The Reality Vortex: Doom Saga
Demi-Fiend scratch his head when Bernkastel stated that no one is dismissed, then Cuki wanted to watch the sparring match between the two. "Eh, I guess I can stick around and watch these two fight it out." Demi-Fiend yawned. "But all these Ultra Instinct stuff... man, what a drag." Demi-Fiend watched the battle, keeping up with everything they have thrown so far.


"Damn, trying to keep up is hurting my damn eyes," Spina commented on the battle between the two, rubbing his eyes for blinking too much. "So this is what meant by this..." 

He noticed that Cuki was getting a bit too eager about watching the battle, bouncing around and getting a bit too close. "Would you sit still? Constantly getting hype up is going to be the downfall for you." Spina commented on. One of his arms was able to be moved, and he reaches to grabbed Cuki on the back of her shirt collar, pulling her closer. "Trying to see if this grants such ability to defeat Doom and take back the tools." Spina expressed curiosity. "You're making too much noise, kid." 

Spina raised a brow, seeing that Brachi jumped in the battle with little-to-no-reason, despite the fact that it was supposed to be a simple demonstration. "That damn brat... what's her name again... Burnchi? What the heck is she doing?!"


"H-hey! Don't need me to get in all of this mess! I'm not a fighter!" the voice said to Bernkastel. "Besides! If the concept of team needs to be made, everyone should be in it! You really want to admit defeat to Doom, do you?" the voice said.
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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"Her name is Brachi, don't you forget it!" Majin Bara said, getting upset at Spina mispronouncing her friend's name.
"When it comes to games, I don't lose." Bernkastel leaned in towards the Voice with her eyes narrowed in a cold, empty stare. Her voice was drowned out by the commotion of the others, but she knew the Voice could hear her. "Of course I want to win-- it's precisely what you want too, isn't it? For you, the tale won't matter as long as it's the ending you seek. But I don't care for any good ending if getting there isn't entertaining. Now quit your griping and let me watch the show." Her tone became light again, as she pinched the Voice's cheeks tightly.

Why would I ever play a game with pieces that are no good anyway? She thought with an internal sneer, watching Whis and Raune while Brachi attempted to get in on the spar.

"See? Look how excited everyone is. Poor Demi-Fiend seems uninterested though..."
Whis' movements continued to flow smoothly, his left leg shooting through another apparition of blue lightning with his right fist dispelling another His stare fell on Brachi as she approached, leaning his upper torso to the left as her fist sailed by his head. With a quick jab, Whis slapped Brachi on the back of her neck with a shockwave of wind shaking the ground from the force of the impact, propelling her across the floor to his right.

In the midst of the blow, his eyes still were on the ground as his leg came up to seemingly kick another strand of the blue lightning back on its own, still deftly rolling and dodging each incoming strike.


Vegetto blinked at the display, uncrossing his arms.

Damn...Whis is actually trying. I assumed he'd be strong but...if this is a fraction of his actual power...

His eyes lifted, trying to pick up Raune's trace with a heavy frown.

And if this guy can move that fast to push Whis...there's no way I could match either of them.
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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Snow watched the two fighting "Yea... No freaking way can I do that. I may think that Whis moving as he does is awesome, but I know for certain that I can't do that and the fact that the other guy is pushing him. Yea nope. I'll stick to my training thanks. Also, Cuki, I'll have the windows done in probably 30 minutes to an hour, assuming time here works like normal." He then walked to an open area near by, blindfolded himself and put ear plug's in before waiting. He mostly did Sensory training, given the fact that he was originally an actual animal, and not a human being.
The storm of lightning surrounding Whis suddenly changed course with its second causality, splitting into three groups. The lightning stopped blending together as a continuous stream, separating and making it somewhat easier to track for the less hyper sensitive audience members.

Now, rotating clockwise, and just out of Whis' kicking range, was a group of eight Remnants barrier running. If Whis tried to force his way out of the inner circle around him, even one Remnant would thrust him back and prevent his exit; if he took out one Remnant there were seven more to take his place.

A few feet away from the inner circle was a middle circle, rotating counter clockwise, and waiting, composed of four remnants. If Whis attempted to fly out of the inner circle, one of them would leap and slam him back down. And a few feet away from the middle circle was an outer circle, once again rotating clockwise with the remaining six remnants. If Whis flew out of the inner circle and managed to dodge or otherwise disable the remnant trying to slam him back down, the remnants of the outer circle would all hit him with an array of lightning strikes, making it impossible to both avoid the remnant and the lightning barrage.


Within the now separated storm there was a thunder formed of a single click occurring on all eighteen remnants putting a new magazine into their swords. At once, they all targeted Whis with lightning bursting from one of their hands, casting off from the five fingertips through the gloves. Two very unusual things were occurring with this lightning, however. First, it was freezing cold, an energy propellent was traveling inside the lightning, and the minute it would hit anything would create a freezing effect, slowing the target down, if not outright disabling it. And secondly, though only beings as fast as Whis could tell, the Remnants were keeping up their barrier running with the lightning passing through their walls, by dodging the lightning as they ran, twisting and twirling around all the different arcs coming through them with ease.
"To the Ends of the Earth."
Brachi yelped as she was hit, being sent flying onward to the right, only to recover in time, flashing into Super Saiyan, getting ready to strike again.

"Man, Whis sure isn't kidding... reminds me of my training with Gervene and Vocat..." She said, as she watched what was going on right now.
Whis landed gently on the ground, his narrowed eyes now glancing around. Staring through the ongoing ring surrounding him, a small smile formed from Whis' lips as the other remnants charged up.

"Well done, I will not be escape without relying on more than just my reaction speeds."

His right arm lifted, two fingers touching onto his forehead while still smiling.

"However...I still have one more trick up my sleeve."

Within a millisecond of the lightning surging towards him, Whis suddenly vanished into thin air.


Vegetto winced slightly, the force of the winds gusting from the circular ring the Time Remnants created forcing him to brace slightly. Kassava grimaced as well, her voice raising into a shout over the display.

"What the hell is happening?!"

Vegetto kept his intense scowl trained on the display, but suddenly yelped once Whis suddenly reappeared from thin air next to Vegetto's opposite side. The taller angel panted heavily, leaning forward and using Vegetto's shoulder to prop himself up.

"Oh goodness...that took more out of me than I thought."

Whis let his arm drop from Vegetto's shoulder, turning to his side and catching his breath quickly before smiling towards the destructive ring across the way. Cupping his hands around his mouth, Whis projected his voice with an amused tone.

"Ok Raune, that's enough for now. I think we're done."
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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Super Saiyan Brachi blinked at this.
"Well, that escalated quickly." She said.
"Regardless of what her name is, how about teaching your little friend of yours to not involved herself in things where she isn't needed? This is supposed to be a demonstration, not a damn contest. She'll have her day if she desires so much." Spina scolded Bara for getting upset at the mispronouncing of the name instead of Brachi's recklessness of jumping in for something simple. Spina turns to the battle, still trying to keep up what was happening, but everything was going too fast. After it ended, it left Spina dumbfounded.

"Just to repeated what Vegetto just said. What the hell just happened?" Spina was confused about what went down. "Damn... my eyes dryer than a bone just trying to keep up with you two." Spina sweated a bit of how fast everything was going. "I didn't even realize this other chick got kicked out."
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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