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Ploep tries to Graphic
It's always great to see the family of GFX artists grow Big Grin I think your first three sigs are well done! I think you captured the theme for each sig nicely, for example the added "sand effect" in the Gaara sig (I hope you understand what I'm trying to say). You definitely seem to have some interesting and creative ideas while making these graphics. If you keep practising and learning, the execution of said ideas will get better and better. I'm looking forward to see that Smile
[Image: xqjCHtv.png]
Welcome to the club, Pink BEAST! These are nice for your first try and for using GIMP. It works a lot differently than PS. At least the last time I used it.

You already know how to compliment your renders with the colors and effects around them. I wasn't that fortunate when I started out Tongue  Can't wait to see more!
Thank you guys so much! Big Grin I'm gonna try experimenting with new stuff someday,
but today I'll just post a simple one I made in a hurry (some of you might've already seen it on tumblr though hehe)
[Image: Almaaa_zpsh21acsm2.png]
I just really love this picture of Alma! And I wish all of Boogaloo a Happy New Year 

EDIT: Because I don't feel like double posting here I'll just put my new one in this post as well hahaha
[Image: makishimaa_zpsminrczfd.png] [Image: maki_zpsffzfgvhw.png]

as you can see I tried checking out other techniques (in the end i dunno which one is better), but I know I could make something much better than this but then I got too frustrated and just kept it like how it is xD (also text placement sucks but ive already deleted my file so I cant change it lmao)

Edit: applejuice
[Image: XTjOHU5.png]
~ Set made by Elio ~
I read somewhere that we were allowed to double post in art threads so here goes (if not sorry about that xD )

Here's my siggy for the competition!
I liketo keep it simple (mostly because I still don't know how everything works)
[Image: ddbCq2u.png]

Let me also throw in a DN siggy xD
[Image: I4a9a17.png]
Text placement Sad Oh yeah I also tried using a c4d for the first time!
Also as you can see I'm enjoying the pop out effects a lot. teehee
[Image: XTjOHU5.png]
~ Set made by Elio ~
Loving your stuff, Ploep! Your sigs are epic! It's simple yet dramatic. I guess I just like the whole 'Less is More' vibe. xDD
[Image: Two_Birds.png]

The Fuck You Say You To Me..?!
Oh damn, that Psycho Pass sig looks amazing! :O
[Image: n1TkH4U.png]

"Mess with the Walt,"
"And you get the Salt."

Content: My Art | No More Heroes | Good Days | Kaiju Man | BoogaVerse
Thanks guys! Big Grin

I just threw something together for the sig comp, im not totally happy with it because i had so many ideas but i didn't feel like putting a lot of time in it. So here's another simple one!  
With light colors because the theme summer makes me think of flowers and yellow!


[Image: 9M30E2C.png]
oh man it really is way too simple. xD
[Image: XTjOHU5.png]
~ Set made by Elio ~
It's simple, but I think it's really cute! Big Grin

The yellow looks like a halo to me too. :p
[Image: tumblr_oo261oLTA31w7hjwfo2_500.gif]
"Seek the old blood. But beware the frailty of men. Their wills weak, minds young."
Thanks Loopy! Also I'm only now seeing how big my file actually was. xD
Hola I'm back after fixing my laptop here's another one I made just now:
[Image: srObmlz.png]
I guess I just prefer simplistic designs since they're easy to make and I'm lazy. xD
[Image: XTjOHU5.png]
~ Set made by Elio ~
Wow, that looks amazing! Keep up the good work xD
[Image: n1TkH4U.png]

"Mess with the Walt,"
"And you get the Salt."

Content: My Art | No More Heroes | Good Days | Kaiju Man | BoogaVerse

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