BV Paradice The Brotherhood of Black Magic Society
Vincent nodded, heading outside and passing the gate to see the two mages. He almost came to a stop, but heard the driver of the van parked outside yelling for him. Putting a finger up to say one moment, he went over to the van.

“What is it?” The gunner asked.
“Sir, your trap in Cindy, it’s been sprung.” The driver replied, to which Vincent nodded.
“We’ll get these two to the Opera House and then I’ll head there to pick up the cargo.” He remarked, heading back to the mages.

“Apologies gentlemen, some urgent Meeting business that’s been handled. I am Vincent Bloodline, which you may know already. Get in the van and I'll tell you about your new job." He stated the two, who merely nodded and followed after them. The van pulled away from the Society, and vanished through teleportation, disappearing back to Paris.
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RP Characters.
Mysterious Summons: Malefor, Rex Marksley.

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