Magic Ascension - Chapter 001: Suppression
Magic Ascension
Chapter 001: Suppression

Preface: Six months had passed since the White Space Event that led to the entire BoogaVerse to be wipe away from Retcon’s Reboot Spectacle. After Todasúl restored the world, with an ominous warning about future threats, the world begins its process of rebuilding and brings order back into place.

In Paradice, the Brotherhood of Black Magic and Sisterhood of White Magic have taught magic to numerous of humans since the end of the Human v Demon wars. It create powerful and successful mages who joins other organizations or institutions across the world, but it will also create mages tainted with evil and sought to destroy everything in their wake. Negative, the form Shine took when he was corrupted by experimenting, nearly led waste of the entire world with his powerful magic. Feeling responsible, the two schools decided to reunite once more, becoming the Magic Society.

The Magic Society teaches Black Magic and White Magic to all students. After the events of White Space, it had added a new course—Ancient Magic, to study its properties more thoroughly. The objective is to provide instructions, discipline and harness students’ magical skills, turning them into noteworthy mages.  It is managed by the Magic Council: Ballows, Okawa, Tort and the leader, Grand Sorceress Z. They oversee the affairs of Paradice, implement strict regulations of magic and ensure the safety of Paradicans. As consequence, Shine had resigned his title and position, and went on a path of atonement for his actions.

The Magic Society added a new building in the middle of the original Brotherhood and Sisterhood buildings, and served as a connection between the two, expanding to near 11,778 acres across. New additions includes: The World Library; Magic Laboratory; Carole's Magical Garden; Magic Battle Arena; Arcane Apothecary; and finally, the Magic Council Room, the middle building that connects the two buildings.

Under the new system, the Magic Society hopes to maintain its status as the place for all magic and ensure to prevent the surge of evil mages. The future of Paradice is now in the hands of the newly form Magic Society to lead the world of how magic should be used.

Information Key Rules
  • It is required to create a character box before playing in BoogaVerse.
  • You can only play 4 characters per chapter.
  • Your characters cannot be in multiple chapters at the same time.
  • Do not break established lore in BoogaVerse.
  • Do not godmod, bunnymod or metagame.
  • Death can be an option for your characters.
  • If you want your own arc villain, you must discuss things with me, and we’ll work something out.
Premise: After six months of rebuilding, the Magic Society had finished its construction and now fully operational. The Magic Council received word that a young mage, Magiana, had her soul bonded with a vengeful soul and could break loose at any moment. They task several mages and mercenaries led by Okawa to escort the young mage to various places in Paradice to see if they can calm the spirit down. However, it seems that the Watchers Cult had made their move after months of inactivity.

Focus Areas
  • The Magic Society
  • Magician Square: a shopping and trade center spot that provide various of stuff such as healing items, magical items and the sort. It also has plenty of restaurants, rooms and other things. It is referred as the trading capital of the world.
  • Luxor: a deserted town, and usually evil spirts lurks among there. Recently, there had been activity of an unusual group performing strange magic.
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