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Loopy's Graphics
It's about time I got to actually making a thread for my signatures and things, huh?

This will contain pretty much any and every edit I make; be it for Boogaloo graphics or things like Tumblr icons and the like. 

I actually haven't had lots of time to make new sets and things so I'll just dump the ones that are most recent for me. Requests are currently closed.

[Image: ZAbH6dh.png]
This one, I made for Drago.
[Image: tumblr_inline_nw176y4YZR1rn1urm_540.png][Image: tumblr_inline_nw1774KnuD1rn1urm_540.png]
This one is for Big Bad Luppy. 

The older ones, I posted in the Dump Sticky up at the top of this forum, so that way I don't get all redundant. :p
[Image: 84cDTrD.png]
Bumping to stuff in some new things I've made!

This is a patchouli knowledge avatar. Haven't made a sig to go with it yet.
[Image: yPlTKZO.png]

And here is a Metal Bat set. I know one avatar has the text on it, but I felt the need to fill in that dialogue bubble. lol
[Image: I2JkVtH.png][Image: smvNVgA.png]
[Image: SRAQtqL.png]
without the left image
[Image: lamCjOo.png]

A complete Lord Boros set. Referenced this
[Image: XJI1WsY.png][Image: rdIPT0v.png]

All of these images were colored by me, but these are all drawings belonging to the manga redraw by Yusuke Murata. I wanted to keep the font on the OPM sets to resemble the text for the series' title font. Metal Bat's was an experiment, since I've never used two separate images as a side-by-side slideshow style.
[Image: 84cDTrD.png]
Woah, I love the patchouli knowledge avatar! The colour scheme is wonderful  Nod Can't wait for the signature!
[Image: xqjCHtv.png]
Dem Metal Bat Avatar and Graphics Oooh Yes Awesome editions Loopy Cool
[Image: VTk3W41.png]

"I have made many enemies in my lifetime, many different kind of enemies; however, you know what all of them have in common?"

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What??? Your coloring is on point, Loopy. I'm really liking the Lord Boros set. Especially after watching the OPM finale lol.

Stellar work Loopz  heehee
That Metal Bat set and Patchouli Knowledge avatar is sooooo good though!!
[Image: R4AmrKN.png]
"No sweat. I got your back."
☆ Graphics requests: OPEN 
Do you take requests?
(01-21-2016, 08:58 PM)Fallen_Soul Wrote: Do you take requests?

Only on weekends, but depending on what you want I might take the job :p
[Image: 84cDTrD.png]
I want to get a Haou Judai set

^ Saying The Gentle Darkness is truth
Ah, alright. I might be able to get that done then. I'll be able to work on it in the weekend if you don't mind waiting.
[Image: 84cDTrD.png]

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