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Full Version: Songs at higher speed
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Did you know that playing certain songs with a higher playback speed can still sound quite decent? This can be done on YouTube and/or Windows Media Player for instance

Try to listen to:

- Life's What You Make It from Talk Talk at 1.25x speed

- No More Heroes from The Stranglers at 1.4x speed

- What I Like About You from the Romantics at 1.4/1.5x speed

- My Sharona from Knack at 1.4/1.5x speed
I've been doing this too! But I don't have these on my computer, so I just adjust the speed with the youtube speed feature which can kill the quality a little.

The best ones I found that sound a bit better sped up were

The Order of Death by Public Image Ltd. at 1.25x speed

Oceans Pt. II by Crywolf at 1.25x speed.