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Graphics by Lux
Welcome to
~ Graphics by Lux ~

After coming back to a forum and seeing everyone else's artwork, I felt like creating my own graphics thread (again).

First up is some of my old work that I created in 2011-2012, my most productive period in terms of graphics. Some of you might remember these ones:
The past three years I've been creating a few graphics, but not more than six per year. So I have a long way to go in order to shake off the dust and get back to the level I was once at. But that's only my secondary goal, my main goal is just to have fun during the creative process Smile

And without further ado, here is my most recent work, the first one since I've joined this site:

[Image: EeypK68.png]

Please note that I won't be taking requests. Thank you for your understanding.

I hope that you'll enjoy your stay in my graphics thread Big Grin
[Image: xqjCHtv.png]
I do remember a lot of these! Your newest one looks so good! Reminds me of pomegranates. Now I'm hungry. XD
[Image: 84cDTrD.png]
Damn, these are some amazing graphics! I really like the Akiza one Kat
[Image: VTk3W41.png]

"I have made many enemies in my lifetime, many different kind of enemies; however, you know what all of them have in common?"

Content: My Art | No More Heroes | Good Days | Kaiju Man | BoogaVerse
Thank you Loopy and ShineCero! I exceeded the picture limit in my opening post, but I actually wanted to post a few more old sigs that I still like. So until I create another new graphic, please enjoy these older ones:

Also, all of my sigs are free to use! Just credit me, that's all I ask.
[Image: xqjCHtv.png]
Ignore that crazy question I asked you in the comments. Of course you still got it Cool

Nice blending and flow in your most recent signature  SunMan
Thank you N3rd! Cool Or should I call you Ashiros now? Wink

I felt like making another graphic tonight, so I whipped up this one:

[Image: Q2ztEJc.png]

The text took me the longest time and I'm still not satisfied with it. In the end I got to a point where I only made it worse instead of improving it, so I stopped right there. It's not my best work, but I wanted to share it with you guys nonetheless Smile

Edit: Some simple stuff I made these last few days. The first is my new Mushishi set, which is really just some image editing with overlays and colour correction:

[Image: aWqDfFF.png] [Image: xqjCHtv.png]

The second is a Lady Gaga sig:

[Image: nDMNtwr.png]
[Image: xqjCHtv.png]
Let's be honest. It's N3rd forever  Tongue

All of them are nice. My favorite would be the Mushishi sig. There's some really nice abstract qualities to it and it fits the surreal vibe of the show. At least what I saw from the first episode lol. I plan on finishing someday. Anyways, awesome work.

The Lady Gaga is nice and simple. It's straight to the point and I think you did well with the text here. Particularly, the choice of font and the placement. This signature could easily pass for an alternative album artwork for The Fame Monster.

Next up is my girl Aqua. I don't really have a problem with the text. I like the choice of font and I like that you kind of spaced out her name to create some variation. Looks like you added some depth as well. The only thing I find unattractive about the sig is probably the light from the keyblade. To me, it kind of clashes with the rest of the sig but it most likely came with the render. So yeah, not much you can do there. Good work as well.

All the creations I'm seeing around the site is sure to motivate me to get back in the game sooner or later lol. Keep the graphics coming Lux!
Thank you for the valuable feedback N3rd! Thumbs

Here is a new sig, this time the render is Adam Jensen from Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I'm hyped for the new Deus Ex game (Mankind Divided), so naturally I had to make a sig with him in the center sooner or later. Maybe I went overboard with the glass shards, but I couldn't help myself.

[Image: lFqattX.png]

By the way, in my opinion this sig looks better with a dark background, like the standard background of Photoshop. For comparison, here is the sig with a dark background:

Edit: After seeing Ploep's amazing Zankyou no Terror set for a while now, my fingers were itching and I just had to make a set for that anime myself. It's very simple because the stocks I used were already near perfect (and I got lazy midway through...). The set is under a spoiler because you could say that the sig shows (albeit very mild) violence and "blood".
Also, I'm still very happy with my current Mushishi set, so I won't use this Zankyou no Terror set (for now). It's up for grabs Big Grin
[Image: xqjCHtv.png]
Nice Deus Ex sig. The shards are great and help immerse him into the signature. And the text is top notch.
It definitely looks better with a dark background. The gray helps bring more attention to the black and gives it better contrast.

Nice ZnT set as well. The sharpness of the bird feathers really appeal to me for some reason. Makes the sig look more candid. Also, you've inspired me to make my avatar a gif  Cool
I do like the feathers, so it was a good choice to leave those in with the sig! Simple, but attractive.
[Image: 84cDTrD.png]

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