art.

Please keep this PG-13 and not show off Hard-core erotica in any way. Very large pictures should be kept in spoilers to avoid massive scrolling.

Here's my personal picture that I love because of it's comedic value. I swear, this guy saying: "get a load of this guy..." Just look at his smug face. xD

[Image: leo9.jpg]
[Image: Two_Birds.png]

The Fuck You Say You To Me..?!

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