BoogaVerse Hyper Informative Guide 2.0

Welcome to BoogaVerse! 

BoogaVerse is an OPEN Roleplay where all stories connect with one another in some fashion. The purpose of this guide is to ensure an understanding of the section and become the essential information tool to build your character(s), area(s) and understanding of BoogaVerse. It is mandatory to read through this guide; otherwise, guaranteed that you would be confused.

Hyper Informative Guide Sections
  • Introduction + BoogaVerse Rules
  • Area Informative Guide
  • Map of Planet Booga
  • Map of BoogaVerse
  • BoogaVerse Timeline
  • Important Elements of BoogaVerse
  • Premise  and Story Arcs
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Introduction of BoogaVerse

Understanding BoogaVerse

BoogaVerse is a single continuity RP where everything is connected—taking place at the same time. Every thread in BoogaVerse is considered an area for characters you created to explore, interact with other characters, and encounter many amazing stories! You can create unlimited characters and jump in any thread! Unlike Original/Inspired Stories, you do not have to register your character(s)!


Firstly, BoogaVerse is set in Age Era Year 9315 and does not have a strict time-era. To explain further, Planet Booga [which represent our earth] can have multiple areas devolved in different time eras; for example, Clan of Swords can have a Feudal era Japan setting, while Hero City City is a Futuristic City. Lastly, BoogaVerse is a single universe/single continuity, meaning no multiverse/multiple timelines.

BoogaVerse Rules – As per usual, Boogaloo Rules applies in BoogaVerse. To maintain stability and order of BoogaVerse, these are the rules you must follow. Any questions regarding the section, post your questions in BoogaVerse Project. These rules are subject to change over time.
  • You cannot be in multiple places [threads] at once.
  • No Sexual/Erotic/Lemon.
  • No ONE-to-ONE threads.
  • Clear Writing – Make sure your writing is clear, properly structured, concise and understandable.
  • Do not Metagame
  • Do not God-Mod
  • Do not mix IC with OOC
  • Do not Auto [Auto-walk/hit/dodge/etc]
  • Do not Lore-Break
  • Do not Lore-Break. Yes, it repeated twice. Do NOT break established lore in BoogaVerse.
  • Do not Powerplay
  • Do not Bunny Mod. An exception for Canon Characters if the user(s) is unavailable.
  • You can have your character(s) die.
  • Do not shove your character into the backstories of users’ characters without their permission. 
  • Areas threads can be closed if fails to be the following requirements.
  • When leaving a thread, STATE that your character(s) have left the thread.
  • Players can continue a thread—unless stated otherwise—regardless if a player "disappears" from the role-play. 
  • Any issues/questions, please asked them in BoogaVerse Project thread or talk directly with the Game Master(s) of the thread.
  • Have Fun!
The Area Template Guide

Creating an area is perhaps one of the easiest things to do, but the hardest to maintain. Please follow the Area Template Guide—in to build your area thread. Any further questions, go to BoogaVerse Project or contact ShineCero.

Area Creation Rules
  • You cannot create areas based on existing canons
  • You cannot create dimensions
  • Planet Booga is considered a “Holy Planet” – none will have this title.
  • Several continents had established leaders across the entire land that handle all affairs: Brotherhood/Sisterhood for Paradise, Adanac for Empire State, Johannes Palace (King of Shina Ania), and Monster King Ghido for Deimos Valley. 
  • Desolate Lands do not have an established leader. Do not create one.
  • Demons/Angels are not native to BoogaVerse. They are only native to Afterlife.
  • Mandatory: Each continent has "rules."
  • If an area is on Planet Booga, it has to match the theme of the continent (information provided below).
  • You can choose your area as "free-for-all" or "plot purposes."
  • Failure to follow the template will result in your thread being closed and moved to Area Reservation until further review.
  • Islands also follow the template, but unlike continent threads, they can anything you want as long it falls well within the rules.
Planet Booga Area Template

Planet Booga, located in the Loo System of the Core Galaxy, is the epicenter of BoogaVerse. It has six continents (Empire State, Desolate Lands, Deimos Valley, Paradice, Shina Ania and N-Constringitur/S-Constringitur), islands and four oceans (Empire Ocean, Rim Ocean, Booga Ocean and Desolate Ocean) and organized by prefixes for organizational purposes. Below in the next section has a map and detailed backstories/lore of the continents on Planet Booga. 
  • Location [Applied Prefix]
  • Name
  • Image
  • Lore
  • Places of Interest
Space Area Template

Space is a section where you can create entire planets, solar systems and even galaxies (including your very own races) on the whim! Honestly, use your creative minds to create your epic "No Man's Sky."
  • Name
  • Location
  • Image
  • Lore
  • Places of Interest 
Map of Planet Booga

The detailed description of the continents of Planet Booga will help you on constructing your thread. All areas need to follow the theme described below or moved to Area Reservation for corrections.

Notable Notes
  • Each continent (except for Deimos Valley) has a Dragon Guardian, created during the Crisis Era as a means to protect the world from global threats. A rumored 7th Dragon, Retcon Dragon, claimed to exist.
  • Dragon Guardians: Zillion (Shina Ania), Slygon (Paradice), Dragore (Desolate Lands), Cygon (Empire State), Coldmo (North Constringitur), and Coldoma (South Constringitur).
  • Aliens are not considered “Demons” nor “Deimos.”
  • Dragons species came from an island called Draken.
  • Mysterious Beings (Canon Characters) are found in The Big Apple and offered many different types of services. If you wish to add a facility in The Big Apple, speak with ShineCero for review.

Shina Ania: Sometimes referred as Alkebulan by Anians, is a continent where humans and monsters coexist with another one in peace. The birthplace of humankind and homes of many different mythologies of gods and goddesses, Shina Ania, is well-known for its natural attractions, including cultural diversity, diverse geography and an abundance of wildlife. It consists of desert regions, highlands, green plains, jungles and rain forests, and managed a lot of beautiful architectures for tourist attraction purposes.

The Dragon Guardian of Shina Ania is Zillion, described as a carefree, but a somewhat lazy dragon that spends most of his time sleeping in the depths of Rim Ocean. However, locals gave our fair warning that Zillion is also a fickle creature and will act to anything that causes a  disturbance to his slumber. Mini-earthquakes that occurred rapidly is a sign of Zillion to ceased the action currently going on.

Shina Ania is an absolute monarchy, ruled by a single ruler that began in Crisis-Era Year 24. Empire is the first king of Shina Ania and loved by his people. Empire's popularity for his kindness, mercy on enemies and activities to preserve peace in his region, granted him with Pure Energy by Suyoi, becoming one of the few humans to obtained it without death. It had led to his descendants will always have Pure Energy, rather than Neutral Energy, and used as a way to determine the next ruler of Shina Ania. Despite the absolute monarchy, Shina Ania rarely had wars outside of conflicts, and the people lived in harmony for millenniums.

Despite its rich history and culture, Shina Ania has a disease known as Moyasu alma Disease. It affects only humans and causes them to be overloaded with chaotic energy, leading to two different results: death or becoming destructive beings. At the moment, there is no cure to combat the dreaded disease. The only way to control the disease is through a pact with a Monster. A Pact is a contract between human and monster to ensure survival by combining their souls with one another and gain excellent power. The chaotic energy is on pause thanks to the monster's soul stopping the expansion of the disease. For a pact to be complete, they have to give up of they hold value. Furthermore, if a pact-partners dies, it will be fatal to the other.
  • If a character has the disease, they are forbidden to leave Shina Ania.
  • Areas based on the Middle East and Africa can be used as inspirations for Shina Ania.
  • Pacts can only be created through Monsters. Demons/Deimos will not stop the disease.
  • Pact System is common in Shina Ania.
  • If a character with the disease, have a pact with a monster. They can leave—with permission from the King for a specific amount of time. You must go to Johannes Palace before leaving the continent.
  • Only a few places in Shina Ania have modern technology.
  • Demons/Deimos are a small minority in Shina Ania.
  • Mythical creatures are more commonly found in Shina Ania.
  • Religious Fanatics are widespread in Shina Ania.
  • Anians is the term for the people who are born in Shina Ania.
  • Khalid is the 14th King of Shina Ania.

Paradice: The Land of Magic of Planet Booga. After eons of brutal wars with Demons and later Deimos, humans discovered the ability to wield a powerful force called Magic to turn the tide of the war. A powerful mage named Merlin ended the war between the two races and drove them out of Paradice. Unlike Empire State and Shina Ania, they do not have a governmental body. Instead, the leaders of Brotherhood of Black Magic and Sisterhood of White Magic handled the affairs of Paradice. Paradice prides themselves on being the first group of humans to form an advanced civilization and the trade center of the entire world due to the sheer abundance of goods and natural resources. Magic had significantly improved the lives of the people of Paradice, resulting in quality care in food, health, and other factors, and thus becoming the most populist continent. Another thing is their care of the environment; in comparison of the other places on Booga, they have the best-looking environment with a remarkable diversity of wildlife and animals.

The negative aspect of Paradice is the discrimination against Demons and Deimos. They are forbidden to enter Paradice unless they are with a powerful magician for business purposes.

Deep in the highest mountain peak in Paradice, Mount Neverwake, exists a tribe of Pandas. They are known for their ability to heal all wounds, even lost body parts. They also served as protectors of the Dragon Guardian of Paradice, Slygon, who sleeps on the peak of Mount Neverwake.
  • The leaders of Brotherhood and Sisterhood handle the affairs of Paradice.
  • Demons and Deimos are forbidden to live in/enter Paradice unless accompanied by a powerful mage.
  • Pandas, along with other animals, are highly regarded in Paradice. Harming them is a high offense which can result in imprisonment.
  • Paradice is the trading capital of the world.
  • Areas based on Asia (this includes India and others) can be used as inspiration.
  • Casinos is standard in Paradice.
  • Paradice is one of the two places that teaches Magic.
  • Paradicans is the term for the people who are born in Paradice.

Deimos Valley: Sometimes referred as Hell on Earth, is a continent populated solely by Deimos. After being driven away from Paradice, Demons settled on the new land off the coast of Shina Ania. After centuries of adapting to the new land and exposure to Neutral Energy, the biology of Demons began to change and slowly lose their known demonic traits and Chaotic Energy. They become less aggressive and savage compared to their Demon counterparts, and after eons, Deimos managed to build an advanced civilization on the continent successfully. After inspiration of an individual artist, Deimos began to drown themselves in the musical world, and Deimos Valley became the pillar of music.

A single ruler, called Demonic King Ghido, handle the affairs of Deimos Valley. Ghido harbored hatred of the Paradicans and declared war in hopes of cleansing the world of their presence. However, due to the will of the people, he allows all humans to enter their land to see the fruitions of their hard work and hope that discrimination will cease one day, study music and learn magic from the original founders of the force.
  • Deimos Valley is known to have the most poisonous/venomous animals; however, Demon/Deimos are immune to their poison.
  • Deimos Valley is considered the music capital of the world, Cindy Opera House is the most famous attraction for tourists.
  • Deimos Valley is known for high temperatures all year around.
  • Areas based on Australia and New Zeland can be used as inspirations.
  • Multiple islands called Black Islands surrounded Deimos Valley. They have rare minerals that can be sold for high prices and a favorite hotspot for treasure hunters.
  • Deimos Valley is one of the two places that teaches Magic.

Desolate Lands: Once a beautiful continent called Rupoee, fallen into nothing more but a barren wasteland due to the continuous wars for power. Rupoee was famous for their remarkable diversity if wildlife, vegetation, and animals. One claimed that a garden of flowers would stream across the countryside, spawning a range variety of colors and a good way to impress your significant other. It had several governments that aimed to secure the safety of the people and worked together to preserve peace. However, during Age 1913-1945, erupted into a brutal war between the countries which devastated the land through the use of destructive weapons such as chemical and biological weapons. Population reduced heavily; animals were nonexistent, plant-life rotten away and the scarred resources. Governments collapsed, and the sought for people forced an even deadlier conflict in small scale throughout the continent. Due to lack of leadership, Desolate Lands became the hotspots for Guilds without any worries of interference.

The Dragon Guardian Dragore became disgusted of the destructive capabilities of humanity and harbors resentment of them. He rested in the ancient castle in deep in the "Endless Deserts" and lost hope for humankind in Desolate Lands.
  • No laws in Desolate Lands.
  • The highest attraction for Guilds.
  • Mutations are found in Desolate Lands due to high radiation rate in certain areas from destructive weapons.
  • The homeless population is high.
  • Areas based on Europe can be used as inspiration.
  • There is a powerful tribe known as Dalv Tribe that controls large quantities of food and resources.
  • Dragore lives in Neusch Castle in the Endless Desert, protected by an impenetrable barrier which prevents outsiders from breaking in. Dragore lost the desire to protect Desolate Lands due to continuous war and hid away to escape the dreaded reality.
  • Desolatians is the term for the people who are born in Desolate Lands.

Empire State: The Land of the Future. In Age 1800, Empire State had gone under a technology boom, resulted in the Golden Industrial Age, jumping leaps ahead than any other continent. Flying cars, cities that manipulate anti-gravity features, cities filled with heroes, nothing is possible in the Empire State. The continent is a high attraction for tourists because of the sheer numbers of different kinds of cities and the services they can offer. For example, Hero City City is famous for the gathering of heroes in the area for people to take their photos. The Big Apple is known for the location of all Mysterious Beings. Empire State had formed a protectorate state on the upper left corner of the continent solely for the protection of the Dinosaurs called Dinostone Park.

Empire State is also the only continent to have a central government, called "Parliament of Empire State,"  located in a city called Adanac, where they manage the affairs of Empire State and work with other "leaders"  from other regions to deal with issues across the world. Empire State's Guild, the Heroes Organization, is considered the best of the best with it massive numbers and efficient of handling global problems.

The Dragon Guardian of Empire State was wounded during the great war between Empire State and Rupoee that started in Age 1775. After the defeat of Rupoee and the explosion of technology, humans managed to rebuild the Dragon Guardian into a cybernetic dragon and referred itself as Cygon. He currently lives deep in the forest of Dinostone Park.
  • Do not hurt the Dinosaurs.
  • Areas based on North, Central and South America can be used as inspirations.
  • Very few rural areas in Empire State.
  • Empire State is mainly composed of high-tech cities.
  • Heroes Organization is the only guild in Empire State and acts as it's military.
  • The crime rate is high in some areas.
  • Home to the most dangerous criminals in the world.
  • The best transportation system in the world.
  • Great for romantic getaways.
  • Empiran is the term for the people who are born in Empire State.
  • Legendary Hero Image Man is reported to live in hos complex for his retirement.

Constringitur: The coldest continents on Planet Booga. There are two Constringitur, one in the north and one in the south. Very few life forms lived on either of the continents and they are protected by the Twin Dragon Guardians, Coldmo, and Coldoma.
  • Eternal Snow
  • Rumors of Yetis, Snowmen and a single bear living in these continents.
  • Beyonders Space System Base is established there to study the stars across the universe.

Map of BoogaVerse

Multiple worlds exist outside of BoogaVerse: 
AfterlifeUpper World and Under World
Home of Mysterious Beings (Canon Characters): House of Legends, House of Demise and House of Ambiguity. 
Dimensions: The Reality Vortex and The Void.
[Image: chibi_suyoi_by_loopypanda-d9ve431.png]
BoogaVerse Timeline
Art by LoopyPanda

The Chronological Table of BoogaVerse

The timeline of BoogaVerse is separated by three distinct time periods: Before Era, Crisis Era and Age Era. Before Era explains the origins of how everything came to be. The Crisis Era explains how BoogaVerse was shaped because of the aftermath of Viegan and Lucifer. Age Era explains the development of BoogaVerse and Planet Booga. 

Essential Elements in BoogaVerse

BoogaVerse has "three energy sources" divided as Chaotic, Pure and Neutral Energy. They are the life-energy found in all living things, even planets and stars and the non-living, such as spirits. People who know how to control the flow of energy within their bodies can manipulate and control their energy to do extraordinary feats. If one were to be drained entirely of energy, they would die (or be erased from existence in 'Afterlife' cases). Each energy has unique properties and characteristics exclusive to them; however, none of them have an advantage over the other.

Neutral Energy
  • The default energy for all living things.
  • Magic is a category of Neutral Energy.
  • Black Magic and White Magic are based on the components of Chaotic and Pure Energy respectively, but they're using Neutral Energy.
  • Deimos have Neutral Energy.
Chaotic Energy
  • Chaotic Energy is available to Demons, Monsters, Evil Spirits, and Eldritch Abomination.
  • Humans can have Chaotic Energy through Moyasu alma Disease which causes them to become destructive. 
  • A rarity, but hearts fallen to pure darkness can cause people to develop chaotic energy. 
  • Chaotic Energy will diminish over time naturally because it drains faster than any of the three energies (stamina issues), but continuous malice can refuel it
  • "Demonic Force" is the Chaotic Energy version of Magic. 
Pure Energy
  • Pure Energy is only available to Angels and other holy figures.
  • King of Shina (and his descendants) and Image Man are the only humans to have Pure Energy. 
  • Darkness expelled from Pure Energy beings can manifest itself into a being.
  • Pure Energy never disappears or diminishes.
  • "Spiritual Arts" is Pure Energy version of Magic.  
Moyasu alma Disease: A disease, only in Shina Ania, which causes a person to be inflamed with the overburden of chaotic energy, leading them to death or become mindless destructive beings. The only cure is making a pact with a Monster in Shina Ania.

Other Elements

As BoogaVerse's primary focus, humans are the dominant species on Planet Booga. Aliens don’t often visit Planet Booga—but the planet does attract various creatures due to its mysterious aura. Aside from humans on Booga, there exist other beings: Demons, Deimos, and Monsters. Their existence is pretty simplistic. Below are quick notes of everything you need to know about their origins. Alien lifeforms are not considered Demons, Deimos or Monsters.

Monsters – Animals affected by Chaotic Energy and Neutral Energy that flooded Booga from the Crisis Era gave birth to a series of monsters. There are many different kinds of monsters—some are aggressive, some are calm before unleashing their fury. Monsters are more acceptable of complying with humans compared to Demons. 
  • If a human is affected by the Moyasu alma Disease, it is possible for them to become monsters.
  • Some monsters contain memories of when they were once humans/animals.
  • Alien-Life can become monsters as well.
  • Once someone becomes a monster—it is highly improbable to return to normal.
  • As per usual, they have Neutral Energy, similar to that of Deimos.
Demons – Souls infused with chaotic energy after being sent to the Under World become demons. Their appearances will be radically different as opposed to when they were alive and retained malicious thoughts.
  • Demons can leave Under World and visit Planet Booga [Or other worlds]. However, if they don’t return to the Under World under a specific amount of time, they will be expelled from Under World.
  • Naturally aggressive.
  • Heavily dislike Deimos and consider them unnatural.
  • Massively hate Humans and will be resistant to joining forces.
Deimos – Descended from Demons that were banished/left behind from Under World during Crisis Era. After eons of trying to control Paradice—only to fail and be kicked out, they settled on a continent called “Deimos Valley.” After thousands of years, Demons have naturally evolved to adapt to the new environment and no longer have Chaotic Energy.
  • Kinder than Demons.
  • All Deimos have Neutral Energy
  • Although they are still aggressive, they are more prone to seek reasonable compromise than outright attacking.
  • Have a more humanoid appearance.
  • Deimos do not dislike humans—although they despise Paradicans.

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