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Masamune+ Avatar/Signature Shop
Heres my shop if you are interested, just a heads up i haven't made one in a while so it might take some time to make you something.
Heres some of my work.

[Image: tom_toonami_signature_by_super_fat_man-d50oeaa.png]
[Image: gajeel_redfox_signature_by_super_fat_man-d4j56qv.png]
[Image: germany_and_italy_hetalia_axis_powers_si...501hb0.png]
[Image: juvia_lockster_signature_by_super_fat_man-d4iy8g6.png]
(i know i messed up her name  Kat Prone )
[Image: erza_scarlet_signature_by_super_fat_man-d4i7uf5.png]
[Image: sho_minamimoto_signature_by_super_fat_man-d4gu38k.png]
[Image: franken_fran_signature_by_super_fat_man-d4g0h61.png]
[Image: franken%20both_zpsthojyvng.png]
[Image: legendofkorra_zpsd21677c1.png]

[Image: law2.png]
[Image: zerefsignature.png]
[Image: CrazyVampireSig.png]
[Image: spiralking.png]
[Image: gajeel.png][Image: sho.png][Image: renacoin.png][Image: Franavatar.png][Image: 1378462980_korra1_zpsa00e07e4.png][Image: Untitled_zpsbd3c019c.png]
Some sweet stuff you've got there Masa! The rounded corners are kind of your trademark. I especially like the Minamimoto, Frankenfran, Korra and Crazy Vampire sigs, the composition of the different elements is very well done in these!

One thing that caught my attention is that the renders/stock pictures seem to be stretched in some of your sigs and avatars. I guess you wanted to make the renders fit the dimensions of a typical sig/avatar? I used to try that too, but personally I find it better to do it the other way around: Make the avatar/sig fit the render. I use different canvas sizes with different aspect ratios depending on the render I plan on working with and sometimes I also end up cutting or expanding the canvas midway through the creative process.

Was that explanation understandable? I'm so bad at explaining things and finding the right words  Kat Cry
[Image: xqjCHtv.png]
I was wondering if I could have a set made.
Sure, my computers down at the moment but when it's running I can make something. What are the pictures/characters/ etc. That you want?
Haou Judai (Supremem King Jaden if you go by the English translation) I was thinking of having this as the sig pic
[Image: Haou.jpg]

Avi: you can find which ever you think looks coolest
Any text on the signature? Like a name/quote/etc?
Also any filter preferences? (Color or design overlaying the picture)
Ive never seen the anime so I'll have to look up some stuff that goes well with him

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