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Full Version: Favorite song?
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I know you guys have a song that you all love with a passion and would pause whatever you're doing to listen to this song. What song is that for you?  Big Grin

Mine is Fantasy by LAMA or the ending credits of the anime UN-GO.

my absolute favorite song, which was featured in paprika
Jeff Wayne - The Eve of the War
Currently Easter Philosophers vs Western Philosophers.
Kate Bush - Cloudbusting
My favorite song is either En Die Freude (Ode to Joy, also Laura Bodewig's Character Song from Infinite Stratos, not that magnificent Beethoven piece) or Bara no Hitsugi, both sung by Marina Inoue.
DARE by Gorillaz!

I love how catchy it is and the duet between the high and low pitch! It's so funky! B)
Currently, Knights of Cydonia by Muse.
The Shamen - Move Any Mountain
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