BV Paradice The Magician Square
Sarah nodded "I agree." She followed Okawa out of the place.
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Salesman sat down on a rusty, wooden chair, and let out a sigh. "Man, I have not been able to make a sale lately." He complained. "And just when I thought I had a couple of suckers, they saw through my tactics."

"And you're surprised? You aren't exceptional when it comes to trickery. You did flunk out of the Brotherhood." A young woman, whose shop is next to salesman's shop, commented on his downfall. "Perhaps it is time for a change of pace, right Salesman?"

"And you think you can do better?" Salesman retorted the woman's comments.

"Better? Of course. Unlike you, I don't need to rely on trickery to get some sales." the woman said. "Watch." She turns to the ladies that were walking away and ran to them. "Excuse me! I heard that you were looking for something from that shop over there. Is the particular item you're seeking a special one?"
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"Mess with the Walt,"
"And you get the Salt."

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