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What classes are you currently taking?
Earth Science
Biomed Ethics (literally all 4 lectures so far have been complaints against the science of biology, and science itself)
Introduction to Biology
Biology Lab
Survey of Basic Economics
Forum Mod, focused on Art Garden and Roleplay Park
Ends of the Earth RP | Boogaverse RP Characters.
Current controller of the Meeting of the Dark. | Mysterious Summons: Malefor, Rex Marksley.
Creative Fiction: Solarian Stories; Withered; The Death Lords; Death Knight Detective; Warframe Fan Fiction

"To the Ends of the Earth."
Back for school again for my Library Technician program. 

I'm taking three classes, one of them being about repairing old books that has been damaged. Another one is understanding your consumers and patrons of their needs in the library. So I'm hoping to learn a lot more before starting my career.
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Death Hurts

Artwork: My Art
Original StoriesNo Heroes | Good Days | Carnage Hero
Social MediaTwitter | Twitch
Fundamentals of Network/Cyber Security
C/C++ for Embedded Devices or IoT Networking and Connectivity 
Connected Devices with C/C++ and Arduino sketches

Basically, I'm learning to be a 'hacker' and build things that connect to other devices. I'll probably show pictures and videos of the bots I'll build.
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There are two versions of Tatsumaki: Shine's version and Z's version.

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