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Writing Tips
What do you think should be essential when writing a story of any kind, whether fiction or non-fiction? What are the core aspects of writing out a fully fleshed story? Those who have experience, what do you recommend? What was the hardest part when writing a story?
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Writing essentials, for me:
-NEVER begin writing before you have completed the proper amount of world building. How can you write a detailed story if you don't have at least the foundations of the world down to work from as your skeleton?
-Have a good idea of how long you anticipate your story to be and plan the pacing accordingly. Long stories and short stories are a bit different in the difficulties.
-Always have a person willing to read your chapter before you post it. They can catch things you didn't. At the same time, take feedbacks and weigh their significance accordingly. If you choose to not take the commentary and change your work accordingly, have a good reason why.
-Get to know your characters before you put them in the world. It makes creating dialogue much easier.
-have good names for humans. If you make one up because of a hopefully appropriate reason, ask yourself "would anyone want to give their kid this name?" 'Punny name' systems are exempt from this though, they're usually intentionally dumb sounding for comedic purposes.

I haven't completed any of my current stories I'm working on, so all I can really say is that the destination isn't even the hard part to come up with. It's the journey. The way you get the cast to get to the conflict and resolution are even harder than thinking up the ending. How are you going to make it interesting? How will you want your audience to care about any of the characters?  The destination and the journey are equally important though.

It's not much but I hope it helps somebody out there.
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