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Reality Vortex General Discussion - ShineCero - 01-01-2020

Reality Vortex General Discussion

Welcome to the General Hub for Reality Vortex, a dedicated thread for all Reality Vortex lore, discussions, and other information regarding the ongoing roleplay series. Some members don’t use offsite socials, so this also served as a way to effectively communicate all information, so everyone is current of what’s going on.

Is Reality Vortex part of BoogaVerse?

Yes, Reality Vortex is a world in BoogaVerse, separate from the Core Zone. Yes, there will be a Crossover Event in the future, assuming we get that far, which take elements from Crisis of Infinite Earths.

Is there a character registration?

No. Character registration is not required for this roleplay. You can jump in with any character at your disposal (original characters, existing characters, different interpretation of the character, etc.) However, there are a character limit, and a way to introduction clause to bring them in.

What are Supporting Characters?

Supporting Characters are characters that are not part of the main cast and have a limited role in the story (depending on the arc), and do not appear all the time. These characters enhanced the world of Reality Vortex further, with various different things to bring life. Some Supporting Characters can assist the main characters—but this required permission. Failure to ask, I’ll delete your post without warning. There are dedicated “groups” where supporting characters can be part of that appears in the story in the “Essential Information”.

What is an Introductory Clause?

An introductory clause is introducing a new character in the story. The character must have a narrative purpose for an arc (either the current or upcoming) and must bring forth something valuable to the story. If the purpose of their character gets regulated to focusing on one character or two (of your own characters)—they will be rejected until they fit the standard.

What is a Chapter System?

Every chapter will have their own thread for organizational purposes and reading purposes. Below is all the chapters you can read, starting from the first one to the current: Can I have my own arc?

If you wish to make an arc with your own villain, this requires extensive discussion with me, including story changes and more (including scheduling and your ability to keep up with the posting). However, do note that I still make the absolute final decisions on all arcs.

What is the schedule of all Reality Vortex Arcs?
  • Confirmed Arcs: Doctor Doom Arc [Finished] – News Roads Arc [Finished] – Red Reputation Arc [Current] – Kazuki Arc – Negative Arc 
  • Pending Arcs: Vegetto’s Arc, Loopy’s Arc
Reality Vortex Rules
  • The Breakers are the main characters of this story.
  • You are only allowed to have 4 characters to play at once.
  • You can have one character shift from Main Role to Supporting Role. 
  • You can have a character leave for a period of time.
  • All rules from character’s original worlds do not exist in Reality Vortex.
  • Death is not possible in Reality Vortex. If a character’s body is completely destroyed, they will turn into Vortex Coins.
  • Only one character has the power to erased beings—and that belongs to the Voice. If the Voice erases you, this is a permanent death.
  • Do not metagame or end things quickly.
Reality Vortex Clause: Clauses are elements to serve in the best interest of the RP. Unlike the rules, these clauses can be lifted at any point in the future.
  • Introduction Clause
  • Knowledge Clause: Your characters do not know everything as shown throughout that the Breakers are largely unaware of new development during the 3 years of Reality Vortex.
  • Transformation Clause: Brand new transformations will be disabled until the Negative Arc.
  • Restoration Clause: Healing, Recovering and Restoring stamina, wounds, and energy will be disabled in battles. Outside of battles, ask in-characters if others wants to be restored to full health. Don’t do it automatically.
  • Fast-Posting Clause: During a Boss Battle, the one that controls the villain will be allow to post more times regardless of posting order to prevent the villain from being bombarded by too many attacks. 

Subject To Change

RE: Reality Vortex General Discussion - ShineCero - 01-04-2020

Reality Vortex World Guide

What is Reality Vortex?

Reality Vortex is a world filled with strange possibilities, reserved for beings wiped from existence or forced out from their respective worlds. Once someone enter this place, they cannot leave—it is impossible for any character to leave this place under any circumstances, regardless of their battle power. A powerful shield enclosed Reality Vortex to protect it against the Abyss of Darkness, an endless sea of dark energy that covers the entire universe as it orbits around the Core Zone. Reality Vortex does not have alternate timelines, universes, or anything of the sort. Time-Travel of any kind will automatically fail instantly due to the nature of time. Certain elements that is law in the characters’ original world(s) is no longer law in Reality Vortex.

Vortex Coins

Characters cannot [naturally] die in Reality Vortex. If their bodies are destroyed, they will leave behind a Vortex Coin, which has an image of them in the front and their name on the back. They are indestructible and after a certain amount of time, the Vortex Coin will reform back to their original state. During the Vortex Coin, they are still “aware” of the environment around them. Vortex Coins cannot reform if there is something compromising it in any way such as usage of a device or magical properties. As revealed in the New Roads Arc, a device or other method can draw powers from the Vortex Coin and grants the user all the power and abilities of that person without their apparent weaknesses.

Dark Energy

Dark Energy, otherwise known as “Madness Chi”, a type of energy that is the most predominant force in BoogaVerse. Covering the entire BoogaVerse, known as the Abyss of Darkness, both the Core Zone and Reality Vortex have powerful shields to protect itself against the onslaught of Dark Energy. Contact with Dark Energy will grant them immeasurable power, but at the cost of their own mind. Presented with black aura, they are driven to madness, become obsessed with their ambitions and goals, and cause indiscriminate destruction. Since the Doctor Doom Arc, large amounts of Dark Energy spilled within the world.

Black Crystals

A new phenomenon had appeared in Reality Vortex. In attempt to prevent the world from being tainted with the toxics of Dark Energy, the world itself created a defense mechanism that clumped Dark Energy together until it crystallized; it keeps them from spreading the energy everywhere. Approaching these Black Crystals will cause immense pressure, and forcibly drawn them closer to be exposed to Dark Energy. Removing the crystals by any means will result a violent and powerful explosion that can wipe out entire cities instantly. Since they are spread out throughout the world, most cities often build around them or create powerful containers to prevent people from approaching them. If a person caught in an explosion of a Black Crystal, they would automatically turn into a Vortex Coin and unable to reformed for a thousand years.

Dark Clouds

A strange phenomenon that occurs when Black Crystals are removed by any means. Powerful thunderstorm clouds that shoots out Black Lightning, which seems to create Black Crystals from each strike. It is unknown of the nature of these Dark Clouds until further investigations. But as more Black Crystals are destroyed, the storm expanded greatly, as observed in New Roads Arc.

The Overseers

Briefly appearing in New Roads Arc, powerful entities that seems to check the status of Reality Vortex. It is unknown of their goals or purposes.

Vortex Moon

Similar to original version of Reality Vortex, where everything is completely nonsensical, where natural laws are repeatedly broken, which is the current home of the Voice. It orbits around the new world like a Moon, but it cannot be reached or touched for now. It will be explorable in the future.

Composite Beings and Alter Beings

As a result of the Doctor Doom Arc, countless beings have appeared in Reality Vortex. However, a new phenomenon had appeared: Composite Beings and Alter Beings. Introduced in New Roads Arc, these individuals are a result of a merger in two different ways. According to Hart Kimber, Doom intended to combine one person with every incarnation of themselves into one, but due to the interference of the Breakers, not everything went accordingly. In consequences, there are certain individuals in Reality Vortex that are either Composite Beings or Alter Beings:
  • Composite Beings: A character that is a combination of every single incarnation of themselves fused into one. They have access to all memories, abilities and then some. It’s impossible to tell if one’s a composite being unless you check their eyes. Composite beings have horizontal pupils with blue and red eyes. For example, Superman is a composite being, barring Ultraman, of all incarnation of Supermen.
  • Alter Beings: A character that is a combination of all beings from their respective world(s) merged into one. Unlike Composite beings, they have multiple spirits due to the imbalance. Their powers is completely unstable, unsynchronized and can lead to their bodies being staggered if they push themselves. Mentally, due to various of different voices expressing their thoughts at once, an Alter Being is an unstable and unpleasant existence. An Alter Being’s energy is disturbed and chaotic, and their eyes have vivid colors, as shown with Hart.
The Breakers (except for Cross) are excluded from this phenomenon since it only affects characters that came to the New Reality Vortex at the end of Doctor Doom Arc.


If a character appeared in Reality Vortex, and it not a Composite Being nor Alter Being, no other variation can appear. For example, Lucifer Morningstar comes from a series called Shin Megami Tensei; this means, no other Lucifer from that series can appear as they were seemingly erased during the end portion of Doctor Doom Arc.

Important Supporting Characters

Supporting Characters that have a consistent appearance throughout the story, and often assist or goes against the main cast. If you want your characters to be affiliated with these groups, this requires permission. Failure to do so will have your post deleted and ignored.

Detective Agency: An independent body that investigates all crimes in Reality Vortex. Started by Detective Vegeta and Broly before the Doctor Doom Arc, they are a powerful force that handles all cases independent from all cities and various police forces. They have their own standards, procedures, and ways to handling matters. They have various detectives spread across Vortex to investigate various things and documents the state of the new world. As of New Roads Arc, due to Captain Broly still recovering from an injury, Detective Goku became the leader of the agency. The building is located in the middle of a desert.

Reality News Network: A news broadcasting network that documents all news across several cities in Vortex. Started a year after the events of the Doctor Doom Arc, various people banded together to create a place for all people can keep up with the latest content. They are located in Reflection City.

Vortex Task Force: A task force that appears in every major city in Reality Vortex. They handled all local crimes. Each Task Force has a different Chief in every city.

Important Areas

Areas that appeared throughout the story. As the story progresses, we will be visiting new areas, and revisiting old ones. For organizational purposes, here are all important cities:

Cuki’s Apartment Complex: Originally just a small Apartment building, it had greatly expanded in size during the three years after the Doctor Doom Arc, absorbed into Reality Metropolis. It has been destroyed countless times, but mysteriously always rebuild itself a day later. It is the main headquarters for the Breakers.

Reality Metropolis: Originally Reality City, it was a place with vivid cultures from many different worlds. However, as result in the New Roads Arc, the entire city had been completely destroyed, and people that survived the onslaught left to other cities. Reality Metropolis will not be rebuilt at this time and left in its ruined state.

The Valley of Black Crystals: A valley with hordes of large crystals as tall as skyscrapers scattered amount. Removing any one of these crystals can wipe out several cities instantly. Since the New Roads Arc, there is an entrance to the Valley, along with Dark Clouds orbiting above it; Dark Mountains and powerful tornadoes that says in stationary position.

RE: Reality Vortex General Discussion - ShineCero - 07-14-2020

With the introduction of brand-new characters appearing in Reality Vortex, I decided to create a Power Tiers, so everyone knows where exactly their characters fall in terms of power. This was prompted when a player ask a question regarding to their upcoming character is Z’s arc in the next section of posts in relevance in the Breakers’ power, so they can become consistent when they showcase the skill of their own character(s). Before I post the actual list, there are several things I wish to talk about:

Firstly, the list is based on the maximum power output—or in shorter terms, I’m calculating a character’s placement based on their absolute strongest (this bypass all attempts for “holding back” comments. If your character lands on a tier—that is OK. This does not mean that your character is better nor worse because of the tier-placement. As the story progress and character growth, they’ll move up a tier. A character being placed within a certain tier is NOT an invitation to start making your character become stronger all of the sudden because you do not like the placement. You will have plenty of opportunity to SLOWLY move a character up a tier throughout the story NATURALLY. Any attempts to inflate your character’s skills because you want them to be the top will not be tolerated.

Secondly, I based all the placements by using Spina as a measuring stick, since he’s the main face of Reality Vortex (personal self-patting myself in the back aside). How powerful a character depends on their comparison to Spina, using events and content that occurred in the roleplay itself. Do note that I gather evidences based on actual feats (i.e. it happened in the roleplay and not through word of mouth although there are exceptions). Anything that happens outside of the roleplay (and side-stories), I will not take account for.

Finally, not every single character (especially new and upcoming ones) will appear on the actual tier but will have special mentions. They will be place in the tier proper once they start displaying feats. In addition, just because a character is placed on a list doesn’t mean that they are absolutely powerful in every stat. They can be exceptional in one aspect, but weak in others.

RV Power Tiers

S+ Rank
  • Doctor Doom
  • Bernkastel | Demi-Fiend
S Rank
  • Lambdadelta
A+ Rank
  • Zenta | Whis | Detective Goku
  • Cross
A Rank – The Measuring Stick. If a character is stronger than Spina, they’ll be elevated to A+ Rank or above. If they’re weaker than Spina, they’ll be placed below him, B Rank or below.
  • Spina
  • Vegetto
  • Kassava | Cuki
B Rank
  • Ultraman
  • Panich | Gogeta
  • Brachi
  • Gervene
C Rank
  • Bara
  • Hart
D Rank


F Rank
  • Kazuki
As the story stands, Bernkastel is the strongest member of the Breakers due to her high levels of magic capabilities. The gap between her and the rest showcase how severely strong she is in relative to the other Breakers. Do note that Bernkastel has high utility in magic, but her physical attribute can leave much to desire. I’ve bolded all the Breakers’ name, so it’ll be easier to see where they stand.

Lucifer did not make it to the list due to unfamiliarity of his power. He haven’t displayed too much feats, nor made any attempts to be compared to other characters. The only thing hinted at his strength is the fact that, unlike the rest of the Breakers, his energy is taking a long time to be fully replenished. This suggest that his energy pool is massively large from the get-go.

Jize and Berserk aren’t listened since they just appeared in the story. Once the story progresses and they start displaying showings, they’ll be placed properly on the list. Although, one indication of Berserk’s power is her confident on challenging Ultraman. That’s a good indicator that she’s somewhere between A Rank and B Rank.

Gogeta and Panich are roughly on the same level of power due to their massively impressive showings. There may or may not be a permanent power boost from the Black Crystals. Ultraman is higher since he managed to survive Bernkastel’s powerful magic through absorption. 

Cuki's placement is due to the absolute strongest shown when she has access to Byakko's power. Without it, she's below Gervene in B Rank.

Hart is placed at C Rank—although she had access to an endless amount of abilities, due to her make-up, she’s unable to properly utilize such strength, and significantly makes her weaker if she prolong a battle.

Power Tiers will be updated at end of every arc.

RE: Reality Vortex General Discussion - ShineCero - 07-14-2020

Hey All,

We are nearly the end of this arc and starting another soon. With that said, I have updated the thread (and clean it out) to make room for all new information. Thus, I have taken at least 3 posts reserved for the sole purposes of adding information. You can still comment on it for any questions and discussion, I just needed placed three posts for information purposes.

I added, clarified, and add specific things in the first and second post. If you have any more questions, ask away!
What an amazing arc! Thanks everyone to help shape this one! Looks like I got all the important exposition information out, and looks like the Breakers now have a "new road" ahead of them (wink wink, nudge nudge). We will be taking a three-day break before we start the next arc, Red Reputations, lead by Jaz(!!!), under supervision (by me!). I will post various things and concepts that will be explored in the next arc in the discussion thread. See you there on Friday or Sunday! (Saturday will be maintenance day on the forum!)
As with the new arc (Friday or Sunday), I’ll be dropping out of the main role of leading the arc and give to Z lead the Red Reputations Arc. We will follow her plotlines, threads and all narrative purposes that leads up the build-up of her Arc Villain. Although I am not leading the arc, I still have the final say on whether or not the certain plotlines is fits in the standards for Reality Vortex (in other words, a supervising role). This to prevent potential arguments, questions, and confusion among players when others decide to take the main role of leading the arc.

With that said and done, with new arc, that means new [main] character. I have previously restrict introducing new characters in the New Roads arc to prevent loading the main cast (and ensure that the narrative remains staple).

If you haven’t come to me (or Jaz, either one is fine) on how you will introduce your character, they will not be accepted into the main cast. Do not introduce main characters into the story without permission. You can post here, discord (if you have one), PM, whatever.
If you want to introduce a plotline in Red Reputations, you need to follow ask Jaz. At the end, I’ll examine to see if the plot is “suited” for us to explore. This include something we already talk about in the past—those need reexamination (repurposes stuff, clarification, whatever).

There were a lot of content I have introduced through the story, but from this forth, we will be exploring a lot of things. Of course, as a casual remainder, please do not disregard stuff for the sake for it (Breakers’ Reputation is done, Metropolis will not be rebuilt for a while, etc.). I don’t like to repeat myself a lot—so for the sake of the next arc: don’t try to end things too quickly.

With that said, here’s confirmation of all new [main] characters appearing in the arc by members:
  • Loopy [Examination completed] – One Character
  • Panich [Examination completed] – One Character
  • Vegetto [Still need discussion] – One Character
  • Z-Fighter [Still need discussion] – One Character
Any new characters added needs permission so we can discuss about it. If you need to fit into the arc, here’s a “preview” premise of the Red Reputations provided by Z:

“The Breakers, now led under the leadership Spina, will try to mend their reputations. However, as they finally explore the new world, they will meet all kind of new people rather than the one in Metropolis. Hart is not the only one that revealed to have the potential to challenge the Breakers; she was just the first. Underneath the shadows, an operation is underdoing unknown to the Breakers and most of the public in several cities.”

RE: Reality Vortex General Discussion - ShineCero - 07-26-2020

Hi everyone!

The new arc will start relatively soon, so I just want to lay down some things down so everyone can be on the same page.
I’m not taking the active leading role of this arc—this will be under Z, taking the main role of the arc. However, I am still supervising the arc and granted to make the final decisions of any ideas coming forth (i.e. you talk with Z about the idea, and she comes to me, and I can decide whether or not it’s a good fit to explore).

Furthermore, a reminder, but power levels, strength, all that stuff, does not matter in the terms of story. Story is the upmost importance here. With that said:

  1. Reality Metropolis will not be rebuilt at this time. You or anything characters (whether main, NPC, supporting, etc.) will not fix the city. Attempting or trying to do so otherwise, I’ll delete your post without warning. Don’t do it.
  2. Memory Crystals are now nerfed significantly. They do not contain information that are impossible to convey. Furthermore, in a presence of dark energy, it cannot record or collect any data.
  3. ALL the Breakers (excluding newer ones: Gogeta, Panich and Lucifer) never left the city of Metropolis and never been anywhere else (aside from Detective Agency). Do not state that your characters has been outside of the city. They didn’t.
With that said, I’ll start off the arc with the first post once Z finished speaking with everyone about their roles and concepts. Once I get the go-ahead, We’ll officially start the arc.

RE: Reality Vortex General Discussion - ShineCero - 08-17-2020

Quick update. I had folks asked Z on how their [new] character will be compared to the Breakers once they appeared in the story. So I made a little Power Tier list for easier time to see where they can be placed. Ask any questions if you have them!