The Reality Vortex: Doom Saga
Majin Bara remained silent as she was ready and focused.
Snow just remembered something he had forgotten to give Brachi and everyone else of his friends. He opened a portal and went into his personal armory, only to come out with a weapon rack and armor rack, and two specially sealed brief cases, one with a B on it, the other with a PV on it. The B standing for Brachi and PV for Potara Vegetto, as he was unsure of how label it so it wouldn't be taken offensively. He said "Brachi, Vegetto, can you two come here for a second. I have something for you both."
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"Since Kass can control time to an extent, this will be very useful in stopping Waldo's escape. So here's my initial plan..."

Cuki lowered herself down and began to scribble symbols and drawings on the dirt, none of which the others would understand. Her tail twitched and curled up out of being so nervous explaining her plan to the group. Cuki then turned to Kassava and Vegetto.

"Kassava will be holding the fake mug, and only when Waldo approaches her, she unleashes her time powers. When Waldo is stuck in within time, Vegetto and I will come in. Vegetto will attack from Waldo's blind side while I hit the pressure points on his front. Hopefully, it should stun Waldo long enough for Vegetto to mess him up."

Cuki then pointed at Bara.

"Ms. Bara, your job will be to supply support to Vegetto and Kassava. You got a nifty ability to turn things to candy, so use that ability when Waldo decides to throw stuff around. Based on that fight we had with you, you also got a good regeneration ability, so whenever Kass or Vegetto need time to charge up an attack, distract Waldo for them. Use your stretchy powers to wrap around Waldo's arms and legs to trip him up." 

The girl turned to Lich.

"Mr. Lich, you're job will be to heal Kass, Vegetto, or me. You have incredible healing power, put it to good use. You can use your zombies to defend yourself in the long run, right?. Maybe I can put your zombies to good use should the time come..."

Cuki turned to face the losing group.

"Since you guys are not allowed to enter the fight unless we call you, that means I need you guys to do one thing and one thing only..." Her eyes scanned the group. "When you guys are called in, unleash all your power on Waldo. Remember, Kettles said you'll be in the battle for only 5 minutes, so there is no time to talk or plan during the battle for you guys. Unleash your most powerful form and go all out until those 5 minutes are up. Do not hold back!"

The young Saiyan took a step back and held her breath. All she could hope for is for everyone to play their part. She knew above all else; she had to play her cards right and motivate the group to do their best.

"Alright, this time we will work as a team. Use your abilities wisely and efficiently. Keep an eye on your surroundings, and do not let Waldo out of your sights." Cuki stomped her foot to erase the dirt symbols she wrote and grab a handful to put in her pocket. "Fight strategically! Move past your limits! Think beyond your enemy, and set your end goal within your sights! If you work together and give it your all, not even Kettles can think up a miracle to stop us! Now, who's ready to beat her trial?!"

For the first time, Cuki seemed more outspoken than before and headstrong about everyone's abilities.

"Hold up! What about me?!" Maggie squirmed within Demi-Fiend's hand. "I'll still be in the middle of all the action! Who's gonna save me?!"

"I'll be sure to grab you and keep you close. I'm sure Kettles wouldn't mind if I borrowed you for a while."
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"What is it?" Brachi asked, blinking at this as she moved to Snow, wondering what he had.
Snow handed her a brief case "Something i made for the you of my dimension, but couldn't give to her due to her dying. I know her well enough to know that she would want you to have it. It was meant to augment her fighting style, and she uses the same fighting style as you."
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Raune listened to Cuki's plan, cat ears focused in on her lengthy plan, the red eyes of the king closing. After she had finished explaining, a smile drew across the Speedster's face.

"Well Cuki, that's quite a thought out battle plan. Considering I'm only supposed to help in the search, I'm not going to comment. Not that I have much to comment with." He stated opening his eyes again. "In fact, you're acting quite like a leader. Coming up with such a plan would've made for high marks back with the Huntsmen of my universe." He placed a hand on Stormruler, eyes glancing downwards.

"I'm not exactly one able to transform unlike the... Glowy haired individuals here. But I am capable of holding back. And I can promise, I'll run on full throttle."
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Kassava nodded, pumping her right fist with a small grin.

"Alright, I am! Let's do this!"

Vegetto let out a small scoff, forming a little smirk as he stared down at Cuki throughout her plan.

"Not bad, let's see just how far we can take this."

His eyes then turned to the side, skeptically staring down Snow at the request. He paused for a moment, staring back at the group to make sure they weren't about to head off, and then slowly strode over to Snow with a raised eyebrow. His eyes followed the briefcase handed to Brachi, turning to the one with marked with his initials on it. His frown grew, opting to avoid taking the briefcase by hand and staring it down.

"What's inside first?"
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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Lambdadelta listened to everyone speak their piece on the strategy before she gave a high-pitched giggle.

"Ohohoho! That sounds like a plan! I just LOVE playing tricks." She clasped her hands together excitedly. "Though, I would be glad to say it isn't me playing such a trick on Mr. Waldo~" Lambda walked over to Demi-Fiend, who was holding Maggie-Cat in his hand. "Kassava will have to go first if you want any chance of getting Waldo to find you without wasting too much time, but it certainly won't work if you don't make a perfect decoy! Good thing you have Super Paper up your sleeve!~"

"By all means, go ahead and use her talent to suit your needs." Bernkastel had no objections. "It isn't like she hasn't done something like this before," she chuckled flatly.

"Then here we go! Come now and try to remember..." Lambda pried Maggie from Demi-Fiend's hands and enveloped her in an orb of glittering magics, starting to cast a spell on her. "What form did you once have? Beloved mug of the Fragment Traveler Waldo... ah, here we go!" 

Lambdadelta had used her magic to forcibly shapeshift Maggie into a rather strange novelty mug: it looked like your average tinned coffee mug, but it looked to have a set of brass knuckles as the mug's handle with the words 'tears of the weak' engraved onto the side. "He said it looked like this, but if it had any special details he didn't feel like disclosing to me, he will see it and react accordingly. Which might be just what you need if you need him to stay close enough for your strategy." Lambda placed the Maggie-mug in Kassava's hands before stepping back next to Whis. "I've done my part, so don't disappoint! I want to see something entertaining." She wagged a gloved finger at the group. "The rest is up to you."

"Good. Now let's get this over with so we can get to the actual fun. But before we do so," Bernkastel said, gesturing to the open space of Reality City. "Permanent death is not possible here, but I would like to remind you there is no need to go overkill. Waldo's temper has made him a person of interest around here, so think of it like a matter of arresting a wanted criminal. I'd prefer you use only the necessary force to bring him back to his senses, or incapacitate him at most. He is your key to passing over to the second half of the trial, so I need him in one piece. You may play with him however you like beyond that."
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Snow said "I made a special armor for them, light enough to not be a hindrance, but strong enough to be able to take a literal planet destroyers, with mostly minor damage. The only problem is that when they locked it up for safe keeping, and didn't give me the way to unlock it. Also the armor is able to store itself in a compact way, for some, it would be a bracelet others a gauntlet." He handed Vegetto the case.
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Vegetto lifted up the briefcase, opening the compartment with one hand and tearing the small mechanisms. He pulled out the small material, blinking for a moment as the armor suddenly morphed into a plain Saiyan vest of armor. He held the armor up by one of the shoulder straps, the armor being a variant devoid of the massive shoulder pauldrons, and studied it.

"Hmm, doesn't seem too special."

He glanced down, looking over his bare chest for a moment before lifting the armor up.

"But it's better than nothing. Thanks."

Vegetto hoisted the armor over his head, pulling it down onto his chest and fiddling with the piece to make it fit appropriately. Now clad in his slightly torn lower gi and only the Saiyan armor vest on his chest, he turned back towards the group and walked over to them.


Whis kept his same expression, watching on silently while Lambda moved up to his side.

Kassava took the mug in her right hand, holding the cup down at her side and nodding at Lambda.

Ok here goes.

She turned on her heel, striding forward in the open to move apart from the group and allow them to move in position. She glanced around at the open area, looking towards Reality City but soon came to a halt once she was satisfied with the area they would be able to fight Waldo in. She held the mug back up, staring down at it and ignoring Maggie's actual presence as she spoke.

" how do I get him out here? We have his mug, I just swing it around or what..."

Her eyebrows perked, grinning lightly.

"Oh, I know!"

She suddenly cleared her throat, her expression quickly morphing into a Vegetto-esque, cocky smirk.


Kassava glanced around a bit, keeping her confident smirk while she continued with a small shrug of her shoulders.

"You still crying over those books I blew up?! I thought you were some sort of tough guy, but if all you're gonna do is hide and send little girls to tell us how your feelings are hurt, then maybe I shouldn't waste my time. Come out and fight, coward."

She glanced over her shoulder, her eyes narrowing.

"Or am I too old for you? Since you seem to be only interested in playing with little girls?"
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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