Super BoogaVerse Hyper-Informative Guide
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BoogaVerse is an Interconnected Roleplay. All the stories (threads) in this section connect with one another in some fashion. In other words, an event in one thread can affect other threads, depending on the story content. The purpose of this guide is to ensure an understanding of what the section entails, including essential information for thread building—for areas and characters—and contributions to the lore in BoogaVerse. It is mandatory to read this guide; otherwise, you will, guaranteed, get confused.

Hyper-Informative Guide Sections
  • Introduction & BoogaVerse Rules
  • Area Creation Guide
  • Planet Booga History
  • Essential Elements in BoogaVerse
  • The Entire BoogaVerse
  • Sequential Events
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BoogaVerse is a single-universe roleplay; simply put, every thread in the section, including Space, Afterlife and Reality Vortex takes place in the same realm (referred to the BoogaVerse Map below). Furthermore, all threads in BoogaVerse take place at the same time (it is currently set in Age Era 9315).

To highlight this point, here an example of how BoogaVerse works: 

An event happening in Los Demonios takes place in the same time as an event happening in Port Graham. Characters can freely travel from one thread to another and often times, a “threat” can affect multiple areas. This system allows connections between all threads allow players feel like they exploring different aspects of the world of BoogaVerse. Players can create new areas for exploration, interaction with other characters and engage in plentiful of amazing stories. All you have to do is create a character thread in Character Box so you can jump right in.

If you are interested in a more, truly open roleplay experience, Reality Vortex is the thread that satisfied such desires; it has its own section. As of now, no thread will be created until the current RV Arc reaches its conclusion.

BoogaVerse Rules

To maintain stability and order of the section, there are specific rules you must follow. BoogaVerse Discussion is where you can post any questions or suggestions regarding the rules or the section itself. The rules are subject to change at any time.

Key Rules
  • It is mandatory to create a character box thread before jumping in BoogaVerse.
  • Characters cannot be in multiple places (threads) at once.
  • Do not break established lore in BoogaVerse.
  • Do not break established lore in BoogaVerse. To drive home this point by repeating it twice, you should avoids this at all costs. If you are having issues regarding lore, posts questions in BoogaVerse Discussion
  • All players have to state when a character(s) enters or leaves a thread to and from another area.
  • You can continue playing in a thread regardless if a player(s) disappears from the story; however, contact ShineCero if the deed is impossible to do.
Vital Rules
  • Do not bring any form of sexually explicit, erotica and “lemon” type of roleplaying. 
  • Do not have a one-to-one engagement type of threads; Private Stories fits that play-style.
  • Make sure your writing is clear, properly structured, concise and understandable.
  • Do not metagame, powerplay, godmodding or bunnymodding.
  • Expanding metagaming, do not mix your knowledge with IC (in character) with OOC (out-of-character information), your character(s) do not know everything.
  • Do not auto-walk, dodge, hit, etc. 
  • You cannot declare your character(s) to share history or a background with another character(s) without permission from the other player(s)
  • Have Fun!

Area Creation Guide

Creating an area is very easy to do, but the hardest to maintain; this guideline will assist you in the process of constructing your very own area thread. Make sure you take the time to read the guide thoroughly and ask questions if you are stuck on something.  

All threads in BoogaVerse takes place at the same time. You cannot create threads that are set in the past nor future. Furthermore, everything is in the same realm, so you cannot create a thread that set in a different timeline nor universe. BoogaVerse is currently in Age Era 9315.

Key Area Creation Rules
  • Planet Booga is a Holy Planet; meaning, this is the only planet in BoogaVerse where Demons and Angels lurks. 
  • Four continents have a leader(s) or government system that handles all affairs of the state, including Paradice, Empire State, Shina Ania and Deimos Valley.
  • Demons and Angels are not native to BoogaVerse. They are only native to Afterlife.
  • The world currency of Planet Booga is “Coins” (an equivalent of an U.S dollar) and “Shekels” (an equivalent of a US quarters)
  • Demons and Angels are not natives to BoogaVerse, only to Afterlife.
  • After Life, Reality Vortex and the Void are dimensions, which exist in the same realm as BoogaVerse.
Vital Area Creation Rules
  • It is mandatory for your areas to fall in line with the themes of the continents. Key information regarding continents provided below.
  • You must post your area threads in the Area Reservation first for approval.
  • You cannot create areas based on existing canons.
  • You cannot create dimensions.
  • You cannot create a government system for the entire continent. 
  • You can make an area thread adds onto the lore; however, confirmed with ShineCero first for review.
  • Islands can be any theme as long it falls well within the rules.
Planet Booga Area Template

Planet Booga, located in the Loo System of the Core Galaxy, is the epicenter of BoogaVerse events. It has six continents [Empire State, Desolate Lands, Deimos Valley, Paradice, Shina Ania and N-Constringitur/S-Constringitur], islands and four oceans [Empire Ocean, Rim Ocean, Booga Ocean and Desolate Ocean]; all of them organized by prefixes for organizational purposes. You must complete all of the requirements below for approval.
  • Location [Applied Prefix]
  • Name
  • Image
  • Lore
  • Places of Interest
For your location (in BoogaVerse), pick one of the eight prefixes for your areas to take place in; reminder that your area (aside from Island and Ocean prefix) must fall in line with the theme of the continent for approval.

You have the possibility for expanding a lore or adding lore for Planet Booga—if it is sound and does not conflict with previous knowledge. Be sure to read the detailed background information of the continents and the Sequential Events for further assistance.

Finally, places of interest are things players can take their characters in when they enter your thread; gives them a sense of purpose, goal or motivation to do in length. You have a choice of letting them explore those places on their own or prompt them in story beats related to the overall nature of your thread. You should add images under notable places of interest to better described the outlook of it.

Space Creation Guide

Space allows more opportunities compared to Planet Booga; thus, it follows a slightly different guideline whereas you have more freedom for your creativity, including creating entire races at your leisure. However, there are some limitations in placed to reduce the workload for game-masters, so make sure you follow the guide to avoid any issues. The limitations are that you are not bound to fill everything on a planet you created; instead, you make a singular area on that planet. 

Here is an example of a Planet Thread:
  • Celestial Body Name: Planet Berserk
  • Image of the Location
  • Name of the Location: The Takeshi Vastness Desert
  • Lore: The Takeshi Vastness Desert is a gigantic desert that covers 45% of the planet with multiple scenery and places dedicated to battles.
  • Places of Interests: describes those areas of interests.
This is to avoid excessive information of filling entire planets with places, because that takes too much time for development. You can team up with another member to make two (only two) areas on the same celestial body; ask questions if you are facing any form of confusion.

Space Creation Key Rules
  • Beyonders are the only guild from Planet Booga that travels to Space.
  • Demons and Angels do not appear anywhere except Planet Booga. 
  • Likewise, Mysterious Beings Summons also cannot exist anywhere else other than Planet Booga. 
  • Aliens can have their own form of magic, but it still comes from Neutral Energy.
  • If you want your celestial area connected to Planet Booga, you must need approval from ShineCero.
  • Aliens are not Demons, Deimos or Monsters; once again, they have Neutral Energy and they can become monsters if infused with chaotic energy. 
Space Area Template
  • The name of your celestial body your area takes place in; a celestial body includes things such as planets, asteroids, space stations, etc.
  • Name of the location placed on said celestial body.
  • An image to provide players an outlook appearance of what your area looks.
  • Background information of the location; you may also described the history of the planet if you wish.
  • Notable places of interest if one were to visit such location on this peculiar planet.
Planet Booga

Planet Booga is the epicenter of BoogaVerse and major events across BoogaVerse due to the mysterious “aura” that attracts everything towards it. When constructing your area thread, the area needs to be follow the theme of the continent the area is located (a detailed description on each of them provided below); otherwise, your area will fail to meet the following requirements.

Notable Notes
  • A Dragon Guardian exists on every continent on Planet Booga; they serve as protectors of Planet Booga when a powerful threat appears that requires them to act. There are six Dragon Guardians: Zillion [Shina Ania], Slygon [Paradice], Dragore [Desolate Lands], Cygon [Empire State], Coldmo and Coldoma [N-Constringitur and S-Constringitur respectively]. Rumors reveal that the seventh Dragon appears when all of them are together in one place. You can find more information regarding them and their locations in Dragon Guardians.
  • All Main-Branch/Pure Dragons lived on an island called Drag-on Draken. Different sects or sub-species from the Main Branch can exist elsewhere.
  • Mysterious Figurines (Canon Characters) Summons is only purchasable in the Big Apple; you cannot have your character already have them in their possession. You must go to the Big Apple first to get Mysterious Figurines Summons.
  • Villains Pantheon is a collection of important and significant villains that are recurring in their respective area(s).

The Continents

Shina Ania, otherwise known as Alkebulan by Anians, is a continent filled with legends. The birthplace of humankind, it is one of the few places in the world of peace between humans and monsters, well known for its beautiful architectures, some with tourist spots which has their own stories of various gods and goddesses. Shina Ania has a large diversity in geography, with wildlife to compensate, consisting of desert regions, highlands, everglades, Great Plains, jungles and rain forests.

The government of Shina Ania is an absolute monarchy, where a single person is in full control of the entire country. Founded in Year 24 of Crisis-Era, Empire became the first king of Shina Ania and ruled with an iron fist with mercy and kindness. To ensure protection against invaders from other nations, Empire imposed isolation. He allows people to leave the country for exploration, as long as they returned, but would ensure that he would never shed blood, meaning, war would not be an interest of Shina Ania. 

Any conflict that occurs, resolution for peace was the preference under Empire's rule. Even when monsters started to appear in the masses, Empire sought to help and promote cooperation, rather than destroying them. Due to Empire's actions, kindness and mercy on enemies, led to his popularity soaring high among his people. He was cherish among his community. Suyoi, moved by his kindness, granted him with Pure Energy. He became one of the few humans to obtain such without the process of death. As a result, his descendants will have Pure Energy, used as a way to determine the next ruler of Shina Ania.

Shina Ania, although they have scuffles with Rupoee on occasions, the people lived in harmony for millenniums. Yet, despite its rich history and culture, Shina Ania has a disease known as Moyasu Alma Disease. It affects only humans, overloading them with Chaotic Energy to either die or become monsters within weeks’ time. There is no cure to reverse the disease and it plagues the region. The only way to control the disease is through a pact with a Monster. A Pact is a contract between human and monster to ensure survival by combining their souls with one another and gain excellent power. The chaotic energy stopped spreading due to the fusion of the soul between human and monster. For a pact to be complete, they have to give up something they hold value. In addition, if a pact-partner dies, it will be fatal to the other. Various Kings throughout the history of Shina Ania tried to find a cure but found no clues to stop it.

The Dragon Guardian of Shina Ania, Zillion, described as a carefree, but somewhat lazy dragon, sleeps most of its time in the deep in Rim Ocean
  1. If a character has the disease, they cannot leave Shina Ania.
  2. Moyasu Alma disease only appears in Shina Ania.
  3. You can have areas based on the Middle East, Africa and their surrounding islands as inspirations for Shina Ania.
  4. Pact System is common in Shina Ania; a pact happens only between Humans and Monsters, no other species (including Aliens, Angels and Demons) can form pacts. 
  5. Human and Monsters in a Pact System are referred as Pacters. Pacters can leave Shina Ania if they have permission and blessings from the King of Shina Ania. You must go to Johannes Palace first before leaving the continent. You cannot have your character already leaving the area.
  6. Shina Ania is largely void of modern technology; Coast of Cleo is an exception where residents gain good quality stuff from other continents, including Empire State.
  7. Deimos is a small minority in Shina Ania.
  8. Creatures of Mythologies (though they are monsters) are common in Shina Ania.
  9. There are tons of Religious Fanatics and Cults in Shina Ania.
  10. Anians is the term for the people who are born in Shina Ania.
  11. Khalid is the 14th King of Shina Ania.

Paradice, the land of magic, serves as the trade capital of the world. It has a rough history of bitter wars with Demons, invaders leftover from the Crisis Era. As a response to the eons of brutalization with the Demons, and Deimos in due time, humans began to practice magic. Famous for being the birthplace of human magic, it served as a response to centuries of violent wars. One day, a man called Merlin ended the wars overnight, driving the invaders out of Paradice. Afterwards, interest in magic continued and to Merlin, it served well for humanity. Merlin founded the International Society of Magic, which split into two factions: Brotherhood of Black Magic and Sisterhood of White Magic.

Unlike Empire State and Shina Ania, they do not have a governmental body; instead, the leaders of Brotherhood of Black Magic and Sisterhood of White Magic handled the affairs of Paradice. This includes forming treaties, organizing military forces and passing laws of the land. Paradicians often have an explosive nationalism from the Demon Wars. They pride themselves for kick starting the advancement of human civilization. Furthermore, Paradice has sheer amount of natural resources and goods, become the trading center in the world rapidly. Their biggest trader is Empire State, Desolate Lands second and Shina Ania as third. The negative aspect of Paradice is the discrimination against Deimos and hatred against Demons. They cannot to enter Paradice unless they are with a powerful magician for business purposes.

As magic changes throughout the ages into its modern form, it had improved the quality of life. Food, health, and other factors improved dramatically due to magic, becoming the most populated nation in the world. Furthermore, they became adamant of ensuring the quality of the environment. They took measures of preserving national forests, old buildings left from the wars and more. Even those damaged from conflict, with magic, they managed to turn it into a remarkable place of beauty. The highest mountain peak in Paradice, Mount NeverWake, exists a tribe of Pandas, known for their ability to heal all wounds. The Dragon Guardian of Paradice, Slygon, sleeps on the peak of the Mountain.
  1. Deimos cannot to live in/enter Paradice unless accompanied by a powerful mage.
  2. Exorcists are common in Paradice to expel demons lurking around. 
  3. Pandas, along with other animals, are highly regarded in Paradice. Harming them is a high offense, which can result in imprisonment
  4. Paradice is the trading capital of the world.
  5. You can use Asia (this includes India and others) as inspiration for your areas.
  6. Casinos are standard in Paradice.
  7. Certain forests, due to magic enhancement, attracted spirits, including demonic and holy beings.
  8. Paradice is one of the two places on Planet Booga that teach Magic.
  9. Paradicans is the term for the people who are born in Paradice.

Deimos Valley is the latest nation to in recent years. After Paradicans driven them out, the Demons found a land, far off of the coast of Shina Ania and established a colony. After settlement, the land is void of normal life, due to high temperatures and poisonous animals; however, Demons naturally resisted to these types of conditions. In hopes of separating themselves from Pure Demons, they began to adapt to the land, building communities, institutions, and the sort. Centuries passed and the Demons undergo an evolutionary change: they lost their chaotic energy and gained Neutral Energy, became less aggressive compared to Pure Demons, gained a more humanoid appearance as a result. In time, they no longer identify as Demons as each generation passed. Soon, they opted for a new identity: Deimos

Throughout creating a civilization, they decided to go against the concept of magic used by Demons and Humans, and instead, developed Anti-Magic through the usages of music. Music is a major part of their culture, one of the reason why their evolution occurred, due to the songs calming their aggressive souls. As a result, they became the music capital of the world, and through music, they can counter, and outright disabled, magic.  

Deimos Valley has a single ruler, called Deimos King Ghido, who handles all the affairs of the nation. Descendant of Demon Generals, he harbors hatred against Paradice and hopes the world would cleanse them from the face of Booga. Such, Ghido engages in a warfare of political powers, showing off their newly developed nation to the world by being better than Paradice. 

Deimos Valley is accepting to all humans who wish to see the fruition of nation and its music. They pride themselves as being progressive, in contrast to Paradice who has practice discriminatory behaviors against Deimos.
  1. Deimos Valley has the most poisonous/venomous animals; however, Deimos resists them. 
  2. Deimos Valley is the music capital of the world; Cindy Opera House is the most famous attraction for tourists. 
  3. Deimos Valley has very high temperatures all year around. 
  4. You can used Australia and Oceania as inspirations for your areas.
  5. Multiple islands called Black Islands surrounded Deimos Valley. They have rare minerals sold for high prices and a favorite hot spot for treasure hunters.
  6. There are Pure Demons entities that Deimos considered them as "religious status". 
  7. There are monsters in Deimos Valley.
  8. Deimos Valley is one of the two places that teach Magic, but specifically, Anti-Magic.
  9. Deimos King Ghido is the ruler of Deimos Valley and rarely makes public appearances.
  10. There are no Demons in Deimos Valley.

Desolate Lands was once a beautiful land, known as Rupoee, filled with flowers, wildlife, medieval cities and the sort. Rupoee was famous for their remarkable diversity if wildlife, vegetation, and animals. There exists a garden, where flowers filled the countryside in various colors, which would cure any form of depression. Across the land, several governmental bodies aimed to secure the safety of the people and preserved peace.

Such peaceful times did not last; each government betrayed one another in the aim for total control and power. Rupoee erupted into war, where screams, agony and death were common around these parts. Beginning in Age 1913-1945, the brutal war devastated the land, through destructive weapons, ranging from swords to magic, military missiles. In the final wars of the war, the usages of chemical and biological weapons were among the most common type of weaponry. 

Population failed, animals were boarding on extinction, plant-life rotted away, and the once, beautiful garden, turned red from the bloodbath. Resources became scarred, government collapsed, housings crumbled; society has fallen to their lowest point. 

Suddenly, ten nuclear explosions emerged throughout the continent, which sets the final nail of the coffin. Wars ended, but the lingering effects continue. Rupoee became a barren wasteland, with no laws, dubbing as Desolate Lands. Monsters are very common in Desolate Lands, sprouting several tribes in certain areas. They have a tendency of raiding small towns for food and goods. Demon spirits commonly mess with the lives of humans, offering those deals and the sort; it never works out in the end.

Mutants are also common in Desolate Lands because of radiation. Although most of the radiation did fade away after thousands of years, the rate of mutants kept raising. Due to lack of leadership, abundance of monsters and out of control mutants, Desolate Lands became the hot spots for Guilds without any worries of interference by the government. 

The Dragon Guardian Dragore became disgusted of the destructive capabilities of humanity and harbors resentment of them. He rested in the ancient castle in deep in the "Endless Deserts" and lost hope for humankind in Desolate Lands.
  1. There are no laws in Desolate Lands.
  2. It has the highest attraction of Guilds.
  3. Mutations found in Desolate Lands are common, due to high radiation rate in certain areas from destructive weapons.
  4. The homeless population is high.
  5. Europe and its surroundings can be inspiration for areas. 
  6. There is a powerful tribe known as Dalv Tribe that controls 90% quantities of food and resources in Desolate Lands. They live on Eastern Side and are usually antagonistic to outsiders.
  7. Desolate Lands is beyond repair; it will never return to its original state.
  8. Dragore lives in Neusch Castle in the Endless Desert, protected by an impenetrable barrier, which prevents outsiders from breaking in. Dragore lost the desire to protect Desolate Lands due to continuous war and hid away to escape the dreaded reality.
  9. Desolatians is the term for the people who are born in Desolate Lands.

Empire State is an advanced nation that pride itself of pushing technology to its fullest potential. In Age 1800, the continent entered a period of technology boom, known as Golden Industrial Age after discovery of Californite. Californite is a mineral that literally used for everything and anything; including making flying cars, anti-gravity cities, advanced health care, teleportation and the sort, all possible of a single mineral, earning the name, “Land of the Future”, for being so ahead of other continents in technology.

Empire State is eye candy for tourists because of most cities having a unique niche that appeals to their interests. For example, Hero City City is famous for the gathering of heroes in the area for people to take their photos. The Big Apple is famous for its collection of Mysterious Beings, a powerful summoning to aide them in battle. Empire State also created a protectorate state for the Dinosaurs called Dinostone Park.
Unlike the rest of the world, Empire State is the sole continent to have a central government. Known as the "Parliament of Empire State", located in Adanac, it handles all affairs of the nation. The Prime Minster is the leader of the Parliament that handles the executive orders and works with other leaders in other continent to address problematic issues.

Empire State only has one "Guild" in the entire continent, the Heroes Organization. Also the nation's official military, it is the largest guild in the world, gathering people of all background to tackle global issues.

The Dragon Guardian of Empire State received critical wounds during the Great War between Empire State and Rupoee that started in Age 1775. After the defeat of Rupoee and the explosion of technology, humans managed to rebuild the Dragon Guardian into a cybernetic dragon and referred itself as Cygon. He currently lives deep in the forest of Dinostone Park.
  1. Dinosaurs are under protection by the Heroes Organization. Attacking them is a declaration of war.
  2. You can use North, Central and South America and their surroundings as inspirations for your areas. 
  3. The Current Prime Minster of Empire State is Tin Deau.
  4. Very few areas in Empire State lacks support of highly advanced technology. For example, Snowy Mountains is one example of rural areas that avoided urbanization. 
  5. Heroes Organization is the only guild in Empire State; also act as the nation's official military.
  6. Empire State is home to the largest criminal organization in the world, the LEMONs, an antithesis of the Heroes Organization, controlled by their boss, Citrus Man.
  7. Californite is only available in Empire State. 
  8. It has the best transportation system in the world. The train system can go anywhere across the nation within a few hours.
  9. It has plenty of places for romantic getaways. 
  10. Empiran is the term for the people who are born in Empire State.
  11. Legendary Hero Image Man is retired and lives in hos complex.
  12. You can find Mysterious Beings Figurines in Big Apple.

North and South Constringitur are the coldest continents on Planet Booga. Very few life forms lived on either of the continents.
  1. Eternal Snow
  2. Rumors of a tribe of Yetis, Snowmen and greenish bears living on these continents.
  3. Beyonders Space System Base is a Guild that studies and travels space.
  4. Coldmo and Coldoma, Twin Dragon Guardians, exist in the North and South Pole, respectively.

Essential Elements in BoogaVerse


BoogaVerse has three energy sources: Chaotic Energy, Pure Energy and Neutral Energy. Neutral Energy is the life energy in all living things, including planets and stars in BoogaVerse; Chaotic Energy and Pure Energy is only available to monsters, Holy Beings/Angels and Demons. Individuals aware of their energy, can tap into it and become knowledgeable of controlling the flow of their energy within their bodies to perform extraordinary feats, magic and other unknown prowess.
  • If a character completely runs out of energy while alive means instant death.
  • If a character completely runs out of energy as an Angel or Demon, they cease to exist; as consequence, they arrive in Reality Vortex.
Each energy has unique properties and characteristics exclusive to them; however, none of them has an advantage over the other.

Neutral Energy
  • It is the energy exists in all living things.
  • Magic is a manipulation of Neutral Energy using components based on Chaotic and Pure Energy.
  • Deimos has Neutral Energy due to their natural evolution.
Chaotic Energy
  • Chaotic Energy is only available to Demons, Monsters, Evil Spirits, and Eldritch Abominations.
  • Humans and Aliens can have Chaotic Energy through Moyasu Alma Disease or given to them by an evil spirt.
  • If a person’s heart falls into complete and utter darkness or performance of rituals backfires, it will give people Chaotic Energy; it is nearly impossible to reverse the effects.
  • Chaotic Energy will diminish over time, naturally, because it drains fast but continuous malice can refuel it.
  • "Demonic Force" is magic based on Chaotic Energy.  
Pure Energy
  • Pure Energy is only available to Angels and other holy figures.
  • Mortals cannot achieved Pure Energy; they are rare exceptions when it given to them. King of Shina, Empire (and his descendants) and Image Man are the only living mortals to have Pure Energy. You need permission if you want your character to have Pure Energy.
  • Darkness expelled from Pure Energy beings can manifest itself into its own being; it will have pure, chaotic energy.
  • Pure Energy never disappears or diminishes.
  • "Spiritual Arts" is magic based on Pure Energy. 
Negative Energy
  • Exclusive to Negative only. You cannot have your characters at any capacity, or any point obtained this kind of power.
  • Due to the mixture of Pure, Chaotic and Neutral Energy, it is stronger than all of them; however, it is quite unstable.
  • Due to the nature of this energy, it cannot be absorbed nor sealed; doing so will result an powerful explosion.
Moyasu Alma Disease is a disease that only appears in Shina Ania; symptoms include overwhelming mortals with chaotic energy leading to two paths: instant death or becoming mindless monsters. There is no cure of the disease; only making a pact with a monster stalls it effects from taking over.


Magic is one of the greatest components abilities to possess in BoogaVerse. The ability to use magical powers, in varying degrees, has a range of uses; those who practices the arts of magic are known as Magicians, Wizards, Warlocks, Sorcerers, Mages, Witches, etc.

In BoogaVerse, for living things, all magic draws from Neutral Energy, while godly beings draw it from Chaotic or Pure Energy. When one taps into the power of magic, it granted them unlimited possibilities to do, such as the use of rituals, symbols, actions, gestures and language to exploit supernatural forces to varying degrees, with only their skill, personal power-level, imagination/knowledge, and/or morality to define the borders. There are different variations of Magic in BoogaVerse:

All Variations of Magic
  • Black Magic, drawn from Neutral Energy, based its components on Chaotic Energy. It has abilities that centers around destruction and debuffs.
  • White Magic, drawn from Neutral Energy, based its components on Pure Energy. It has abilities that centers around buffs, healings and support. 
  • Ancient Magic, before the modernization of Magic in Paradice, are illegal and forbidden abilities lost in time due to their high costs and destructive nature. Its abilities include Ancient Demonology, Demonic Sorcery, Olden Alchemy, Necromancy, etc.; all have dangerous uses and consequences because it corrupts the mind, causing them to become monsters, with the capability of still wielding magic.
  • Alien Magic used by extraterrestrial beings drawn from Neutral Energy; their abilities exist on a whole other scale, depending on where they are from.
  • Negative Magic: Exclusive to Negative only. You cannot have this kind of magic. Drawing from Negative Energy, it allows Negative to possess magical abilities beyond the scopes of any magic, including alerting realities, cellular-level attacks and bending things at a atomic level. Its biggest drawbacks is there is no way to control its destructive nature and creates dire consequences for them users and those affected by it.
All Variations of Godly Magic

Magic used by Pure Demons, Angels and Holy Spirits. They are vastly powerful and have greater mobility and flexibility in usage.
  • Demonic Magic, drawn from Chaotic Energy, centers on absolute destruction, buffs and debuffs, along with sending out curses of their enemies.
  • Spiritual Arts, drawn from Pure Energy, centers on protection, healing, revival, and cures. 
All Variations of Magic Counters
  • Anti-Magic, developed by Deimos to separate themselves from Pure Demons and Paradicans, counters all kinds of magic, even magic by the Gods themselves. The user has the ability to nullify and destabilize most if not all forms of magic and destroy a magic user's capability to utilize magic for a brief moment of time. They can achieve a variety of destructive effects on magic users, including crippling and/or killing them. This can only be accomplished through musical instruments (DJs is also included).
  • Psionic, otherwise known as Psychic, is a powerful mental ability that comes with a variety of powers including telekinesis, foresight, mind control, etc. The first appearance of such ability comes from Citrus Man, the Boss of LEMONs. Requires a heavy concentration of the mind, it can prevent spells, stop magic from invading their minds and tear through their barriers. Unlike magic that relies on spells and the knowledge the world, psionic is a mental manifestation—it ca be achieved by sure will prowess alone. Due to its nature, Psionic became a rival towards Magic—psionic is the manifestation of willpower, something that even magic cannot overcome. There are only a few people with this ability.

Life Forms and Other Entities

As BoogaVerse's primary focus, humans are the dominant species on Planet Booga. Aliens do not often visit Planet Booga—but the planet does attract various creatures due to its mysterious aura. Aside from humans on Booga, there are other beings: Mutants, Demons, Deimos, and Monsters. Their existence is simplistic. Below are quick notes on everything you need to know about their origins. Alien lifeforms are not Demons, Deimos or Monsters. Mutants is a subclass of humans that have abilities granted from exposure of radiations. 

Monsters sprung into existence when Chaotic Energy flooded Planet Booga during the Crisis Era. Most monsters are usually animals, but there are humans that turned into monsters as well due to the effects of the Moyasu Alma Disease. There are many different kinds of monsters; some Monsters are more acceptable of complying with humans when their survival is threatened.
  • If the Moyasu Alma Disease affects a human, it is possible for them to become monsters.
  • Some monsters contain memories of when they were once humans/animals.
  • Humans can retained their humanoid form when turning into a monster.
  • Alien-Life can become monsters as well.
  • Once someone becomes a monster—it is highly improbable to return to normal.
  • Monsters have Chaotic Energy.
Deimos descended from Demons banished or left behind from Under World during Crisis Era. After eons of trying to control Paradice, only to fail, they settled on a continent called “Deimos Valley.” After thousands of years, Demons have naturally evolved to adapt to the new environment and no longer have Chaotic Energy.
  • They are not Demons. 
  • All Deimos have Neutral Energy.
  • Have a more humanoid appearance.
  • Deimos has no ill feelings towards humans; they just despise Paradicans due to history.
Demons are souls infused with chaotic energy after entering Under World after death. Their appearances will be radically different as opposed to when they were alive and retained malicious thoughts.
  • Pure Demons can leave Under World and visit Planet Booga, to grant deals or cause mayhem. They are required to return to their world after some time; otherwise, face expulsion from the Under World.
  • They considered Deimos as an unnatural phenomenon and a disgrace.
Angels/Holy Beings are souls infused with pure energy after entering Upper World after death. Their appearances will be the same (depending on the person) and retained their personalities.
  • Mages with an expertise in White Magic can summon an Angel to aide them in battle, but it requires a massive amount of energy to pulled off.
  • Angels usually visit specific shrines in Planet Booga and can grant miracles (that is well within their abilities) for certain things. 


There are two types of summons in BoogaVerse: Natural Summons and Mysterious Figurines.

Natural Summons is a special skill held by people of high class of people. You can summon special creatures that aide you in battle or any other tasks, including spirits (such as Angels and Demons), mythical beings and ancient creatures. This does take a bulk of your stamina, so be wishful in usage. Monsters, Deimos, Humans and Aliens are not part of the summons.

Mysterious Figurines are characters from existing official works in any medium; however, they serve as summons for the characters in battle or assistance. When not in battle, they transformed into their toy-like state (similar to Amiibos and Super Smash Bros; Mysterious Figurines is the official term) or hang around for a while to give further assistance in battle until their time limit is up since they cannot exist properly in BoogaVerse for long periods. You can get them only in the Big Apple for a heavy price. This is the uniqueness of BoogaVerse!

Canon, by definition, is a collection of accepted works. For example, in the case of Dragon Ball, every form of Dragon Ball—officially produced material—counts in the canon. Whether or not it fits into the timeline has no bearing onto the canon, as that is “continuity”. A canon can have multiple continuities (i.e. Marvel and DC). As long the character in question is part of the canon (as in officially produced by the right owners), you can use the character; if it right-owners have nothing to do with information and/or content, then it’s not canon.
  • You can only get them in the Big Apple and received the MF License
  • You cannot automatically have them. You MUST go to the Big Apple to have them in your possession.
  • You are bound to stay true to a canon character(s) personalities and background when deciding on a MF. Exceptions applied to characters who have multiple versions throughout their history. 
    • If a character(s) has a single story throughout their history in the same consistency which cannot be divided into separate characters, use the current one.
    • If a character has different personalities, history and vice versa, please select one version of the character and stick with it.
  • Do not include fanon concepts, any relations with an OC (Character Box Guide), abilities never displayed before, etc. Period. You work around the canon character; they do not function around you.
  • There are rouge Mysterious Figurines that break away from their summoners for being under-leveled. They have two weeks before they returned to their toy-like state.
  • Mysterious Figurines will break away from their summoner if they felt they are forced to do something they do not approve of or any other reasons. The time-limit still applies.
  • If they die, they will simply return to their toy-like form, and in that state, it is impossible to destroy completely.
After obtaining the MF License, you will unlock more abilities of the MFs overtime as you grow stronger and continuous usage of them, including access to their stronger forms and moves. However, summoning in general takes a massive toll on your stamina—and reduced MF’s time-limit massively—the stronger your MFs, the more it consumes stamina.

The Official Guilds in BoogaVerse

The Beyonders is a guild that focuses entirely on space-travel and space adventures. They are the authority on space travel and dealing with Alien lifeforms that encountered Planet Booga. Space Commander Jayden is always looking for strong and able recruits that want to experience traveling through space and explore other planets 

The Clan of Swords, overseen by Silence, the Silent Swordsman, is a guild that focuses on the swordsmanship, monster hunting and the search for powerful items to increase efficiency in swordplay. The guild accepts any missions, though they are largely operational in Desolate Lands, they accept missions in Shina Ania and, occasionally, Paradice. Guild accepts anyone who studied the way of the sword, any sword and serves to delivered justice when needed.

The Crescent Hunters, managed by Mission General Bronson and Guild Master Valerie, is a co-op guild, intending to build leadership and fellowship among individuals that handle tasks in local areas, primarily in Desolate Lands, which includes tackling supernatural entities, monsters, and otherworldly beings.

The Heroes Organization, founded by Image Man, the Heroes Organization is an answer to the explosive of crime that waved through the continent of Empire State and becoming the first guild to have well over 1000 members. It is also an established military force of Empire State, which responds to national-wide crises while leaving the small, local areas to small guilds. The Heroes Organization is the only guild in Empire State. It has a ranking system that determines one's strength and abilities for a mission.

The Meeting of the Dark, led by the mysterious Dark Gunner, located out of the massive backstage of the Paris Opera House in the Desolate Lands. It was once a private council of darkness empowered anti-heroes who investigated corruption of both societies and heroic figures, acting as a boogeyman to blame for the death of “good” public figures. Starting in Crisis Year 9315 however, the guild underwent a massive change into a global military organization after a threat of an alien being targets Planet Booga, one of the original creators of the Meeting. Exercising careful intervention of both lone dark empowered operatives and crushing mercenary might, the Meeting seeks to stop threats both internal and external. Whereas the Heroes Organization values individual strength in teamwork in response to emergencies, the Meeting approaches problems with long-term strategy and engagements. In addition, they use their military might to establish Paris as a safe haven in the Desolate Lands, in a doomed attempt to stake a claim as the inheritors of Rupoee.

The Reaper Force, is a mysterious group, composed of powerful spirits gathered by the Transporter, to take down problematic spirits that refuse to move on with their life after death.
The Entire BoogaVerse

In order to understand the cosmos of BoogaVerse and all the worlds within, this section will provide essential aide for characters and areas building. Divided into two parts: one with a central focus on the overall make-up of BoogaVerse and the other with a central focus on concise timeline to highlight important events.

The cosmos consists of a stationary, giant ball, known as the Core Zone, divided into three parts; the Upper World (top), the Living World (middle) and the Under World (bottom). 

The Upper World is a realm of all souls of good deeds go after death. Containing only Pure Energy, it is overseen by Seraphim, Uriel.

The Living World is the realm of everything, including life, planets, stars, galaxies and so forth. Neutral Energy is the absolute dominant force in this realm. In the center of the Living World is a mysterious ball of black called “Limbo”, overseen by todasúl where all souls go to face judgment. It cannot be reached by normal means and only access by those of the dead.

The Under World is a realm of all souls of evil and malicious deeds go after death. Containing only Chaotic Energy, it is overseen by Demon Lord, Hades.


Orbiting around the Core Zone is two smaller celestial bodies known as Reality Vortex and the Void. They do not follow the standard rules and have their own laws and physics (or lack thereof).

Reality Vortex is a strange phenomenon world where those erased from existence from the Core Zone appeared. Due to the nature of Reality Vortex, nothing in the Core Zone can bring them back—they are out of the laws of BoogaVerse. It has a powerful barrier that protects itself from dark energy that twirls in the sea of darkness and ensure its place in BoogaVerse. It is overseen by Jinaira.

The Void is the realm of pure malice, where those that are the evilest, most wicked beings not fitted for the Under World are sent. It contains the most destructive beings, Eldritch Abominations that normal laws do not apply too, and holds the most destructive being, Viegan, in check. It is impossible and improbable to escape from the Void.

Outside of those three worlds is a sea of darkness with no end in sight known as the Abyss of Nothingness. Dark Energy, as the result of Pure, Chaotic and Neutral Energy constantly smashing against one another, is the dominant force. Those expose to Dark Energy will be overloaded with so much energy, they will experience an out of world illusion, trapped in their minds for all eternity as knowledge and secrets of the universes fuel their heads, driving them mad.

Sequential Events

A concise, sequential events from the beginnings to its current era. There are three different time periods throughout the history of BoogaVerse: Before Era, Crisis Era and Age Era.

Age Era

The current Era of BoogaVerse. You can use the Sequential Events to help build off any lore for your area and characters. The only thing that you cannot use for anything is Reality Vortex. You also have the option to add the year in your area thread or character box.

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