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Full Version: Favorite genre of music?
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Music is wide and different everywhere you go. There are many types of music but which one is your favorite? Big Grin
it's vaporwave, omg

but as for like, a bigger genre since vaporwave is considered a micro genre, i love synthpop
I like various genres, like classic rock, hard rock, instrumental, R&B etc, depending on the melody.
i listen to a lot of classicals, i used to play cello. i listen to some pops too but mostly instrumental.
I listen to all genres but my most favorite is electro swing
I tend to lean to grunge music but my taste changes a lot.
Classic Rock, J-Rock, J-Pop and classical are among my tastes.
Deadmau5, similar music to deadmau5. I like a lot of instrumental music and OSTs from movies and video games, but I like a lot of different kinds of music too.
classical music, especially Vivaldi, Bach, Dvořák, are great way to relax and raise spirit, at least for me,
from time to time, I listen Megurine Luka, she is vocaloid, and I've found some very nice songs from her,
some orchestral/instrumental music is pleasant to my ears too, in general I like anything with good melody and no singer
I like Rock/Pop-Rock, J-Rock/J-Metal (depending), Pop songs and plenty of that sort of Indie-grunge music (what do the hipsters call it lately? Ah w/e)

I tend to listen to a lot of BGM as well.
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