The Reality Vortex: Doom Saga
A sudden gust of wind blasted out from behind Whis' robes, the taller anger blinked and turning her eyes to the side as Vegetto and Kassava both appeared from thin air. Vegetto lowered two fingers from his forehead, his eyes narrowingly immediately at the sight of Doctor Doom.


Vegetto glanced to the others, his expression and dual voice both flat.

"Sorry we're late."
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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“Ah! The banana duo has finally arrived…” Demi-Fiend remarked on Vegetto and Kassava’s arrival. “I hope you managed to clean your bed before you left! It’s rude to leave a mess when someone graciously offered you a home to stay for the night.” He started cackling.

“Hey, knock it off… last thing we need is some animosity before the trials. You’re already on thin ice after that stun you pulled the other day against Kassava.” Spina turns to Demi-Fiend. “You been a thorn to this group since the day you came here out of nowhere; be a good boy and shut up for once.” 

Demi-Fiend gave out an intense stare towards Spina’s direction. The feeling of impending doom struck him, causing the Saiyan warrior to take a few steps back. 

Spina clears his throat. “Uh, please?” 

The demonic child gave out a smile. “I wouldn’t go around and start throwing out shades after what you have foolishly done that cause the trials to start earlier than usual; Spina, wasn’t it?” Demi-Fiend snipped on the coffee the Lich gave to him. “Besides, instead of worrying about those little antics, you should be more focused on the enemies you’re dead set to defeat and truly see the difference of the real deal and the bot you supposedly fought.” 

Spina, confused, slightly turned his head to face Doctor Doom, realizing the man is about to walk. In reaction to Vegetto’s arrival, the powerful man started walk—each step he takes let out an intense pressure in his wake. 

“That’s… his power?” Spina sweated a bit. “The output is insane… It might be comparable to the Witch and the brat!” He describes the details of Doctor Doom’s strength. 

As Doctor Doom got close enough to the group, he observed the group once more. “Looks like most of you lots are present; there are a few that are still not here, but I’ll allow them to come during the trials. If anything, I applaud that you actually shows up.” Doctor Doom looked around the city, that still in the morning hours. “The city should be lively soon; most of you haven’t been here yet, I assumed? Once you fools failed the trials, you can explore the cities as much as you like.”

Spina twitches his eyes. “Of course we’re going to be here, considering the cost of our worlds are on the line here if we left it alone. Letting your arrogance being dominant of your decision making will be your downfall; don’t act like you already won.”

“Act like it? No, Doom doesn’t need to act—Doom knows.” Doctor Doom corrected Spina’s line. “Besides, the cost should not burden you; this is a realm for beings that doesn’t exist right? Beings that face erasure from existence, correct? You were all summon here for a reason and perhaps, your erasure is the foundation of such reason—the universe had decided they had enough of you and your parents and decided to flush you out for the better good of their worlds.”

Spina gritted his teeth. “What was that!?”

“Look at you lots—within just a few days, you seemingly already about to fall apart; I don't need to pry information to know that you all are at odds against each other. Who knows what you could had—and will have—in your respective worlds?” Doom turns to the rest of the group. “But that’s enough chit-chat… the trials begins now. The city had graciously allowed me to use the city to its fullest potential and as I agreed too, the first two trials will fall under the Witch of Miracles’ hands—and yes, you can use all of your… allies in this battle.”
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Bernkastel made her way to the front of the group to join Doom, but not before stepping on Spina's foot and yanking roughly on his ear so she could speak to him. "Stop running your idiotic mouth each time an impulse reaches your brain cell-- I'll disembowel you right here if you want," she threatened in a low snarl. Her face straightened itself out after letting go, so she continued before stopping before Doom. 

"While it seems I cannot convince you that they won't fail the Trials, I can at least guarantee it will be entertaining to witness. A battle of fates... I wonder which one will unravel first. This game will be a fun one, I'm sure..." Bernkastel cleared her throat before turning to face everybody. "Welcome, everyone, to the first Trial. I will briefly explain the rules, so listen up." She held out her hands as many small crystal fragments began to gather in the air, forming images while she spoke. "It ties directly into your Second Trial. You must locate a powerful but mysterious individual known as Waldo." The fragments assembled to show the group their person of interest.
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"There are several clues scattered throughout Reality City that, when pieced together, will reveal to you his location. Also, expect multiple imposters running about who are as dangerous as Waldo. Once you find Waldo and captured him, you will have passed the first Trial," Bernkastel explained. "As the creator of the first two Trials, I will not lead you to the clues themselves. Consider me a spectator like Dr. Doom, I'll explain or clarify where necessary. I'll start you off with your first clue; it's simple enough, but don't expect all your clues to be this transparent. Just an easy step to start you off."

I travel through time and space, on an infinite loop. 

There are many like me from the Land of Wally, but none can find their way when words form a sea. 

When I grow weary, I prop my feet up and take a good long rest.

Sometimes, a good book's adventure is the best.

"You may now begin your searching. This is the vortex after all, so there might even form clues that I didn't create myself."
The lich says to Demi-Fiend "worst case Lightsteps servants will have to do some cleaning." The lich thinks "clever this gives them a chance to use there minds."
I will fine one later
Brachi, Majin Bara and Gervene remained silent as they paid full attention, although Brachi narrows her eyes at Doom's words, but kept it at that.
Cuki stared at Doom, her tail twitching anxiously with the hairs sticking on all ends. She didn't say anything in regards to Dr. Doom, instead, more interested with what Bernkastel had to say about her trial. She bit her thumb, listening to the Witch explain her trial and the rules, paying very close attention to when the image of Waldo appeared. She didn't remove her gaze, gathering as much information about his appearance as she can.



"Yeah, don't mess this up!" Maggie taunted from the top of Bernkastel's head. "It's not like your universes are at stake or anything! I sure hope you guys don't get cold feet and use your brains for this one!"


"Looks like this trial will be more of a brain than brawn." Cuki scratched her chin. "This might be difficult for some of us in the group. Well, I believe that we can do it, well, I hope we can."

Cuki remained quiet for a moment, thinking about Bernkastel's only lead on trying to find Waldo.

Hmmm... time and space? Infinite loop? Maybe she means something in fiction? Cuki lowered herself to a squat, blocking out any noise and voices around her. Land of Wally and a sea of words, prop your feet up, and a good book's adventure... Could she mean a place where people go to read books?

"I think we should try to find a library." Cuki suddenly spoke out, waiting no time. "I think when Kettles says a wave of words, she might be talking about a place with a ton of books. It's worth a try to at least check it out. ...Unless you guys got another idea?"
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Whis broke out into a large, warm smile. He casually strode up next to Bernkastel, clapping his hand together with an ecstatic voice.

"Oh, I love riddles! This should be exciting to watch!"


Vegetto narrowed his eyes, locking solely onto Doctor Doom. 

Alright...this better work...

His smirk rose, turning on his heel.

"Fine...I suppose we'll play along. Even if breaking your neck and putting you under my boot would end this quicker."

Vegetto walked up to Cuki next, his dual voice low as Kassava followed behind them with a heavy sigh.

"We need to get moving now. If he responds...this might backfire."
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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Gotenks grit his teeth as he looked up at Doom.

Man, the energy this guy is emitting is menacing. 

He then looked over at Bernkastel and listened as she explained the riddle to the group. A large sweatdrop formed on the side of the fusion's head.

"Waldo? You're kidding, right?"

Like I said before maybe this is all just a bad dream.

The fusion sighed and looked over at the others.

"Well, I'm not one for riddles. Usually the problems I've faced get resolved with fists and lots of energy beams." he then looked over at Cuki. "Yeah, I think the library is probably a good start."
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Raune looked up, folding his arms and closing his eyes listening to the riddle.

An infinite loop. I've been in too many of those. And Cuki has a point, one thing I know for certain in a library, even a normal one, would be an infinite loop. In a place like this, it's possible the library itself is one.

"We all should probably stick together. And find some way to keep track of each other." He stated, before looking over to Doom. "But not right now."
"To the Ends of the Earth."
“I get it…” Spina places his hand over his ear, rubbing it gently after Bernkastel releases him from an aggressive yank. He looks at the image, making a quite disappointing frown. “This is how we’re going to start the trials?” Spina scratches his head.

“Don’t let appearances fool you, Spina.” Demi-Fiend turns to Cuki and Raune, nodding in agreement. “Library seems like a safe bet.” Demi-Fiend places a finger on his lip, thinking to himself. “Huh, this figure looks strangely familiar. I remember seeing something like that in a book back before Japan got nuked into a wasteland.”

“Huh? You’re joining this trial?” Spina asked.

“Why of course! I’m eager to see how well you guys do; besides, standing around is really not my style anyways.” Demi-Fiend said. “Like Shonen said, let’s get moving. I assumed you know where the library is, Cuki?” 


Doom snaps his finger; a chair appeared as he took a seat. “Seems like this is going to be interesting… as you said, perhaps they might shine through like diamonds under pile of feces.” Doom addressed to both Bernkastel and Whis. “You have the confidence that allows such a thing to happen?”

Before Bernkastel and Whis can get a word in, the voice jumps in. “Of course! They do not look much, but they have a lot of potential. Enough to make you drop those tools.” 

Doom turns to the small blob. “The fact that you puts so much confidence in them, brings doubts that they’re even get through the first clue.”
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