The Magician Square
Asuza coughed harshly and blood dripped out the sides of her mouth. "You..." She strained. "You won't.. get past... that blade... the arms..." Asuza strugged to hold herself back up, looking towards the little child, unsure where he came from. "The arms!"

"Destroy them!"
"Arms!?" Iceik said.

The woman shriek as the arms around the room dive in towards all four of them. Iceik covered Asuza in order to avoid her from taking any more damage she'd already in.

The mysterious man made a move. In a swift strike, he countered all the arms, slashing them into multiple pieces, as they fell onto the floor. His eyes turned from emotionless to "enjoyment" 

"What!? Who is this guy!?" The woman thought. "I sense unlimited rage within him.. he's not normal! I need to keep him occupy!" The woman sent far more arms as they began to reformed themselves and launched again. The mysterious man kept on slashing. 

"While he's busy with that.." The woman turns to Iceik and swung her blade, aiming to strike onto Iceik's back.
Nicori seemed too scared to fight properly but he managed to grab onto one of the arms and chomp down. For such a small creature, he really did have a nasty bite. He had several rows of razor sharp teeth, all of which seem keep stretch the more he opened his mouth. It was obvious he wasn't any normal kid. He held on tight using his mouth and tried to chomp away to distract the monster.

"Y-You're a big meanie-butt for hurting the lady and her boyfriend!" Nicori muffled slightly. "And the doggy!"
[Image: Mob-Psycho-100-One-Punch-Man.gif]

"W-watch out!" Asuza stuck out her arm around Iceik and fired a fireball from her hand towards the blade-arm and the monster itself, trying to get the wolf to move aside in the process.
"Ah!" Iceik shouted when he was moved. "Whoa.. I wuld have been slice meat if I got hit.." Iceik noticed that Asuza was able to move, but it was sluggish. "Whatever she did, we need to make sure it doesn't kill her.."

The Monster was pushed back when the fireball hit her. "W-what? The medicine was suppose to kept her from moving!" The woman sweated herself. "Don't matter, she'd barely was able to fire that one off!" She'd began to throw rapid swinging of the blades towards the duo. She'd gritted her teeth when the child bite onto one of her arms. "What is this thing!?" She'd tried swinging him around, but it prove to be futile. Distracted, this gave away for an attack. 

"Now or never.." Iceik stuck both of his arms outward, standing in front of Asuza. He inhale a deep breath as his chest bloated. "I'll huff, and I'll puff, I'll froze your moments!" He exhale a huge "ice breath" towards the woman.

Surprised of the attack, she'd shifted her body to the side, but the left side of her body got frozen. "Shit! But it doesn't matter, I still got one more arm!" As the rapid slicing launched towards Iceik.
Nicori muffled a scream as the monster tried to shake him off. His bite was strong enough to keep him latched on tightly. He waved around to Asuza and the others to quickly dispose of this monster before it got him. He didn't let go of the monster's arm, no matter what the cost.
[Image: Mob-Psycho-100-One-Punch-Man.gif]

"M-move!" Asuza stumbled to try and shoot another fireball, but in a panic she had no clue if it'd work nearly as effective or if it would hit the right area. She held onto Iceik's shoulder in order to stay up, but she was definitely in no condition to fight anymore. "You better be... light on your feet... I... can't move a ...lot.."

"Is he okay?... I haven't heard a word from him..." Asuza murmured, referring to the man. "And the... child..."
The fireball repel the blades once again, causing it to be staggered for a moment.

"Right!" Iceik helped Asuza onto his back. Despite his small size, he was strong enough to pick up Asuza. "Man, you're lighter than I assume you were! Err, I mean, we're using this chance to get out of here!"  

"Bwahahaha! Stupid, stupid, stupid!~ I thought you were some hardcore group, but this ain't nothing!" She shouted. She kept swinging her arm around to smash Nicor to wall to wall. "You won't run away from me!" She'd swung her arms towards them, but then she'd felt a urge, a feeling. Something she'd never felt before. In her eyes, she saw "the concept of death". "What the heck? What am I looking a-" 

Her eyes shifted to left side of her body, seeing that other part being pull away from her. Blood sprayed everywhere, as the "mysterious man" stormed through her with his sword. "W-what..!?" as she fell onto the floor. It seems that she was still alive despite being sliced in half.
Nicori slammed to the wall and yelled in pain. He bit his lip and tried his best not to cry. He didn't want to fight anymore and the sight presented to him didn't exactly encourage him any more. He struggled to his feet and he rushed to the door, aiming to follow Iceik and Asuza. He struggled to keep up and he whimpered and whined, almost as if he was going to cry.

"S-Stupid monster.. I should tell Mama Z on it..." He grumbled. 

As he ran, he kept bumping onto several things but his thick head seemed to deflect much of the damage.
[Image: Mob-Psycho-100-One-Punch-Man.gif]

"Now! Jump in... and finish the thing off before she can recover and take you or him down!" Asuza ordered from her position on Iceik's back. "I'll burn her... its... eyes out."

"You ought to be hiding, you strange... thing."

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