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What classes are you currently taking?
For the fall, I'm taking Cell Bio, Statistics (some entry level course idfk), Physics 2 and lab, and American Government. 

I should've taken AP Government when I had the chance tbh
As of now, I'm currently taking three different courses.

The US and the History of Populism (from Jackson to Trump)

Gender, Sex and the Conquest of the American West

History of Animation.

You can sense the theme of a lot of history courses as I'm majoring in history. I should get my BA by the winter quarter Pimp
I'm currently taking:

High School: Visual Design Primer, Capstone (they make us do one our Senior year), AP Computer Science, Music Appreciation (I didn't want to take it. I had no choice.) and Senior Internship.

College: English Comp II and Internet Tools (Read "How to HTML 5 and CSS3")
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RPG and Tech Forum Manager (I may or may not be crazy)
Next Quarter is going to be my last one and I will officially receive my Bachelors in History.  Education
  • HIST 356 - U.S.,1877-1917
(12-27-2017, 08:29 PM)ShineCero Wrote: Next Quarter is going to be my last one and I will officially receive my Bachelors in History.  Education

N-Nerd... Only nerds like history. B|

But on my part, I'm taking...

MAC2233: Business Calculus. This will be my final math class before I need to do independent math studies to be accepted to a certain university. 

CTS1131: A+ Computer Essentials and Support. This is a basic "Advance Word, PowerPoint, and Excel" It should be a piece of cake.
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Starting next Tuesday, I'll take:

-Introduction to Biochemistry
-History of Science (17th Century to Present Day)
-Principles of Physiology
-Organic Chemistry Laboratory I: Biological Emphasis

The Lab is treated as its own class though; we attend the 3 hour lab session but we have 1 class just for lecture about the experiment we'd be doing. The lab and the lecture are on Tuesday and Thursday respectively.

Basically, this semester is my personal Dark Souls. So I won't be on here everyday, but I'll probably have free time to post during the weekend.

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