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Loopy's Graphics
Finding renders for characters are a pain when there's almost nothing substantial for them. I totally get you! But you made it work at least! I honestly like the words on that moon, it just works!
[Image: R4AmrKN.png]
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Thanks for the feedback! I've made a few more graphics, but this one, I had for a while and forgot to post it. I'm pretty proud of it but I stopped making stuff after I made it. Kat

[Image: nbuflDR.png][Image: BWMapBd.png]

I wanted to go for a space-magic cosmos look for the sig, but I managed to make it work (I didn't touch the background of this mobile wallpaper promo art for Patchouli but forgot if I used official art for the avatar... either way, it's archived on Zerochan which redirects to the appropriate website links/artists)

Now, for a new one I wanted to go with something familiar and fun to get back into making stuff. So I picked NanoCola D.Va!

[Image: NDi27FC.png][Image: bkecUkU.png]

Sig's a bit smaller than usual, but I didn't have much to work with (blame the lack of HQ screencaps for DVa in this skin). Wanted to make something that looked like an actual soda promo, so I think I did it? Idk man, I got tired after taking the background off this screencap
Avatar is official concept/promo art by Blizzard. Anyone can use it!
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