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"Hey, you're the strong one here kid. You got nothing by a few bruises!" Cement praises. "Most people are currently being transferred to Hero City City to recovered for their injuries. Though, I think someone that is looking for you is still here and excited to see your well being." Cement smiled as he walk back to where they kept all the people that were rescued.
"Mom's around here!?" The boy looked around excitedly. "Is she okay? She didn't get hurt, did she?"

Some of the crowd standing nearby caught sight of the boy and whispered hurriedly to each other, a few running off to go get someone.
"Your mother is fine, sonny. She's a tough cookie you know. The only thing hurting her is the fact that she was unable to find you. However, you just save her from pain. Now smile with pride when your mother sees you." Cement smiled as he went to the group. "Hey, is the mother of the child around here? I'm sure they didn't start transporting people yet."
"Okay mister. I'll be strong for Momma!" The boy replied with a grin.

Anna weaved through the crowd, who whispered among each other with shock that the boy was found, towards Cement with wide watery eyes. "Danny!? Is that you!?"

"Momma!" The little boy reached for his mother, who took him from Cement's arms. She checked him for any bruises or cuts, but he seemed fine aside from a scraped knee and dust covering his hair. Anna looked up at Cement with tears in her eyes; they were from happiness and gratitude.

"You found my boy. I can't thank you enough... Now there's one less worry on my shoulders." She said in a tone of relief, sniffling and wiping her eyes with a free hand.

"He's super strong, Mommy! I wanna get strong like him so I can protect you from bad stuff too!" Daniel declared, hugging his mother tightly.

"I'm sure you can. But being with you is all I need to feel safe, sweetie. They already found your father, but he's being taken care of by the doctors... we might not be able to see him for a little while, so let's wait for him in the safe zone. We can go get him some flowers."

"Okay! Bye, Mister!" Daniel waved his goodbyes at Cement. "You got lots of work to do cause of all the rocks and stuff, but when everything's fixed, you should come and visit. I'll make sure you get all the pancakes you can eat free from the diner too!" He called over his mother's shoulder as she carried him away back to the waiting area.
Cement smiled as the mother and child were reunited. He was actually feels embarrassed since this the first time he actually ever encountered people in a more personal manner. "So this is what the feeling of a hero is like..." Cement is a hero that only comes after the fallout and usually avoids things like this because he can never say the right thing. Yet, such feeling of their happiness left a mark on Cement. Quickly, he called upon the Heroes Organization to ensure that someone is coming their way to evacuate the people and take them to Hero City City. Though, considered a God Level Threat had appeared in hos complex, transportation might be limited. Regardless, their happiness was not wasted.

"If I can make someone happy by doing this, what's more of being a simple hero that works on construction?" He turns around, seeing all the rubbled, motivating him to do more. "Alright, let's fix this place up then!" Cement went over to the rubbles and double down on his work to clean up the mess faster than before.

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