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Full Version: Has Music Downgraded?
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Music has been here since the dawn of man and continues to be a strong influence in our daily lives and activities. We all remember the classics such as Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, and Chopin. In more recent history, famous stars include Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, and Guns N' Roses. As time went on, do you think music has gotten worse? Would modern music stars such as Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, and Lil' Wayne ever become as famous and remembered like Mozart or Michael Jackson? Why? What would they have to do in order to reach the same status as Mozart or Aerosmith? What does it take to be famous like them? State all thoughts here!

Let's all be respectful and not bash on someone's favorite artist.  
To really be of such a level of fame as Mozart or the like, they'd have to top the charts for quite some times, but I don't believe there's a real clear way to say such things.

Some music groups don't seem to make it big until they go to another country or find their niche elsewhere. And even after they break up, they stay relevant.

Additionally, taste in music changes with generatioms, some bringing back the trend music of a previous decade/era as well. You could say Pop/Club style music is in with other genres given how they've stuck through more than a decades worth. But there will always be parts of that generation that bring back older styles.

I don't think the styles get worse in progression, rather, the styles and tastes of the demographic change. Up to us if we choose to accept/go with it or reject it.
Yeah, quality of new music is downgrading and more for "mass audience", or to be more exact, it's usually a repetition of same notes/beats/melodies with some singing.

That's why I keep calm and listen classical music from my MP4 player.
Music back then was more of a performance (not to say it isn't today) but I feel like more music today is highly manufactured and there's hardly any feeling anymore it's all to see how marketable you are.
What Quinx said. It seems that more music nowadays is tied into how "weird" you can make your music videos be, instead of actually singing the song with feels. There are a few gems in the music industry that cares for music, but now it's become another entertainment medium for drama where two singers fight it out over dumb things.
(09-26-2015, 11:10 AM)Eruner Wrote: [ -> ]

Holy shit there's so much truth in this, it's hurts XD
I really don't think so, of course classic musicians were more talented but we need variety....
each time has it's own art and music...

Now the music world is really big, there are some bad ones and they might be the famous ones
but there are still so many more and I find some of them are really good...

It's just how humans are always saying old things are better not just about music...
30 years from now people will say today's music was real music..
To be honest music today is about as popular as "classic" music was during its time. It's just the normal progression of things; artists like Mozart and Chopin are basically timeless, but somewhere down the line 100 years or so later, names like Nicki Minaj or Melanie Martinez are going to be hailed as "classic" just because that's just how it's going to be. We say music today is terrible compared to the past, but let's just be honest, that was what they said when they heard Beethoven's or Mozart's music before. 

I personally think music isn't downgrading, it's just gravitating naturally where demand takes it; it is both an art form and an entertainment medium after all. Likely you're hearing music today because the demand for it is there, and being a business as it is today, it's probably being run right down into the ground because it SELLS. Yet it's not downgrading in any way, because there are people who enjoy it enough to want to listen to more of it.

(and just for the record somewhere down the line 30 years from now there's gonna be people still talking about Nicki Minaj. Just because she's basically making waves within her own industry. So I say if there's gonna be one artist today who's going to be the same status as Michael Jackson, it's her. And Beyonce. :^) )
Well, I wouldn't compare them to them though, since they're clearly on a new different level but I see your point. I thin that music in today standard is often shove in by the next "hot thing" with the catchy or rather, the silliest of songs that catch the eyes of the attentions rather than music that driven from personal heart and the like. I'm by no means by saying Beyonce or Minaj won't be popular in several decades from now, but they're most likley going to be replace by another that has "hit music".
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