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Full Version: Why/When do you listen to Music?
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We got our reasons, right? Why or when do you listen to music? Special occasion? Studying? Boredom? Stress? Go ahead and state it all here.  Cool
Mostly when browsing the internet reading stuff (e.g. right now).
Why? because I like it lol...
When? erm well most of the time I guess...

Sometimes when browsing the net I like to listen to music...
When I'm drawing or editing on Photoshop I like to hear some music too...

Also in my college days when I had  to work late and the house was so quite...
I usually listen to it when I am drawing and most of the times the music I listen to inspire me to make an entire chapter and scene devoted to that song. It's crazy but eh.
I listen to it in the car because I don't like it when it is quiet and I like to listen to music. I'm always listening to pandora at home when cleaning or on the computer because I like to discover new songs and to just be weird and sing along to my favorites.
I always listen to my music when I'm doing homework or drawing B)
I like to listen to must when I get work done. It relieves my stress
I listen to it before bed, and during the day for energy.
I listen to it when I draw or walk around.
Doing it right now!
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