The Brotherhood of Black Magic Society
Vox nods and says "as far i know the only things that would stop you if the tales are true are the monsters on the lower levels."
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(02-14-2016, 07:30 PM)~ Z ~ Wrote: "My clones have been on hunt for a while and no reports have came in~ It is rather annoying since I cannot get my naps~" Z turned to face the opposite direction and suddenly held out her pencil to block three large claws aimed at her. At first nothing happened but there was a large shockwave that erupted from the power behind that the men behind her can be pushed down.

In front of Z was a large snake-like cat creature with two small beady eyes and no mouth. He had two large, narrow cat-like ears with an earring on the right one. He was taller than the guards who were behind Z and his was even more emotionless than Z's. Z only gave the creature her infamous smile and shook one finger to the being.

"Nice try in trying to slay me when I am barely awake~ Keep this up and you'll eventually get a nice hit on me~"

He pulled his hand back which morphed back into a hand similar to Z's mitten hand. He bowed his head to Z.

"Master Z, your assistance is required in the Sisterhood. Please, come with me."

"Aww~! How'd you know I'd be here, Lix~?"

Lix did not skip a beat and grabbed Z's entire body with his hand. Z squeaked like a toy when grabbed and whined about not wanting to go back. Lix ignored her plead and turned back to the guards. He spoke from an invisible mouth.

"Return to your duties."

Promptly, Lix slithered away to the Sisterhood with Z tightly in his grasp. It looked as if he was trying to squeeze the life out of her.

"What just happen?" Tort asked.

"No idea, but it seems that thing is taking her back to the sisterhood for her duties.." Ballows responded. "Guess that.. takes cares problem over there..?" Ballows turns to the two. "However, what about Master Shine?" 

"If push comes to shove, we might have to rely on Heroes Organization to find ShineCero." Black Shadow said. 

"I doubt they would even take the job. They're so adamant about world wide crisis, so they'll just dismissed it straight up!" Ballows responded.

"Then, we have to rely on the guilds for this task if the Heroes Organization won't help us out. However, which guilds should take the offer..? Beyonders are currently in space and the Explorers are busy with their missions at the moment." Tort rubbed his chin, trying to think up another guild. "I know there's more.."

(02-14-2016, 09:12 PM)meta knight Wrote: Vox nods and says "as far i know the only things that would stop you if the tales are true are the monsters on the lower levels."

"Yes! Monsters can be a bother!" Bob said cheerfully. "I not much of a "brute" magician, so monsters always give me a hard time when looking for items and the like.." Bob chuckled.
Vox says nicely "that is true that monsters make it harder but the monster and/or its parts are worth taking as well."
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(02-15-2016, 10:45 AM)meta knight Wrote: Vox says nicely "that is true that monsters make it harder but the monster and/or its parts are worth taking as well."

"Indeed!" Bob said, as he finished off his meal. "Well! I'm off to another journey. I'm currently heading off to Sisterhoood across the way before heading off to the Desolate Lands. You want to accompany me, my good sir? I always wished to have a traveling partner!"
Vox says after finishing his meal "scene i heading that way as well i might as well travel with you." getting up.
I will fine one later
"Excellent! Let's take our leave to the Sisterhood then!" Bob said. He began to pack up the things in his head and lifted onto his back. It seems that to anyone it would be seen as heavier, yet, he's moving it as it was nothing. He turns and walked to the direction towards the Sisterhood.
Vox picks up what he put down and says "OK." Vox follows after Bob.
I will fine one later
It's been a few hours since ~Z~ has left the chambers. Tort, Black Shadow and Ballows are once again discussing. 

"He should be here at any minute." Tort said.

"Are you sure we should rely on a single person?" Ballows wondered. "We should search for other guilds."

"They're hands are tied at the problem. We best to use what we got.." Black Shadow commented.
Faunix and Lix entered the area of the Brotherhood. Faunix seemed more frantic than Lix ever would be.

"We made it to the brotherhood!" Faunix smiled. "Ah yes, I have so many memories here! Shine was also so very organized and he never sleeps on the job!"

"Lord Z is not to be underestimated." Lix said seriously. "Focus on the mission at hand. Gain power and knowledge. Overcome." 

"Yes, yes, we're here to gather information on Shine."

Faunix and Lix stood before the guards. Faunix bowed his head politely to the men while Lix remained almost as stiff as a statue.

"Excuse me sirs, we are here under the order of Lord and Master Z. We've heard that Shine has been looking for some sort of tower. Have you any knowledge about what tower he might be heading for?"
[Image: Mob-Psycho-100-One-Punch-Man.gif]

The three guards turned to the duo that came into their office.

"Ah, it's the lackeys of Z." Ballows said.

"Hey, show them some respect." Tort responded. He turns to the two. "Tower? I don't believe there.. any towers that Master ShineCero haven't been too yet.." Tort went in deep thought.

"Expect for the Fallen Sky Temple." Black Shadow said.

"What?!" Tort's eyes became wide. "Isn't that temple under a very powerful barrier?"

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