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YouTube Red Discussion
Besides ads that are sometimes unskippable, the average user wouldn't have a need to pay 3 dollars a month for youtube originals, but more power to youtubers if it benefits them.

Though the benefits one could get would be access to Youtube Red exclusives; much of which I've seen only by the LPers like Pewdiepie. 

I would definitely support MatPat's though. I believe you can choose between a monthly thing or 99 cents a video if you only like one type of YRExclusive. 

It's just best to pay for Netflix. Lol
Basically YTR is a terrible product that is letting youtubers go and sell out on us, see PewDiePie.

The only part of YTR that I can accept is that a few YouTubers like MatPat actually are trying to use it to produce better content while letting the rest of their youtube obligations remain on normal youtube.
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- Morse Code, 1997

It's not all bad since for the most part it doesn't affect non-Red subscribers, and some YouTubers can give you a whole episode for Free to watch if you're bored and might want to see what it's about. I believe lots of people initially speculated Youtube Red would make any Partnered Youtubers restricted to a paywall.

Better than Sling's POLARIS concept imo: Sling is the same as Youtube Red in terms of Netflix Original kind of shows but nothing free that I know of, and is not available to potential paying subscribers outside of the US, yet offers international language channels(? This faq of theirs os confusing). Sling hasn't had many good things said aboyt it per se. Red is the lesser of evils. Lmao Sling TV would only be good for those no longer willing to pay for cable or hardly watch TV. Not youtubers

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