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Makeup/Cosmetics/Beauty Discussion
Besides the facial wash and facial cleanser, I've been using the BB stick and lipstick before going to work and when I have my ID photos taken. I personally find mascaras to be quite messy though.
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What is up Y'ALL, I've been spelunking into the world of Beauty for a while, and may I say that I am a NEW person... because I had no idea wtf I was doing  Whoo So I basically read a bunch of articles about beauty items (well, I skimmed them) and BOI did I ever feel McStupid bc I mistreated some of my makeup brushes horribly lmao!!! Makeup looks so much better if you actually use the right brushes for certain things  Slow

So I'mma dump my little notes I took for fellow beginners...
  • Beauty blenders are practically my must-have for making sure any liquid concealers/BB Cream I use blends in seamlessly with any liquid or powder foundation I put on top of it. I make sure it's damp so I can 'bounce'-pat it on my face. I've found just rubbing it makes the concealer look streaky. You do not want streaky!!! lmao Some are for damp only, others let you use it wet or dry. My personal favorite so far is Urban Studio/CALA's beauty blender because it is much squishier and more flexible than the cheap ones that have very little give to them. I tend to use the teardrop shape vs all the crazy looking ones haha. If you're at the store, see if you can stick a finger into the packaging of the blender and see how squishy it is; hard ones don't apply the liquid makeup very evenly, I've found. Usually my makeup just sticks into the cheaper ones. :/
  • Do liquid product before powdered product!!! It's gonna stick out otherwise, unless you're using liquid foundation (I think it has different rules)
  • Lots of brushes exist for different purposes, and some may have purposes in common despite having different bristle structure. It may not seem very important, but some of these will help you properly apply your makeups and keep things from getting a little too crazy. Some may be made from goat or horse hair (cruelty-free, apparently), others have synthetic bristles. They feel rather different and hold product in different ways depending on if it's powder or liquid. Honestly, I think it varies person to person based on needs and things-- buy brush sets only if you're sure that you need them. They often sell the brushes apart, but if you want to get the whole collection of a certain style because they look pretty (i.e. Rose Gold, Mermaid, etc), it's more cost effective than just buying one at a time.
  • Moisturize before using primer! Wait five to ten minutes between these so they don't react funny. Primer is very good for increasing durability of your makeup and helps fill in your pores and similar blemishes. Bareminerals has a good primer, but I think elf and too faced also sell them. 
  • Color correcting primers and concealers essentially go under liquid foundation/BB cream (make sure they dry a bit). Each color has a different purpose:
They seem to vary in role a bit between brand, but usually if you buy separate ones, they tell you the purpose on the back of the packet. I use peach correcting primer for my eye bags (I literally have raccoon eyes), but it also helps neutralize the redness of my acne. I use it in hand with my normal primer before my concealer so it blends in nicely. People also use the color-correcting method for disguising tattoos underneath fleshtone makeup to hide them.
  • Setting powder with a powder brush on top of your makeup helps keep it in place and last longer. I don't like using powder if most of my makeup is liquid, because it doesn't really do anything other than make it look cakey. So I got setting spray for when I do a full face of liquid makeup. If you're a DIY person, I found a lovely recipe for making your own out of drugstore products.
  • Some liquid makeups will react well with powder products atop it and won't look cakey, but this is very much a variant case. For me, using powder foundation on top of BB cream ended up not only looking cakey after an hour or two of wear, but it also dried out my skin faster even if I moisturized and primed properly. So, try to keep powder on the low side if you go with liquid foundation (and vice versa). Setting between types of applications may reduce the possibility of the liquid clumping up the powder, but I can't guarantee it.
  • Avoid putting foundation where your laugh lines/mouth is. Those are especially prone to caking and wrinkling!
I was given a bigass makeup kit full of stuff I rarely use unless I want to go the whole nine yards, but didn't know how to use any of it (me: "wtf is a highlighter")

Beauty isn't always cheap, but a makeup brand I consider very good for being affordable are e.l.f, NYX, wet n' wild, and too faced. You can usually find elf products at Target, Walgreens, and similar drugstores. I use their lip products and setting spray frequently. I recently took a trip to my Homeland/Albertson's and saw elf released a TON of brush products, including the kabuki brush (I recommend it if you apply powder foundation and don't like to use/feel goat hair bristles). Urban Decay is also really good if you want to be the full nine yards with your full face of makeup, I've heard.

I buy stuff like CALA/Urban Studio at Marshall's and TJ Maxx stores, so if you have similar stores to these, they typically mark down the price to about 40% off. It sounds like I do a full face of makeup everyday, but I can assure you the most I do is almost exclusively to hide my non-scab acne marks and wear some lipstick. Heck, I don't even use mascara.  teehee

Also, I found a neat DIY recipe for Bath Bombs
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