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What Song are You Listening to Now?
Optimistic by Sounds of Blackness.......................

The Deadman Wonderland anime isn't the best adaptation ever but god DAMN did they pick a good chunk of seiyuus who have a good singing voice, makes me wonder if the Deadman Wonder Band helped them get sales with the album (this is so rare to see I wonder how a studio that eventually went bankrupt had the resources to even release a J-rock album of character songs, they must've had a lot of spare budget money lol)

Ironically, this character song is for a secondary antagonist... who calls himself an "uber monk" and uses a guitar as his weapon, he's such a badass

[Image: a6e06fb987.jpg]
The guitar also has bullets in it so he can use it as a shotgun + a soundwave projector... wild
[Image: tumblr_okeiservNz1u2d2qeo5_250.gif]
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