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☠ ShineVerse ☠
Don't mind me, just here to save and download all of these glorious drawings Smile
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." - Meet Vegetto
[Image: oVn2qsw.png]
You should draw some more Mioi. It's the best thing to ever exist.  Pimp
[Image: Mob-Psycho-100-One-Punch-Man.gif]


Just two quick artworks :p
[Image: Qv1qlte.gif]
Me looking at all the great draws you have uploaded

especially the Green Cyclop wife... Papa bless  Kat Ghost You also have quite a knack for character design! It makes it easy to tell the characters apart, which helps by the eye shape/face as well.

... *saves the Mioi drawing a 2nd time* B| XD
Now all we need is Suyoi in a bikini and we're set for life. B|
[Image: Mob-Psycho-100-One-Punch-Man.gif]


Here's a few more.

Kass, Vegetto's Character

Olivia's Loopy's Character

Shiro, Z's Character

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You drew my lil' Ghost-hunter(?) baby?! Shiro's boobs are huge, just the way they're suppose to be. B|

OLIVIA IS PRECIOUS. No harm should come to her or else I will get very upset.

Kass looks awesome! She reminds me of Videl and Goku's mom or some reason. Maybe it's the eyes lol. I love them all!
[Image: Mob-Psycho-100-One-Punch-Man.gif]

Starting next week, I'm going to be releasing more drawings. Stay tuned.
Your ability to draw the best girls is a gift, my good man, imma smash that like

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