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Loopy's Graphics
Finding renders for characters are a pain when there's almost nothing substantial for them. I totally get you! But you made it work at least! I honestly like the words on that moon, it just works!
[Image: t76KT8P.png]
☆ Graphics requests: OPEN 
Thanks for the feedback! I've made a few more graphics, but this one, I had for a while and forgot to post it. I'm pretty proud of it but I stopped making stuff after I made it. Kat

[Image: nbuflDR.png][Image: BWMapBd.png]

I wanted to go for a space-magic cosmos look for the sig, but I managed to make it work (I didn't touch the background of this mobile wallpaper promo art for Patchouli but forgot if I used official art for the avatar... either way, it's archived on Zerochan which redirects to the appropriate website links/artists)

Now, for a new one I wanted to go with something familiar and fun to get back into making stuff. So I picked NanoCola D.Va!

[Image: NDi27FC.png][Image: bkecUkU.png]

Sig's a bit smaller than usual, but I didn't have much to work with (blame the lack of HQ screencaps for DVa in this skin). Wanted to make something that looked like an actual soda promo, so I think I did it? Idk man, I got tired after taking the background off this screencap
Avatar is official concept/promo art by Blizzard. Anyone can use it!
What's up yall, comin at you with a new work fresh outta Photoshop 7
This is probably the best Umineko set I've made so far... I'll try my hand at Bernkastel later since she has way more art to work with in comparison.

[Image: Nz3j1hd.png]  [Image: BVJCPuD.png]
[Image: zI1kn8L.png]
So for this one I wanted to try my hand at doing a collage-type thing for my signature. Mainly because Lambdadelta is a walking form of retinal assault, both figuratively and probably literally considering how much she likes blowing things up with candy.
So I downloaded some lace brushes, which are actually quite large, meaning I had to angle them pretty well in order to separate the background picture from the main one in the foreground. I forgot which I clicked on though, but here's where I got my brushes.
To make the 'doily' in the bottom right corner, I just layered two of the same lacey brush (1 click) in separate layers and made the upper one set to Color Dodge with the lower set to Exclusion. Then chose a different lace strip as the 'outer' pattern of the doily. Then I took a magic circle vector I liked that allowed personal use and placed one in each corner with the layer set to 'Linear Dodge'.

The main image was pretty hard, I wanted an even color palette, so I took a space-themed textured background (Thanks Elio!) and applied it to both pictures (which were on separate layers, it was very time consuming), but I couldn't choose between Vivid or Pin Light as the setting for the texture I wanted to use on the foreground image so I did both to see the difference. I'm partial to Pin Light though since the little blue dots don't show up on the face as much, but it's still pretty if you like the rustic bright weathered look.
Then to finish it off, I wanted some little decorations to resemble candy, so I took my Bokeh Hearts brush and chose a bunch of candy colors set to varied layer types like Overlay, Vivid Light, etc. Course, I did adjust the original picture by adding some overlay coloring in certain places. I applied a texture to the background image (which is official art from the manga) on Exclusion to create a faded look and allow the foreground image to stick out more in comparison. The original avi I wanted to use couldn't be lightened to a soft pink, so I chose a different image.
Lambda gets red eyes in the PS3 port of Umineko, but her original eye color and the illustrations mostly uses amber eyes so I stayed consistent with that.

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