The Sisterhood of White Magic Society
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Sisterhood of White Magic Society

The Sisterhood of White Magic Society is one of the two schools of the original International Society of Magic—that primarily focuses on White Magic. White magic has traditionally referred to the use of magic for selfless purposes. In hindsight, white magic is the benevolent counterpart of malicious black magic and because of its ties to traditional pagan nature worship, white magic is often also referred to as "natural magic". Those who are interested in the White Magic should attend the Sisterhood and learned all of its related properties to become a powerful White Mage.

The Sisterhood of White Magic Society opened its doors for everyone, regardless of gender or race (Deimos). However, there hasn’t been a Deimos in the Society for thousands of years due to the Expulsion of Deimos back at Age 1888. Of course, sisterhood is predominantly female, you will see the rare male white mages among their ranks. It is important to note that those that attended the Sisterhood have the highest rate of becoming successful heroes within the Heroes Organization of Empire State. Often times, they are the most valuable source to search for mages due to their range of healing and status cures by plentiful of Guilds.

The Sisterhood of White Magic Society is located in the middle of Paradice and across the road is its counterpart, the Brotherhood of Black Magic Society. The institution size is about 5,076 acres from all angles. It is surrounded by a powerful magical barrier—placed by the Legendary Merlin and beefed up from each new leader of the Sisterhood—to fend off enemies that tried to attack the school. The Current Leader of the Sisterhood is ~ Z ~, a small humanoid being that is able to warp fractions of reality in some form.

Notable Areas of Interests

Mahou Shoujo Arena: Mages that have an interest in using their White Magic for battle use the Mahou Shoujo Arena to studied and hone their skills for battle. This is the place where the Heroes Organization seeks out recruits in their Guild. They are taught to not only study the arts the healing and status cures but also become a powerful warrior to attack enemies as well. It is the best way to become a Battle Mage if this peeks your interest.  It is located in the middle of the Sisterhood, the biggest building in the entire school.

The Magical Halls: Across the Mahou Shoujo building, the Magical Halls is composed of three floors that house Mages who live on the campus to have the full experience of the campus.
  • The First Floor is where you can eat, hang out or socialize with your peers. You can also find Mages that have attended the institution for decades and ask for advice, tutoring and for Guilds, can scout out newest members for their organization.
  • The Second Floor is the place where you can study intensively for your magical abilities and practice your abilities. Think of it as a Gym for Mages.
  • The Third floor is composed of rental rooms that can be used for meditation, practice magical abilities, and the sort. 
  • The Fourth Floor is where all the personal rooms are located for those who wish to stay on campus. It has enough rooms to house well over 4,000 persons.
The Grand Sorceress Circe’s Library: At the end of the Sisterhood of the White Magic Society, the Library, founded by one of the former leaders of the Sisterhood, Circe, contained books of every form of information in relations to White Magic. The Library attempts to include “Alien-Magic” outside of the Planet Booga in attempt to increase the understanding of Magic and how it can influence society as a whole.

Hellawes’ Magical Shop: Contains some of the highest quality magical items in the world, including books and the availability to be taught powerful spells in exchange for a high price.
  • Potions
  • Advanced Magical Spells
  • White Magic Spell-Books (healing, protection, hexes)
  • Advanced Wands
  • Magical Staffs and Rings
Carole's Magical Garden: The Sisterhood of White Magic Society have a garden that able to grow many different kinds of plants, minerals, and vegetation. They are great for creating healing potions, cure horrible status affiliations and other things when going on long journeys. Even when extracted, the garden will always regrow and never withered away. Unlike Hellawes’ Magical Shop, they can be extracted for free; however, you have to personally use the ingredients yourself to create the potions and other healing items.

White Magic Laboratory: Advanced Mages gathered together to experiment Magic on a variety of things, along with the creation of a new magical skill. It appears on the outskirts of the Sisterhood, composed as a small, white building and considered a high-level course. The office of the leader of the Sisterhood is located within the facility. However, each leader has their own unique ways of how their office appears for people who wished to speak with the leader. Currently, Grand Sorceress ~ Z ~ 's office seems to be placed in a little "pocket dimension" where the concept of "consistent" is non-existent. From there, it's protected by three guards that will not let you in unless you have an appointment with her.

Mages Ranks: These are the ranks that applied the worldwide standard. If you're not part of the Sisterhood or Brotherhood, you will be considered a "Rouge Mage" with no rank attached.
  • Novice
  • Expert Mage
  • Battle Mage
  • Witch [Warlock if one becomes evil]
  • Wizard
  • Grandmaster Mage
  • Sorcerer/Sorceress [Highest anyone can get]
  • Grand Sorcerer/Grand Sorceress [Leaders Title Only]
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The Sisterhood was crowded with many people complaining and angry in front of a desk with a lone faun-like creature tending all of them. The people were holding up papers and folders, all yelling at the lone Faun who was working around the clock to attend each and every single person. The poor creature was sweating due to being overwhelmed by so many people. The many people called out to the animal.

"How long do I gotta wait for an appointment?!" A man called out. "They sent me from the Brotherhood to here so I can get approved by the leader of this place!"

"I assure you, she's very busy!" The faun said with a nervous tone. "She's just--"

"Yeah! I've been waiting for this appointment for almost 2 weeks now!" A girl shouted.

"Forgive me but the leader of the Sisterhoo--"

"When is Shine coming back?! He's been gone for months!"

"Tell your leader to hurry up then!"

"I can't learn any magic skills if you don't approve me! C'mon! We want some answers!"

The faun, known as Faunix, let out a small sigh before returning to attend the complaining members. He, along with a few other people, tried their best to make several appoints with the people so they can talk with Z. Oh man, hurry up and wake up, Lord Z! Faunix thought. These people will have my horns if you don't come out soon!
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Liza was among those in the line waiting for something. "Hey.. HEY!" She shouted so hard, far louder than anyone in the room. "I was suppose to get promoted today! Yet, when I went to the brotherhood, Shine wasn't there and told me to go here! So get the stupid leader out here already so I can get my new rank!"
"U-Uhh! You must be the one we called in from yesterday, yes?" Faunix said worriedly. "Please, we're working around the clock to get in as many members as we can! Without Shine, the work just doubles! T-The very busy right now! She's attending to important manners on Shine's disappearance! Please give us just a bit of your patience!"

Faunix turned to Liza and let out a small sigh. "What's your name so I can file for your promotion."
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"What kind of organization when a leader just slacks off when one just so happen to go missing!? That's no excuse bruh!" Liza shouted in response. "And My name is LIZA! THE LIGHTNING MAGE!"
"I assure you, Master Z is not slacking off!" Faunix looked around with her application and pulled it out of a special file. He made sure everything was in order and placed a stamp on her application. "I just need to see some I.D please. Once that's done, you can go and wait for Lord Z to come in the appointment lobby."
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"Fine." Liza shown her ID to him. "If she doesn't stop out in 5 minutes, I'm raining lightning bolts on you, punk!"
"I assure you, she'll be here in any second..." Faunix sweated. One of the many workers there ran over to Faunix, almost in a state of panic. He gasped for air and whispered something to Faunix.

"It's Lord Z..!" The man gasped. "She's not in her room!"

"She's WHAT?!" Faunix screamed. The whole room got quiet for a moment before he turned turned to Liza and gave her a nervous smile. "U-Uhm.. One moment please!" He turned back to the man. "What do you mean she's not in her room?! Where did she go?!"

"I have no idea! She left this note!"

Faunix swiped the paper from the man's hand and read it to himself.

"I will be taking my naps somewhere more quiet, a place that is less crowded than this. Take care of any important business, Faunix! Keep an eye on Nicori as well." Faunix stared at the man and sighed.

"Master Lix said he knew were Lord Z was located so he's going to retrieve her now."

"How the hell does he knows where Z is..? She could be anywhere!"
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"Eh!?" Liza said, seems to overheard what they were saying. "Are you saying.. that leader of yours isn't here!?" Liza's hands became to gathered blots of electricity. "I'm not.. here to waste time!"
"W-Waah!" Faunix said worriedly. "I-I assure you that Lix is on his way now! Don't worry Ma'am! Please calm do--"

Faunix was cut off thanks to Lix arriving at the scene. He turned to Liza and held up his hand with Z squeezed inside of it. He said nothing to Liza or Faunix and simply released Z from his iron grip.

"Get to work, Master Z." Lix said seriously, yet, emotionless.

"Ah! Master Lix! Thank god you came on time!" Faunix panicked. "You brought Lord Z with you! Where was she?!"

"Brotherhood. Less crowded for naps."

"Well, that makes sense..."

"Aww man~!" Z whined. "Do I have to do all this work~?"

"Yes Lord Z!" Faunix huffed. "You've got quite a bit of assistance to tend to! You can start by tending to Miss Liza here!"

"Do I have t--" Z was cut off by Lix.

"Now." Lix said sternly.

"Ugh, fine~" Z turned to Liza and tilted her head before floating down to meet her at eye level. "What can I assist you with, ma'am~?"
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