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@Akiria I've finished your set! Please grab them below! 

[Image: TWBP4f3.png]

[Image: 8JBl5Hn.png]


And here's my new signature, because I'm gay and I have a lot of feelings for Xigbar/Xemnas it's not even funny

[Image: R4AmrKN.png]

And the banner for the Pokemon Spooky Cup!

[Image: 9zIDiwT.png]
[Image: R4AmrKN.png]
"No sweat. I got your back."
☆ Graphics requests: OPEN 
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Aah! I love them! 

I was going to ask to add 'Welcomehome, Ren' in blue letters on the sig, but I like 'good end' much better! Aaah! I love them! Thank you so much!
[Image: 8JBl5Hn.png]

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