Regular Awards
Award Name Description Request
Egg Award Egg Award Make your introduction thread to earn this award! Request
Life Drawing Award Life Drawing Award Participate in the Life Drawing Event! Request
Contributor Contributor Helped the betterment of BGL Request
1K Posting Award 1K Posting Award For having made 1,000 posts Request
5K Posting Award 5K Posting Award For having made 5,000 posts Request
10K Posting Award 10K Posting Award For having made 10,000 posts Request
Zombie Award Zombie Award Achieved 50,000 Posts! You gotta get a life man! Request
Thread Award Thread Award Created over 50 threads Request
Super Thread Award Super Thread Award Created over 100 threads Request
Ultra Thread Award Ultra Thread Award Created over 250 threads Request
Thread Master Thread Master Created over 500 threads Request
Quality Poster Quality Poster Gained 100 Informative Reactions! Request
Like Award Like Award Getting 500 Likes Request
Cuddly Award Cuddly Award Be Lovely! Request
Reputation Award Reputation Award Getting 1000 points in Reputation Request
Friendly Award Friendly Award Go 2.5 years without being banned Request
Promoter Award Promoter Award Refer 10 members to the site Request
Cookie Award Cookie Award You earned the cookie somehow Request
Sailor Kitty Sailor Kitty Be Popular! Request
Ageless Award Ageless Award Appearing online for one month Request
Request Badge Request Badge Accomplished 25 Requests in BGL Drawing Thread Request
Vincent Badge Vincent Badge Post 50 Artworks in Artist Gallery! Request
Graphic Designer Badge Graphic Designer Badge Post 50 Graphic Designs in Graphics and Signatures! Request
Media Badge Media Badge Gained 25 Likes in your thread in Media Room! Request
Artist Award Artist Award Participation in the Bob Ross Competition! Request
Michelangelo Badge Michelangelo Badge Win Bob Ross Regular Competition! Request
Mioi Badge Mioi Badge Win Bob Ross Regular Competition 2 times Request
Da Vinci Badge Da Vinci Badge Win Bob Ross Regular Competition 3 times Request
Bob Ross Award Bob Ross Award Win 6 Bob Ross Competition (3 Regulars and 3 Special Events) Request
OC Master OC Master Win the Bob Ross: Donut Steel Event Request
Critics Badge Critics Badge Reviewed 15 Stories in Modern INKers Request
Writer Award Writer Award Have over 25 chapters of your story Request
Shakespeare Award Shakespeare Award Have over 50 chapters of your story Request
Dickens Award Dickens Award Win the Story of the Year Review Request
PokéDoll PokéDoll Win Double Customary Clash! Request
PokéBall PokéBall Placed Third in a Pokémon Cup! Request
Premier Ball Premier Ball Win Super Customary Clash! Request
Great Ball Great Ball Placed Second in a Pokémon Cup! Request
Ultra Ball Ultra Ball Placed First in a Pokémon Cup! Request
Master Ball Master Ball Placed First in 4 different Pokémon Cup! Request
Champion Hat Champion Hat Win the Champion Battle! Request
Little Cup Master Little Cup Master Win Super Little League! Request
Soaring Legends Master Soaring Legends Master Win Soaring Legends! Request
Ultra Beast Master Ultra Beast Master Win Ultra Beasts Invasion! Request
Pink Frenzy Master Pink Frenzy Master Win the Pink Frenzy Cup! Request
Waifu-Husbando Award Waifu-Husbando Award Win the Waifu-Husbando Event Request
Lillie Badge Lillie Badge Win the Pink Frenzy Cup! Request
Opposite Day Master Opposite Day Master Win the Bob Ross: Opposite Alignment Event! Request
Randomization Frenzy Badge Randomization Frenzy Badge Win the Randomization Frenzy Cup! Request
Spooky Badge Spooky Badge Defeat everyone in the Spooky Cup! Request
Broly Badge Broly Badge Participated in Broly Redraw Event Request