The Brotherhood of Black Magic Society
"Sky Temple?" Faunix questioned. "What can you tell us about--"

"Tell us what you know about Sky Temple or drastic measures will be issues." Lix said, holding out a clawed hand to the men. "Make it quick, we have no time for games."

"Oh please Lix, you're such a problem sometimes!" Faunix growled. "Ignore him, please. Mind telling us what you know about this... Sky Temple. I've yet to hear about this illusive place."
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Tort and Ballows pull out their staffs, readying themselves in battle position. However, Black Shadow placed his hand over them. "Calm. We're not here to promote violence." Black Shadow turns to the two. "The Fallen Sky Temple is said to be a sacred place that hold the secrets of our world and the creation of everything. However, it's surrounded by an very powerful, powerful barrier in order to secure invaders from breaking in." 

"And if ShineCero entered it.. that means he'd must've broken through!" Ballows said.

"But I heard that there were monsters that no one has ever seen before. Perhaps.. Shine was..!!" Tort worried.

"Rest assure. If Shine have passed on, I would have known." Black Shadow said.
"Fallen Sky Temple..." Faunix scratched his furry chin. "Alright, we'll be heading there now. Thank you for your assistance, I'll be sure to let Shine know that you directed us to his whereabouts... unless you wish to aid us in locating him?"

"Maybe we can use you to open the barriers." Lix said without blinking his beady eyes. "But Faunix is correct, the more helpers we have, the sooner we can find Master Shine."
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"I can assisted you on that mission." Black Shadow said.

"What!? You're going with them?! Then you have to let us com-" Ballow tried to protest Black Shadow going in alone with them. 

"No. You two are needed here. Leaving the Brotherhood unattended will be unprofessional on our record." Black Shadow responded. "It's for the best. Besides, I'm not going in alone. We also have that person we call in." 

"Who?" Tort asked.

A very tall man, covered in large armor came onto the room. His expression seems to be emotionless as he darted his eyes back and forth across the group. He turns his eyes to the three guards. "Are you three the ones who requested a mission for me?" He spoke.

"Yes." Black Shadow. "Thank you for accepting the request.. we have received new form of information on the whereabouts on Shine's Location. So it'll be easier for you to find him, Silence." 

"Good. Well, give me all necessary information and I'll shall be on my way." Silence turns to the two monsters and turns back to Black Shadow. "And who're they?"
"I am Faunix." Faunix offered a friendly bow of his head, his fluffy tail wagging behind him. He held an arm out to Lix. "And this fellow is Sir Lix. We are the representatives of the Sisterhood and guardians of Lord Z. However, I do work mostly for Shine since he is more...organized."

"Yes. Time is of the essence. We must depart as quickly as possible." Lix said, keeping a glare to Silence. "Please to make your acquaintance."

"Oh yes! We must hurry! Who knows what troubles Lord Shine might be in!"
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"I see.." Silence turns to Black Shadow once more. "Let's departure.." He turns back to the two. "Make sure you're able to keep up. I'm sure your kind is at least good enough to follow simple instructions." Silence turned and head out of the building.

Black Shadow turns to Tort and Ballows. "Make sure you take good care of the place while I'm gone."  The two nodded in agreement, alas Black Shadow head out of the building.
"I have very large ears." Lix commented to Silence. "I listen well."

"I... don't think that's what he meant, Lix." Faunix sweated. "However, we should keep up with him and stay out of his way. He seems to have a sort of...prejudice to us."

Lix shrugged and followed after silence with Faunix right behind him.
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As everyone is out in the field, Silence turns to Black Shadow. "So, you know where this place is?"

"Yes.. I'll make a portal." Black Shadow said. As one of the rare users of "free-hand mages", the movement of his hands symbolize of that of a ring. From there, an form of energy gathered of his hands; when he opened up his hands wide, the portal became bigger and bigger until it was the appropriate size for all to travel through. "It's done. It will take us on the edge of land. From there, we have to travel on a boat to reach the Fallen Sky Temple.." Black Shadow said, going in. Silence followed suit.
"Right. Let's go." Lix slithered inside the portal.

"Yeah, let's go. Let's just hope that Master Shine is unharmed." Faunix said while jumping in the portal. "But must we travel on a boat? I don't like my fur getting wet..."
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Black Shadow and Faunix arrived in Brotherhood

"What's wrong?" Ballows entered the room and see Tort on the phone. "It's rare for you to pick up the phone when I'm not here." 

"I'm on the phone with the Heroes Organization. They are asking assistance about some threat." Tort responded.

"Threat? Why would the Heroes Organization be concerned with us? Don't they have enough of those weirdos doing their bidding?"

"Apparently, it's beyond them, as they are calling us. Something about a mage coming for revenge and it's considered a god level threat." 

Ballows narrowed her eyes. "God? That's something you won't hear everyday. But, we can't make an decision until ShineCero is present." 

"Yeah, I'm telling this jackass that and he won't let up." Tort seems frustrated and slammed the phone down to hung up. "I'll give them a call when I feel less heated..." Tort heard footsteps coming closer towards this room. "Someone's coming." 

The door opened, entered both Black Shadow and Faunix.  

"Am.. I interrupting something?" Black Shadow came in. 

"Black Shadow! You have returned!" Ballows went and hug Black Shadow. "We were worry about you!" 

"Yeah, I'm fine.." Black Shadow responded. 

"More importantly. You cam empty handed. Where is Master Shine?"

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