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Full Version: How to attract new members
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As the website continues to progress, we also need to attract brand new members onto the forum. What options can we take to attract new members? State your thoughts.
Nothing quite like good ol' advertising!

For attracting artists, I've got a few ideas in mind and I'm planning out:
  • DeviantART, despite what one may be led to think, is actually a very nice place to find budding artists and the like who are willing to socialize and be friendly. You just have to know where to look. Even if there's lots of stigma around the site regarding its "cringe" groups and whatnot, lots of artists start out here because you typically get advice from other artists and grow an audience off of fanart.
Who can say no to free advertisement of your work just by posting it on a forum that also has artists! The problem is drawing them to BGL without seeming "spammy" as many people on the site often don't entertain this kind of way of invitation as it comes off as impersonal. An easy solution is the DeviantARt group we have up.

DeviantART users mainly socialize through regular interactions in the comment sections and through groups that offer ways to connect with its members to build a network. I've never ran a group before, so now is the perfect time for me to sit down and understand how to run the Group, and apply any cosmetic/organizational changes before I open it back up again. There might be some members with dA accounts that I haven't actually sent invites to. So I'll be neatly combing through our members list to see who needs an invite to the group and help submit your work so all of us can see your work if we miss it elsewhere.

Tumblr is also a place for artists, but it's really only viable for just gaining followers and drawing tons of fanart. Original stuff usually is ignored on there unless you're a big name like Sakimichan or something or a lot of your followers followed you from elsewhere.

Twitter and Insta are also places to do some adverts, but Twitter is a bit more feasible for social media advertisements and easy ways to provide quick updates since now Twitter has given you the ability to make multiple accounts under 1 email so you can just switch at the press of a button.

As an RPGer, I've actually never came to a website from another RP place. I started it on a non-RPG genre forum cause I was bored one day and it stuck. Can any veteran RP players provide any insight as to how we can go about recruiting people who do "play by post" RPGs? I heard people do RPs on Steam forums, but I don't frequent Steam at all...
Quote:The problem is drawing them to BGL without seeming "spammy" as many people on the site often don't entertain this kind of way of invitation as it comes off as impersonal.

That’s one of the problems, but the major one is securing long-term members on the forum. We can discuss, argue, debate and toss around any ideas about how we can branch ourselves through social media—and I’d agree with that—but it is a futile effort if they do not become consistent members. Also, I think we simply should be upfront with people to join the forum. Let's not pussyfoot around the bush and talk to them like a person, instead (as you said), spamming them away like they're some kind of robot. I tried that and I just didn't see the point of mindlessly sending messages to "x amount of people". It defeats the purpose.

(I'm speaking in general, not towards you)

Which begs the questions. Why should they come to our forums and become permanent members? What makes this forum worthy to come on consistently? What does this forum offer that hundreds of other forums lacked? What do we have that will catch their interests and secure the possibility of them returning for more—and bring their social circle along? Most importantly, what is the Boogaloo Crews’ Identity? 

Let’s be clear. Speaking from the owner’s perspective, maintaining a forum is hard-work because it requires you to make sure that the website does not get screwed six-ways to Sundays by even the slightest of updates (hence why I took a course of dealing with this field). I do not expect everything to turn out perfect at the end (and trial and error always help me learned from those mistakes). Similarity, I’m not expecting people to register in the masses overnight or anytime soon. It will take time for this to grow.

Now, back to the topic at hand. The reason why I brought up these questions because we need to figure out the purpose of this forum. What is our identity? What is the niche of the forum? What does this forum do that others simply don’t and will there be benefits that members can gain for joining the forum? Most users don’t simply join a forum for a sake of joining. They joined because something interests them that will be long-term. 

Another important thing is content. Original and/or quality content is a definitive must to attract users. Do this forum have a thread or competition going on that they rarely find in other places? This is why I kept the BoogaVerse project going for so long and the continuous of updating it whatever I see fit (and the advice of others who play in it). It also includes the idea of challenges and competitions that consistently being neglected as an afterthought. However, the Pokémon Cup Competitions seems to be the best bet because it can drive people’s interests. We can create a “Drawing Thread” in the Art Garden where they will draw something weekly and post in it. What could be a possible drive is bringing in awards, goodies and small things that drive people to jump in and participate.

Lastly, we need members themselves to able to create quality content themselves. This last one is critically important. A forum cannot be a forum if the members themselves are not proactive enough to create their own original content themselves. Yet, this is one of the biggest problems for the forum as of late. I’ve noticed that aside from a few sections that often get posted if none of the Admins are posting or putting 100% of their time on the website as of late, the entire website barely moves. The best example of this occurred when Z and I were away for a single week—yet the forum remained mostly untouched. Great content will always be followed by good user participation.

Which again points to this question. What makes YOU come on the forum? What makes YOU post? Are you posting in the forum because it interests you or you are doing it out of obligation? Regardless of your answer, what changes that YOU think that need to change in order to attract more members to the forum and become consistent ones?  And what do you think would make you come back to the forum?

For example, I post on the forum simply because I love long conversations and I despise spam fest; especially those that come out of nowhere during a conversation. That way, I want to seek topics that encourage long conversations since I avoid using social medias (unless for quick news-drop) too much. However, since we’re now in the perils of the Twitter age where everything is got to be in soundbite sized posts or else tons of people just tune right out, I don't expect everyone to be on the same board. Although, you often see people making big ass posts in Twitter form anyway.

EDIT: Fixed and added some shit above.
Hm, I always thought of Boogaloo as kind of a place that was made for people to nurture their hobbies and find new ones among the other members (like RPG-- I wouldn't post in it if I knew nobody wanted to help grow their characters and writing with other people) seeing as we aren't a forum that focuses on one main topic with a few off-topic subforums. In addition to the usual chit-chatting ofc. I use BGL to grow my characters and writing in general, I'm not alone while doing it + I can interact with lots of people at once in an appropriate setting. So that's what keeps me involved in the Roleplay section.

I think the only social media sites I actively use are Tumblr and Reddit; the latter being a literal aggregate of other forums. 

So I see the place as a way to nurture my hobbies, kinda like how I see reddit, in order to keep my creativity going when I can't always pick up my tablet and draw. I'd like it for others to not feel alone when they nurture theirs (provided it isn't too specific or niche, it gets a bit harder to do that). So maybe it's time to set some goals for ourselves. Maybe a new quality thread a week in a forum we like to post in? Maybe rewrite some old ones for better content and then bring it back into the open? 

The way I see it though, I simply cannot expect anyone to post original content or contribute if I don't do my own part as my own principle. So that's exactly what I'll be focusing on in the coming days when I get the free time!  Big Grin Though, I want to do that for not just the Art Garden, but in other places that needs some TLC.

Might we post some thread ideas in here as well to help stimulate some activity? I feel that sometimes some people wish to have certain threads to post in, but aren't sure how to make a quality opening post or feel too anxious about getting it "right" the first time.
I do need to post more on the site, but I don't think steam forums are a good place to recruit from. They have had dozens of big forums and they all suck. My primary issue is never logging on with laptop browser instead of phone.
Well, I'm not going to comment on the quality of forums of others (since it is all subjective), but I would say that it would not hurt to form new members to join the site. It's one of the reason why I took a new direction of how BGL should be because the direction in the beginning was all over the place. Now that everything is a bit stable (though plugins and the mercy of MyBB upgrades is still there), I'm still curious of getting fresh blood onto the forums.