The Brotherhood of Black Magic Society
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The Brotherhood of Black Magic Society

The Brotherhood of Black Magic Society is one of the two schools of the original International Society of Magic—that primarily focuses on Black Magic. Black magic has traditionally referred to the use of supernatural powers or magic for evil and selfish purposes. In hindsight, black magic is the malicious counterpart of benevolent white magic, though, some find the definition of "black magic" has been convoluted by people who define magic or ritualistic practices that they disapprove of as "black magic. Those who are interested in the Black Magic should attend the Brotherhood and learned all of its related properties to become a powerful Black Mage.

The Brotherhood of Black Magic Society opened its doors for everyone, regardless of gender or race (Deimos). However, there hasn’t been a Deimos in the Society for thousands of years due to the Expulsion of Deimos back at Age 1888. Unlike the Sisterhood, where the majority of its population is predominantly female, there are many male and female students in the Brotherhood. The attraction to Black Magic had appealed to both male and female—to learn the secret arts of harnessing Black Magic to repel their foes. It is noted that the Guild often scout out Mages that specialized in Black Magic to include in their organization due to having a wide range of destructive magical attacks that strike the core of the enemies.

The Brotherhood of Black Magic Society is located in the middle of Paradice and across the road is its counterpart, the Sisterhood of White Magic Society. The institution size is about 3,245 acres from all angles. It is surrounded by a powerful magical barrier—placed by the Legendary Merlin and beefed up from each new leader of the Brotherhood—to fend off enemies that tried to attack the school. The Current Leader of the Brotherhood is ShineCero, a quiet, modest man who has a wide-range of attacks under his arsenal. 

There are numerous reports that Mages that come out of the institution often fall into the path of evil. When faced criticism of the organization, ShineCero informed that the Society simply teach the means, but how the person used them is their own individual choices and they faced the consequences they brought upon themselves. However, there is a counseling problem that targets to people who help ease the darkness that forms within their hearts.

Notable Areas of Interests

The Grand Sorcerer Houdini’s Library: In the middle of the Brotherhood of the Black Magic Society, the Library, founded by one of the former leaders of the Brotherhood, Randi Houdini, contained books of every single form of magic known on Booga. Whether the magic comes from Deimos, Dragons, Monsters and the like, they documented everything. Unlike the Sisterhood, they do not document magic outside of Planet Booga, for the sole reasoning of thing that Booga Magic should remain the focal point to secure the maximum potential. If you’re looking for a history of magic or research, the Library is the appropriate place to be for your interests.

The Magical Halls: Across the Grand Sorcerer Houdini’s Library, the Magical Halls is composed of three floors that house Mages who live on the campus to have the full experience of the campus.
  • The First Floor is where you can eat, hang out or socialize with your peers. You can also find Mages that have attended the institution for decades and ask for advice, tutoring and for Guilds, can scout out newest members for their organization.
  • The Second Floor is the place where you can study intensively for your magical abilities and practice your abilities. Think of it as a Gym for Mages.
  • The Third floor is composed of rental rooms that can be used for meditation, practice magical abilities, and the sort. 
  • The Fourth Floor is where all the personal rooms are located for those who wish to stay on campus. It has enough rooms to house well over 4,000 persons.
Atlantes’ Magic Stadium: Mages can request friendly sparring matches to practice their skills and see the fruition of their training. The stadium is in the back of the Brotherhood and considered the second largest building in the school. There are several unique things about the Magic Stadium that is only associated with the Brotherhood of Black Magic Society:
  • You can request a battle against a Mage, regardless of your rank to practice your skills against.
  • Magic Stadium has a Promotion Test, which allows a Mage who wins an official match, with permission from ShineCero and/or The Three Black Guards, to be promoted the next level. This is the only way to reach the advanced to the next rank.
  • Every few years, there is an official competition called "Magic Wars" where Brotherhood of Black Magic and Sisterhood of White Magic participate to showcase which factions have the strongest, craftiest and best magical skills. 
Black Magic Laboratory: Advanced Mages gathered together to experiment Magic on a variety of things, along with the creation of a new magical skill. It appears on the outskirts of the Brotherhood, composed of a small, white building and considered a high-level course. The office of the leader of the Brotherhood is located within the facility. However, each leader has their own unique ways of how their office appears for people who wished to speak with the leader. Currently, Grand Sorcerer ShineCero’s office is at the far end of the Laboratory, protected by the Three Black Guards—The Black Shadow, - The Black Shadow, Tort, and Ballows—to ensure safety and protection of the minerals, experimentation and other things in the facility. ShineCero’s office is filled with books, organized alphabetical order, a single desk, and a desk lamp. If you wish to contact ShineCero for any information such as a promotion or request a battle in the stadium, simply dropped by his office anytime. 

Mages Ranks: These are the ranks that applied the worldwide standard. If you're not part of the Sisterhood or Brotherhood, you will be considered a "Rouge Mage" with no rank attached.
  • Novice
  • Expert Mage
  • Battle Mage
  • Witch [Warlock if one becomes evil]
  • Wizard
  • Grandmaster Mage
  • Sorcerer/Sorceress [Highest anyone can get]
  • Grand Sorcerer/Grand Sorceress [Leaders Title Only]
Vox thinks as he walks toads the building "I wonder if any these mages know any good places to eat or to drink?" 
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The three guards are in ShineCero's office within the Black Magic Laboratory, seems to be concern about something.

".. It's been a long time since he left." Tort said. "ShineCero has never been this gone before." 

"Yeah... it's been months, not even a single word from him. He usually gives us a heads up in regards to his activities.. but neither a peek of him." The Black Shadow Mage said. "Any words on the White Magic Society in regards to finding him?" 

"They say that they're scouting the area for him. So far, they haven't found anything yet." Ballows said, picking up a phone. "Although knowing the leader, they're probably aren't doing a splendid job on it.."

There was a mage that was walking around, reading his book on "How Black Magic was founded" until he saw a stranger lost in self-thought. "Why hello there!" He said to Vox. "It's quite a surprise to see more visitor since most are moving their way towards the sisterhood for business purposes. May I be your assistance if you're in a need of help?" He asked Vox.
Vox asks politely "I was wondering if you may would know were some one could get some food and drank?"
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"Ah! That'll be the Magical Halls, my good sir, I'll be happily to take you there." The mage said happily and began walking towards the Halls. "Sorry not there's isn't much folks to assist you with. Things.. kind of got crazy since our leader hasn't returned yet, so it's pretty quiet these days."
Vox says nicely as he follows the mage "thanks you for helping a traveler find food."
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Z, the leader of the Sisterhood, was sleeping for a while in Shine's office in a tiny hammock. She finally woke up and scratched her head. She had her typical pajamas on and a sleeping hat on her head. She floated out of the office and past the three guards that were suppose to be guarding the place. She rubbed her eye and nodded to the trio.

"Good morning~" She said as she casually floated past them.
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(02-12-2016, 09:56 PM)meta knight Wrote: Vox says nicely as he follows the mage "thanks you for helping a traveler find food."

"It's my pleasure!" The mage said, as both of them entered the magical halls. "There isn't a lot of people here around as I said, that means you got dips of all the delicious and fresh foods." He emphasized. 

(02-12-2016, 10:12 PM)~ Z ~ Wrote: Z, the leader of the Sisterhood, was sleeping for a while in Shine's office in a tiny hammock. She finally woke up and scratched her head. She had her typical pajamas on and a sleeping hat on her head. She floated out of the office and past the three guards that were suppose to be guarding the place. She rubbed her eye and nodded to the trio.

"Good morning~" She said as she casually floated past them.

"Greetings." Ballows responded to Z, causally floating by them. 


"Wait a second.." Tort's voice was riddled with confusion. 

"Why the hell is the leader of White Magic doing here!?" The Black Shadow Mage shouted.

"See!? This is what I was telling you Black Shadow! We should have search for ourselves instead of relying on her! Now Shine is probably dead!" Ballows stressed. 

Tort went over to Z, grabbing her by the ponytail. "Hey! What the heck you're doing here!?"
Vox follows the mage and looks around at the magical halls. Vox says "I thank you for your help good mage." Vox ask in a polite tone "So what is your name good mage?"
I will fine one later
"A-Aahh...~" Z stopped in her track and groaned a little in annoyance. She lifted the three guards in the air in an attempt to get them to let go of her hair. She fixed her hat and turned to the men.

"I came here to get some sleep~" Z said lazily. "The Sisterhood is getting very crowded...~"
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