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How have you changed?
As a person, how do you think you have changed? Change is very gradual, but it makes itself evident. One could change in the span of half a year, a year, and multiple years. How have you changed as a person? How have you personally grown? Or do you feel that the opposite has happened? Although you may share your personal feelings and difficulties about yourself, please do not make posts in which you seek help from others in terms of mental health issues. Please see a professional qualified to help you with those kinds of difficulties. We are not therapists. This is a serious thread that would be a place for overall serious replies to the topic. Posts determined to be 'shitposts' or are only joke posts will be removed at moderator's discretion.
I think I have learned to be a little bit more forgiving but at the same time, use common sense to put my foot down. Over the time I've talked with people and seen how they react, I've learn to really not care about what people think but it still hurts me because I seem to take things a little close to heart. I've learn most of this while I've been with Shine since he's really an expert in not giving a damn about what people think about him.

I've also noticed that I'm not so reckless as I was before. I've seem to have mellow out and I really like how it is, to be frank. I think it's a smoother and 'drama-less' life and it's DEFINITELY a life I would like. When I think about my past actions, I literally cringe at how much of an attention whore I was. There are a lot more stuff but that's for another day. My change has been a bit drastic in the last 4 years but I honestly think it was worth it. It was tough and I've had points where I just wanted to give up but I managed through it with Shine's help.

I couldn't be more happy, to be honest.
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