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Ploep tries to Graphic
Been a while since I checked on here! I like the fact you make designs past the typical rectangle signature! Makes for a really nice way to play around with the themes you try to make while staying simple. Though, I'll admit I have a natural inclination to images with no white space. XD

It's simple but quite sleek!
Thank you Shine and Loopy!
 It's been like what.. half a year or something since I tried doing anything remotely related to making graphics, so I thought it was time to change that. B)
I'm not happy with this one at all because of a lack of inspiration but I just gotta keep making stuff inb4 I completely forgot how to.

[Image: VWXC6I1.png]

Cherry Tree render

Small Goku render

King Kai render

Ah I forgot to make the size smaller xD
[Image: XTjOHU5.png]
~ Set made by Elio ~
After another loong break I'm back again with yet another small simple siggy!
I've been reading Hyouka's light novel recently and I remembered how Oreki used to be my spirit animal. xD
So here's a sig with his famous quote (that I also go by lmao) :
[Image: NIzpr2P.png]
Also! This is my first time rendering the picture myself! Big Grin It was too big of a hassle to go look for a good render, and then go find out whether the maker would give permission to use it or not.  But I do notice that I could've made the shoulder part a bit more clean... let's just ignore it. xD
[Image: XTjOHU5.png]
~ Set made by Elio ~
Relatable ass quote tbh

I've had to render an image myself before for a signature. It was hell to do XDD I don't remember what I did to smooth out the pixels that made the edges of the picture look less rough/pointy though. I think I used the blending tool to very slightly blur the most visible areas and just went with a textured background to make it stand out a little less. Though I think yours came out really well for its purpose. 

I always have trouble using images from the anime itself to use because of the varying quality I can find. Though, that's where the artists on dA come in where they make a vector of the anime screenshot and make it less of a hassle XD

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