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After death, all lifeforms, except for Canon Characters, are greeted by a figure called "The Transporter," who escort the souls to a world in the dead center of the universe called Limbo to have their fates determined by the hands of The Judge, also known as Todasúl.

Limbo was created in 850 Years Before Era by Todasúl, initially as a place to observed the development of the universe became the vital force in the world of the dead. It is protected by a powerful barrier that is only accessible by the dead or powerful entities. It serves as a link between UpperWorld and UnderWorld and becomes the buffer that prevents any wars from occurring between the two dimensions. Around the planet is layers of rings that surrounded it, which is actually a collection of souls that appeared across the universe, waiting for their turn to enter one of the two realms by The Judge. All souls in Limbo have their energy reduce to minimal to avoid any conflict in Limbo. Although it looks similar to a planet, it had components to a gaseous planet, no solid surface, filled with nothing by clouds.

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The Office of Judgement

Judgment determines whether or not a soul enter UpperWorld or UnderWorld based on their actions throughout their life. Once Todasúl makes his decision, it is nearly impossible to change his mind, even the Uriel and Hades would not dare to oppose his decision. Once the decision is made, the souls can enter to the dimensions the Judge assigned them too and begin a new life in the new world.

The Reapers Guild

Some souls refused to have their fates determined and wished to run away from Limbo. Transporter's secondary job is to prevent souls from making a ruckus in the world of the living. He created The Reapers Guild, composed of powerful Angels and Demons (with permission from both rulers of both realms), and their purpose of shutting down out of control souls. Transporter also can offer a "second chance" in life for souls that felt that their lives were cut short. However, they would need to do favors for The Transporter by joining the Reaper Guild.

Notable Information
  • You can make a contract with The Transporter for a second chance in life.
  • Souls always have neutral energy. 
  • Energies are reduced (outside of Reapers Guild, The Judge and The Transporter)
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Death Hurts

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