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Full Version: danooct1: Sampling Digital Mischief (Viruses)
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On youtube is an interesting channel in which a man demonstrates the effects of all kinds of differemt viruses that have circulated in the time computers have existed (using different computers of different eras too; not all of these happen to be run on Virtual Machine). He shows Trojans, worms, DOS viruses, you name it! It is an active channel to this day, so there is always a new virus to check out.

This video in particular has been featured on the front page of reddit for its 16th anniversary of existence since May 4th, 2000. The ILOVEYOU worm:

YouAreanIdiot Trojan

Alife is plain creepy.

Nokias may be hard to destroy (more like impossible), but it also isn't safe from malicious software! 

There are many more videos to look through, and they're generally interesting to watch (and perhaps the curiosity to see what kinds of virus may or may not wreak havoc). Not all of these things destroy a computer but some do! It's quite interesting how different these kinds of things can be from one another.

If you happen to find one of his that you think is cool, feel free to drop the link and give your thoughts.