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Full Version: What Kind of Computer Do You Own?
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As the thread states, what kind of computer do you own?
An old Asus Windows 7 laptop brah
MSI GE60 0nd. Upgraded with an SSD.
An HP desktop. That's about all I know. xDD
An IMac, and I have no idea how to use it lmao seriously.. wtf is macs so confusing? lol
I should have just stuck with a new windows laptop instead lmao
HP Windows 7 laptop. Kind of getting old nowadays since I had it for three+ years. Thinking about getting a new laptop soon.
Short answer: A PC.

Long answer: An Alternate Minerva P438 with AMD A10-7850K Quad Core CPU, 8 GB RAM Memory, AMD R7 250 2 GB Graphics Card, 120 GB SSD + 2 TB HDD and running on Windows 10 Home.
My school library uses Dell... so yeah. xDD
Lenovo T61
Asus EEE laptop.
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