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Current Activity?
Messing with Audacity, a program for editing music.
Finished washing the dishes and now I'm posting.
Being stepped on by my naughty cat while he's giving me bunny kicks. :Lol:
I just want to be free in my world.
Posting around! Wagh
[Image: E4FumGf.png]

Ruthless Carnage. Rip & Tear. No Mercy.
Art in Avatar & Signature Commissioned by Ploep & Panich Respectively

Original StoriesNo Heroes | Good Days | Carnage Hero
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Looking at a soap opera(The Bold and the Beautiful) on CBS and posting.
Trying (and failing) to produce enough effort to do my homework
"we’re still getting a handle on the complex forces [...] But they sound pretty complicated so let’s try to ignore them. We don’t care how it works—we just want to know if we can break it."
-XKCD "What If: Go West"
Posting and watching Vanderpump Rules on Hulu.

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