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Don't Get Me Started!
Don't get me started on them!!! They are just so cute and adorable! No one likes them Big Grin

Don't get me started on ANIME
Don't get me started on anime! So much to watch and you have no clue which ones or if they'd be good B(

What bout Pokemon
Don't get me started on pokemon! Best RPG ever! I HATE THINGS BEING THE BEST AROUND! Not to mention all the cute pokemon that you just want to have as a snuggle buddy!

What about wolves.
I don't believe in bleak horizons, I won't concede to all of that. What we need is something different. What we all need is a... Steam Powered Griaffe!

RP Characters.
House Characters: Malefor, Rex Marksley.
Don't get me started on wolves! Looking all fluffy as pups and cuddly looking but then scratch your eyes out! It's still adorable, but OUCH.

But how about homework
DONT YOU EVEN GET ME STARTED. Teachers giving us pointless homework, making us waste our free time. It's not even worth most of our grade!

But what about Batman?
[Image: Mob-Psycho-100-One-Punch-Man.gif]

don't get me started on his money grubbin behind! Always talkin with that edgy voice of his, bein an anti hero with money and a butler! Wish I was rich.

But what about meatballs?
Don't get me started on their deliciousness! Especially with wine sauce and tomato paste! They work best with rice for some reason.

But what about lions?
[Image: Mob-Psycho-100-One-Punch-Man.gif]

Don't get me started on lions bruh

Roarin their heads off like they own the place, gettin all up in your face!!!!

what about lamps
Don't get me started on lamps, lighting stuff up. They need light bulbs and stuff, heating my room and making me warm.

What about eggs?
[Image: Mob-Psycho-100-One-Punch-Man.gif]

Don't get ME STARTED ON EGGS! Taking forever to heat up the pan just to cook them and flip them over. And if you fry them, good luck trying to make sure the yolk cooks all the way through! There's always some pasty yolky part left!!!!

But what about yarn?

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