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What animes have you watched today?
Finished Serial Experiments Lain... even though it's a short anime there's enough to discuss about that people still make theories and explanation videos about it nearly 20 years later seeing as a lot of its themes are even more so applicable to the present day (hehe). I really liked it even though the first 5 episodes I was confused as all hell... but that AHA moment is so satisfying. Even moreso when you watch one of the more comprehensive explanation videos right afterward.

If you like cyberpunk anime that has philosophical and abstract themes you might want to check this one out but I don't recommend you binge it the first time you watch it through because you kind of need to digest some of it because it will make call backs to previous scenes and make you go back to reexamine it. It's also good food for thought if you like analyzing things as you watch.
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Pff dropped like 5 mediocre series I was watching because i i simply don't feel like following 10+ shows anymore.. but the latest one I watched was the new episode of Fruits Basket!
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