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The Videos of Z!
Hey guys, Z here! I'm gonna show you guys my (poor) videos! I record them using my phone since I don't have a camera or a capture card OR a mic. Sorry guys, this is the best I can do. Besides, I like it a little better because you guys can see my actual reaction. Maybe we can all give each other some cool editing tips? I know I'll need it... Anywho, here is the link to my channel as well as my personal favorite video! Enjoy guys!


Most of the stuff I upload are Pokemon, so enjoy! Big Grin

[Image: Two_Birds.png]

The Fuck You Say You To Me..?!
You gonna post your BC videos here? I've been watching your Pokemon videos when I can. Why kind of phone are you using? You might be able to hook up your system to your laptop for a more direct feed.
[Image: heracross.gif]
There might not be true heroes anymore, but that doesn't mean I can't try!

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