Reality Vortex General Discussion
Reality Vortex General Discussion

Welcome to the General Hub for Reality Vortex, a dedicated thread for all Reality Vortex lore, discussions, and other information regarding the ongoing roleplay series. Some members don’t use offsite socials, so this also served as a way to effectively communicate all information, so everyone is current of what’s going on.

Is Reality Vortex part of BoogaVerse?

Yes, Reality Vortex is a world in BoogaVerse, separate from the Core Zone. Yes, there will be a Crossover Event in the future, assuming we get that far, which take elements from Crisis of Infinite Earths.

Is there a character registration?

No. Character registration is not required for this roleplay. You can jump in with any character at your disposal (original characters, existing characters, different interpretation of the character, etc.) However, there are a character limit, and a way to introduction clause to bring them in.

What are Supporting Characters?

Supporting Characters are characters that are not part of the main cast and have a limited role in the story (depending on the arc), and do not appear all the time. These characters enhanced the world of Reality Vortex further, with various different things to bring life. Some Supporting Characters can assist the main characters—but this required permission. Failure to ask, I’ll delete your post without warning. There are dedicated “groups” where supporting characters can be part of that appears in the story in the “Essential Information”.

What is an Introductory Clause?

An introductory clause is introducing a new character in the story. The character must have a narrative purpose for an arc (either the current or upcoming) and must bring forth something valuable to the story. If the purpose of their character gets regulated to focusing on one character or two (of your own characters)—they will be rejected until they fit the standard.

What is a Chapter System?

Every chapter will have their own thread for organizational purposes and reading purposes. Below is all the chapters you can read, starting from the first one to the current: Can I have my own arc?

If you wish to make an arc with your own villain, this requires extensive discussion with me, including story changes and more (including scheduling and your ability to keep up with the posting). However, do note that I still make the absolute final decisions on all arcs.

What is the schedule of all Reality Vortex Arcs?
  • Confirmed Arcs: Doctor Doom Arc [Finished] – News Roads Arc [Finished] – Red Reputation Arc [Current] – Kazuki Arc – Negative Arc 
  • Pending Arcs: Vegetto’s Arc, Loopy’s Arc
Reality Vortex Rules
  • The Breakers are the main characters of this story.
  • You are only allowed to have 4 characters to play at once.
  • You can have one character shift from Main Role to Supporting Role. 
  • You can have a character leave for a period of time.
  • All rules from character’s original worlds do not exist in Reality Vortex.
  • Death is not possible in Reality Vortex. If a character’s body is completely destroyed, they will turn into Vortex Coins.
  • Only one character has the power to erased beings—and that belongs to the Voice. If the Voice erases you, this is a permanent death.
  • Do not metagame or end things quickly.
Reality Vortex Clause: Clauses are elements to serve in the best interest of the RP. Unlike the rules, these clauses can be lifted at any point in the future.
  • Introduction Clause
  • Knowledge Clause: Your characters do not know everything as shown throughout that the Breakers are largely unaware of new development during the 3 years of Reality Vortex.
  • Transformation Clause: Brand new transformations will be disabled until the Negative Arc.
  • Restoration Clause: Healing, Recovering and Restoring stamina, wounds, and energy will be disabled in battles. Outside of battles, ask in-characters if others wants to be restored to full health. Don’t do it automatically.
  • Fast-Posting Clause: During a Boss Battle, the one that controls the villain will be allow to post more times regardless of posting order to prevent the villain from being bombarded by too many attacks. 

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